Friday, October 27, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Winona Ryder gets the top spot because she will always be one of my favorites and she always looks like a meme or a gif about to happen.
Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly at a Louis Vuitton thing.
Courteney Cox after dinner last night.
Long time no see Dianna Agron.
This is Jessica Chastain's Halloween costume.
Henry Cavill and the rest of
the Justice League bunch together in Beijing.


sandybrook said...

Winona looks like she may be hearing voices in her head...or still playing her Stranger Things role.
That's not a good look Jessica hope it is a costume.

Sd Auntie said...

Henry Cavill...Wow. Noni is still a beauty

Tyler said...

Strange or not, I have to agree Enty - gotta love Winona.

Moose said...

Gal Gadot looks amazing even in a crowd.

Is Jennifer Connely really that small?

Amartel said...

"Henry Cavill... Wow"
but not in a good way for me, I'm afraid. Tiny head on a big body.
Like he's about to say "I'M GONNA PUMP YOU UP!"

CaliGirlinVA said...

I'm glad Winona's back.
Reality Bites is one of my favorites just because of where I was back then... the movie was filled with people I knew.

Alexandria said...

"Winona looks like a meme or a gif about to happen" ayy lmao, amazing hahaha

zerooptions said...

Gal Gadot, beautiful!!!
Jessica Chastain dressed up as Sandra Bernhard for Halloween.
Winona? Trying to hide those sticky fingers!!!

BlissBoo said...

+1 to everyone about Winona. She's jumping out of her skin. I wish she would get her meds right, she always looks so scared.

Gal Gadot is my girl crush. She's truly gorgeous and seemingly a nice "gal", heh heh. :P I loved Wonder Woman, fun movie and Chris Pine, meow good buddy.

alphacranberry said...

Winona is always awesome, crazy or not.

longtimereader said...

Winona and agron in the same list, yes!


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