Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Today's Blind Items - The Church

One thing upfront. The church I am referring to is not Scientology. This is a church that was founded just a couple of years ago in northern Arizona. Why this particular location? It is remote for sure, which helps. They learned in the past that it helps to be remote. They also learned in the past that it helps if they can attach themselves to another established church or religion. They got that in this northern Arizona town too. What they also got though are three things they treasure most of all. Number one was the built in security from the other very secretive religion in the area throughout the town, which was very open to the idea when they saw the very large check. Number two they had the ability to integrate hundreds of children into a community that seemingly has nothing but endless supplies of children. Finally, they were coming to a community where no one looks down on anyone who has sex with teens and tweens.

The people who founded the church like to say it is their version of the Trinity. A pretty sick one. Originally when they tried to do this in the northern part of the country, it didn't work out very well. There were too many competing interests. You had one group of people who were trafficking kids, but another group who was interested in trafficking women for prostitution. You also had a group who was trying to do good and everything intersected and it was a horrible mess.

They learned their lessons and waited until everything was in place. The church is a non profit and their biggest donor is a shell company which is part of another shell company which is owned by the same A+ list mogul we have seen time and time again in all of these stories. This is where things get a little interesting. Because of the racial makeup in the community, and wanting to make sure everyone blends in, they had to get the tweens and teens from Europe. Specifically they found some orphanages in Eastern Europe. How did they get them all into the country? Well, every church needs religious workers. The church hired twenty "pastors" and got them in as special immigrant religious workers. Each of these "pastors" had between four and six children they brought in with them, and of course their wives, many of whom had their own children too. Of course, none of these pastors or wives really have any kids they brought, but almost overnight, what these people have created is a fully functioning, safe from prying eyes place where these kids are being abused. Apparently, much like their protectors, they want to ensure a never ending supply, by having the teens get pregnant as often as possible.

You might wonder what all of this has in connection to Hollywood. Well, first of all, the financing of course all comes from our A+ list mogul. There is one very important other thing. Have you wondered why every male celebrity over the past couple of years goes to a rehab facility in Arizona, but you never see any photos of the rehab facility or them in the rehab facility? Have you wondered why no female celebrity has ever gone to this facility? Have you ever wondered why the men who go to this facility seemingly always stay longer than a normal 30 day rehab and often seem to go back every few months for followup treatment? Have you ever wondered why all of these male celebrities seem to be the ones with the longest histories of sexual indiscretions? When they don't mention Arizona, they will say an undisclosed location. Well, apparently all these guys like going to the same location and the flow never stops. It is not just celebrities, there has been a surge of high paid executives and others that have suddenly decided this rehab place is the one that they need to go to.

They have figured out a way for them to go to "rehab," and get "better," so the world will forgive them and let them get back to making a lot of money. 


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Moose said...

The Meadows?

MontanaMarriott said...

Geffen funded a church?

Tricia13 said...

The Temple of Presence in Tucson?
Diller as the Mogul

Tricia13 said...

Or likely “The Door “in Phoenix where all the sex addicts go like Weinstein... he may be the mogul

SDaly said...

yeah, Diller seems to get a pass in favor of Geffen in these, but he has been the protégé of very powerful, very sketchy people, including Garth Ancier.

Max Power said...

The "established church" has to be the Mormons, yes?

longtimereader said...

Smart guy, someone learned from l.ron hubbard, just consider the tax advantages.

Honeybadger1 said...

The other church that provides cover is the FLDS branch that was run by Warren Jeffs. It's in extreme northern Arizona. Girls are married to old men. Not sure what the "new" church is, though.

Tricia13 said...

Could be the Fundamental Church of Latter Day Saints in Az(Phoenix I think)

sandybrook said...

Faith Christian Church is another "church" in Northern Arizona that is somewhat shady .

Cail Corishev said...

Something seemed odd about Trent Franks (or Frank Trent?) from Arizona suddenly resigning before anyone could understand why. And Flake is quitting for no good reason. McCain has a reason, of course. But I was wondering if there's something about Arizona.

my glass slippers kick ass said...

The fundamentalist mormons all live in Colorado City which is up near the Utah border. If this "church" is in Northern Arizona too then it's not The Meadows (Wickenburg) or any facility in Tuscon or Phoenix Area.

No one seems to know what facility Weinstein is at but he has been showing up in Scottsdale regularly.

Maureen O'Shea-Rome said...

I think this is the one in Sedona but I can't remember the name.

Liv said...

The Trinity Church in Scottsdale? Founded in 2016 by controversial Mars Hill pastor, Mark Driscoll. Mars Hill closed its doors in 2014 amid scandals involving misuse of church funds, misogyny, homophobia, plagiarism, bullying and spiritual abuse. Although they had 15 locations in 5 states (I think), most of these complaints came out of Seattle, Washington, where it was started. The remaining locations became autonomous in 2015.

From what I can glean on their website, The Trinity Church was already existing but Mark and his wife started a new one in Scottsdale in 2016.

Katie S. said...

FLDS (Warren Jeff's Church) is on the border of Arizona and Utah, like literal border - part of the community is in Colorado City, AZ and the other is in Hildale, UT because the border runs through it. It is the weirdest place I've ever seen. The whole town was being built when Warren Jeff's got caught and when that happened he demanded that everyone give him their money so he could fight the charges. Well, this led to people abandoning building their homes so most of them are still just plywood.

brightshine said...

@Trisha Kate Moss, Selena Gomez and Whitney went to The Meadows, so it's probably not there.

Auntie Histimine said...

I'm gonna throw up.

Auntie Histimine said...

I think @Cail is onto something....

John Doe said...

I posted about this on yesterday's blind about Geffen and the murders of Bennington and Cornell and the Geffen connection. Geffen is the mogul. The interviews and research that Bennington and Cornell were doing with those teens led them to find out about this child trafficking ring---which has strong ties to the Clinton Global Foundation, the Red Cross, and other children's charities. These charitable foundations are feeder organizations for the racket that is operated by the mogul. They grab children abroad and smuggle them into the USA for sex. Its a huge child prostitution ring. Lots of business people, politicians, and big shots from overseas fly in to have sex with the children. Its part of something else that I'm not going to post about anymore.

I will continue to pray for those children.

Things are about to blow up from what I have heard and read. Providence, it seems, has intervened on behalf on these kids. The end of this racket is nigh. And some of the people who facilitated it politically suddenly are dropping out of public service and there will be others. I will not mention any names but you can look them up yourself. The info is out there.

Some of these pregnancies...the babies are sacrificed. Samael + Lilith = Baphomet. The shit is real, people! Choose not to believe it if you want to. But it IS real.

There is more to this story. A LOT more.

Tricia13 said...

I didn’t guess the Meadows....?

marq danger said...

I agree with Liv, Trinity Church near Scottsdale, Mark Driscoll being the preacher whose Mars Hill church ran into quite a bit of legal trouble up in Washington State.

Rafael said...

Kevin Spacey is raping boys in The Meadows right as we speak.

spacecowboy78 said...

Scottsdale is neither remote nor in Northern Arizona. This is something close to Mormon dominant southern Utah.

just sayin' said...

not arizona, but nearby: bill richardson, gov. of new mexico, is a jeffrey epstein cohort and lolita express guest.

Rafael said...

Some Celebs Who've Done Rehab at The Meadows:

Kevin Spacey
Kate Moss
Naomi Campbell

It´s just coincidence they are all in the Jeffrey Epstein´s Black Book ?

my glass slippers kick ass said...

Scottsdale is in the Greater Phoenix area. Not in Northern Arizona.

Alexandria Anna said...

Geffen again?

Cail Corishev said...

The Meadows looks like the only rehab place in AZ that's known for taking celebrities. The blind says they don't always say where they're going, but if sometimes they do, that's the only one known for it. And the lack of photos and secrecy about locations can be attributed to the privacy required when you have celebs on hand regulary.

It has the "Claudia Black Young Adult Center," which gave me a bad moment as a huge Farscape fan. Different Claudia Black, thankfully.

Alexandria Anna said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
R Richard said...

First Disney exec to go down. Maybe FLDS is the connection.
58yo Disney exec with the company since 1981 pedophiling 11-15yo tweener girls

Cail Corishev said...

The Meadows lists five different locations on their web site, with no indication of where each one is (based on a quick perusal). These guests need not be going to Scottsdale.

Auntie Histimine said...

@John Doe: I'm listening. The Clinton Global Foundation was a scam right from the get go, yet NO ONE looked into those shenanigans. EVER.

Cail Corishev said...

Five or more separate facilities also means there could be many clients, and even employees, who have no idea there was anything sketchy going on.

just sayin' said...

interesting point rafael about so many meadows patients being epstein clients.

the warren jeffs branch of flds are notorious for living off of welfare so i can see them being open to getting big checks. and as katie s. points out, jeffs cleaned out the community's funds for his defense.

and this all ties back over to the new orleans blind, and politicians retiring early lest their picadilloes be exposed.

Notabeetlebug said...

I'm a native Arizona resident. Scottsdale and Tucson are southern AZ so it isn't there. Colorado City is the city they are referring to. Hard to get to because it is surrounded by Reservation land. FLDS is the church.

Side note- lots of rehab facilities in AZ because of nice weather most of the year.

Auntie Histimine said...

Mark Rubio is still in office. When he dropped out of the Presidential race he said he wasn't interested in returning to his senate seat. Then low and behold, he's plunked back in there--for future use when needed, per another blind. How long will he hold on?

Guesser said...

R Richard, about time. Not the Meadows, while private, easy to find info on. I don't know the name but the men with "sex addiction" go there. On the Utah border,probably the Fundamental Mormons that the official Church doesn't want to associate with. Yes,things keep getting weird.

R Richard said...


Heely age 58 director of music publishing

usernametaken said...

These blinds make me truly hope that this site is total bs, because I am sickened to live in a world where this is actually occurring. How people can do such a thing, I will never be able to wrap my head around.

Truthseeker said...

Def not the Meadows, because I have seen photos of the "celebs" there and female celebs have gone as well, at least to the main location.

Cail Corishev said...

Coming at it from the other end, the town: somehow they found a town in nothern AZ that already had a large number of children and already had commonly accepted adult/teen sex, presumably because of this other cult that was already there. The first thought with a large number of children in AZ is that they're being trafficked from Latin America, but it says they had to go to Europe to get (white) kids to fit in. So there was already a cult operating there, heavily white. This other cult which had tried before in the northern part of the country (and failed, though it might not have gotten publicity) bought its way in and started shipping in those Eastern European "families" on a religious worker visa scam until they had about 100 kids.

It's not clear whether they hooked up with the rehab center later, or if that was in place already and then they created this as a way to ensure the supply of kids.

I have to think the place is already being busted as we speak, if not sooner. Otherwise, wouldn't a blind like this set them to destroying evidence, including people? It surely won't take long for people who know Arizona to spot an unusually white, youthful town with a secretive church and other facility.

nancer said...

jesus, can i find ONE fucking place with none of your politics? on EITHER side? shut the fuck up.

GuessGirl said...

Grew up in AZ. College in N. AZ. Remember two occasions hearing about Potter's House Christian cult & their weirdness. Not surprised id this involves them in some way as other than FLDS in N. AZ they are known for abuse.

Can't speak or look into more now. Hopefully be back as this literally hits close to home & family.

FOS said...

I agree it's all real and bigger than what's being hinted at. I pray daily for these children and that everything is exposed asap.

Jaime said...


How does a cult have a trust with an estimated $100 million? Doesn't add up to me.

pvt. joker said...

And now extrapolate this info outwards many times over. These people source kids from war torn countries like Syria. They also source them from countries where natural disasters have happened like Haiti. Hell, one of Hillary's people even got CAUGHT trying to smuggle kids out of Haiti and Hilldawg herself flew down there to get her out of trouble. We live in a SICK world, people, sicker than you can dare imagine. The more lights shined on this filth the better, even if it has to happen on a gossip page like this...

Notabeetlebug said...

Welfare fraud was huge up there but not 100mill huge

Jaime said...

And to follow up my above question about $$, apparently Texas couldn't even quite figure it out. Weird.


cc423 said...

Hey Enty... Do the right thing and shine a light on these criminals and rapists... IF the story is true of course.

Notabeetlebug said...

Spacey is at Meadows in Wickenburg and Weinstein was in Tucson.

Cail Corishev said...

It says the church is in northern AZ, not necessarily the rehab facility. There don't seem to be any rehab facilities of note in northern AZ, and the blind talks like we've heard of the place. So my guess would be that clients fly into the main rehab place, they get checked in and on the books for whatever they're officially there for, and then either they're shuttled up to the church or kids are bused down to them. Up to the church seems more private.

If that seems like too much trouble, remember, they fly to islands for this, or to other continents. They would go to some trouble to get the same thing without having to leave the country.

JrSlims said...

Important to remember that Jeffrey Epstein also flew under DynCorp's tail number out of his ranch in New Mexico (which has its own airstrip and yet rarely gets discussed for some reason). DynCorp was trafficking kids in the Balkans/former Yugoslavia in the late 90's/early 2000's. Watch the movie, The Whistleblower, with Rachel Weisz to get up to speed.

Jean Luc Brunel and Epstein worked together to bring underage Latin American and Eastern European girls to the states. (Sidenote: Wasn't the old Gawker Media great? Now it's owned by fucking Haim Saban) https://jezebel.com/5603638/meet-the-modeling-agent-who-trafficked-underage-girls-for-sex

Maybe after a few flights, they ended up here in Arizona. Or else maybe they landed in NM and drove to AZ? Who knows the specifics.

Meadow said...

You win!!!

Tara said...

@Jaime, by FLDS controlling the assets. Members run businesses like construction companies and farms and the revenue goes to the church. FLDS used children and teen boys as unpaid labor to work construction and farming jobs in US and Canada. FLDS also had sisterwives claim benefits as single parents for their kids. When they got the benefits (for example food stamps) the cash went to the church. Any income members earned was assessed a 10% tithe. It all adds up.

Notabeetlebug said...

Lots of luxury rehabs in Prescott, AZ. My brother was in one and said he saw celebs frequently

Meadow said...

Northern AZ is above Phoenix an d Tuscon is over 100 miles south of Phoenix and Scottsdale. It’s an WH, FLDS, offshoot. I live in this lawless state by default. Horrific.

bean àlainn rua said...

@Jaime: "How does a cult have a trust with an estimated $100 million?"

Money laundering & food stamp fraud.


Meadow said...

And don’t foget the pedos

asstronaut said...

@Tara, also when FDLS have the more 'legitimate run' family companies, they dont have to pay taxes on family members.

I didn't know any FDLS, but when I lived in Utah, I would see some of the women shopping at walmart or the grocery store. I don't know how this came about, as I didnt think they were allowed out into the public like that, but there were some straight up known polyg neighborhoods in my town. And there was no mistaking them from the rest of the mormon crowd (which was 95% everyone else in town). They had the dresses, the high hair in the same style.

I always wanted to take pics but would feel a tremendous amount of guilt and pity...

Itttt said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cc423 said...

There is a Trinity Assembly of God church in Dennehotso AZ which is barely a town in an isolated area of NE AZ. On Google maps, the church looks FAR too big to serve this tiny community.

Gordon said...

Tara is right. The reason you see plywood exposed on the houses is that AZ has a law that says property taxes don't kick in until the house is "finished." So they leave something obviously unfinished. And the welfare fraud works just like Tara describes. When you have 8 wives, each collecting, and multiply that by 1000 households...it adds up fast.

As to why the authorities don't do something, they did, once, back in the 1940s. But the press was horrible; families separated, mothers begging for their babies, and ever since no politician wants to mess with them. The FLDS set up a satellite community in Texas, and it was raided, and that was a huge mess also.

As for the FLDS leaders being interested in a fat check--of course they are. It's actually part of the doctrine to bleed the beast--take everything you can from the government. So giving cover to another organization for money? Sure, no problem. It's deniable. Besides, all those white girls coming into town? The FLDS guys always, always want more girls to marry. I'm sure the leaders are allowed to poach a few. Plus, if there's a market for teen boys, well...there's a lot of them and no wives for them. They often get forced to leave the community. And some find their way into gay prostitution.

It makes a lot of sense, if you want to create a den of evil like this. Hide in plain sight, but off the beaten path.

SDaly said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Cail Corishev said...

Our A+ list mogul could afford to slap $100M into a trust if that's what it took to get an important project started. A big investment, even for him, but think of the potential returns.

Alexandria Anna said...

Word Trinity in blind hints Trinity Church in Arizona..? The Church was founded in early 2016.

R Richard said...

That corner is lovingly known as the Tri-states area.
St Georges and Cedar City sister cities of the FLDS.
Even John Paul Jones is "connected"
They will ruin your life and your career if you "cross" them to prevent exposure of their leaders and private schemes.

Mag said...
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Glue said...

Rehab/church center - is this the same place Spacey, Tiger Woods, Weinstein, Affleck, Duchovny all went to for their sex addiction rehab>

Glue said...


Gordon said...

Oh, and as to why Senator Flake is quitting: He's LDS, which isn't a problem, but his positions on some key topics in Arizona are not popular. His approval rating is about 15 percent. He could not win reelection.

Cail Corishev said...

There may not be any official connection between the rehab center and the church. I'd be surprised if there is. I saw a mention that Tiger Woods went to the Meadows, and someone said Spacey is there. It seems to get the most mentions for sex addiction, but someone said Weinstein is somewhere else. So hard to say.

The blind also says no female celebrities ever go there. That might quickly eliminate some facilities.

meagan said...

Ron Luce and Teen Mania. Don't know if they have another offshoot started, but this was a creepy group. Lots of teens and mission work and cult like activity.

thereelcritic said...

I lived in Arizona for many years & went to school in Flagstaff which is in N. AZ. Because of Flagstaff's location along 1-40 & 1-17 (the 2 main highways that serve as arteries into CA & south into Mexico) there is a lot of drug trafficking and I assume other types of trafficking. I don't really recall another religious groups other than the FLDS up near the Utah border but wouldn't be surprised if it was that group at all.

thereelcritic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
thereelcritic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ann Jensen said...

The Church sure seems to be The Trinity Church. Were in Seattle - "Northen town failure" - http://www.seattlepi.com/local/politics/article/The-return-of-Mark-Driscoll-A-new-church-and-7955134.php

Makeupbylizz said...

Bentinho Massaro. Trifinity Corp. in Sedona. Guy’s a nut.

Alexandria Anna said...

Trinity Church seem to have a looot of money too.


Boss Mare Eventing said...

From that article by seattlepi; ""In the next month or so, we hope to have our kids ministry building ready to start children's ministry in the 'backyard.' After that, our plan is to have the main room that we call the 'living room' ready for church services including the worship and and singing as we gear up for two morning church services."

Driscoll moved to Phoenix after the implosion of Mars Hill Church and has used it as a base to rise from the ashes.

He was brought down, in Seattle, after a complaint by 21 Mars Hill pastors and worship leaders that Driscoll had bullied, intimidated and manipulated those who worked at the church. The charges were sustained, in a report never released by church elders.

Driscoll brought misogyny and homophobia to the pulpit. He famously called women "penis homes", decried "effeminate, anatomically male worship leaders," and described America as a "pussified nation" in which men are "raised by bitter penis envying burned feministed single mothers."

Says a lot.

Kimberley said...

@John Doe -I believe you. I've been doing some research myself and it is real. One of the things I saw on YouTube was an interview with a European banker (Swiss I think.) He got sucked into working for the Illuminati money men, got very far as he was so good at this job. He was invited to an orgy. He started having doubts but was frightened. The last straw was when he was invited to a 'function' where small children were (I believe not just for sex, but for sacrifice to Baphomet.) At that point in the interview, he started crying. The man was broken. He somehow managed to get out and he gives these interviews to raise awareness, probably at the cost of his life. I wish I could remember his name, sorry. Also, another UTube video on the opening ceremony for the opening of the Gothenberg/Gutenberg? train tunnel. Angela Merkel is a guest with lots of grey suits. I have never seen anything in my life so demonic. Sorry this is such a long post!

Cail Corishev said...

Driscoll is a fraud, but he's in Phoenix, and does it make sense for the mogul to put such a famous (or infamous) person in charge of the secretive side of the project?

We've got two churches/cults, one either buying out the other completely or paying to move in with the other. Both predominantly white, so Eastern Europeans don't stick out. Both with a low average age. The second one might not really have any older people at all, just kids and their fake parents. The second one came in at least two years ago, but it sounds like they haven't been operating much longer than that. Maybe a year or two to get established and then two years of full operation.

If these "immigrants" don't speak English, maybe there would be some info out there about that. Like there's a small town near me that started getting a lot of migrants from the Congo a decade ago, so the school had to start offering French. Something like that could stand out, though these people probably run their own school.

Sounds like you'd know the place immediately if you walked into it.

Don Kieballs said...

Kimberly - is Ronald Bernard the money man you were thinking off?

Itttt said...

Wow. Definitely looking like this Trinity Church based on Liv, Alexandria, Boss Mare and others’ comments and how it all matches the blind clues. Utterly disgusting and depraved. I strongly recommend everyone share this BI with anyone and everyone they know.

Coincidentally enough, reporting this sort of immigration/visa fraud can be done very easily online through the Department of Homeland Security here; I hope anyone and everyone who has pertinent info reports it:


DHS also has a hotline to report suspected human trafficking, available 24/7 in 300 different languages, by dialing: 1-866-347-2423 (toll free) or 1-802-872-6199 (non toll free international).

Don Kieballs said...

I think Trinity Church is the best fit, according to "founded just a couple of years ago in northern Arizona" and"The people who founded the church like to say it is their version of the Trinity". There started in 2016 and the first thing under their beliefs is Trinity.
But all the stars reportedly go to the rehabs near tucson (and Weinstein even photographed there). Maybe The Retreat is a genuine center they use as cover then move on to the Northern AZ location for the men's only rehab.

Itttt said...

Btw, should be easy enough for DHS/State Department employees (provided they actually give a shit/aren’t on the take/involved) tonarrow it down based on the special religious worker immigrant visa issuances over the past 5 years, just look for trends on issuances to the region of origin in question (Eastern Europe to Eurasia/Central Asia).

Acad said...

@Cail Corishev regarding Trent Franks. It could be true that there is more to the story but from what I've read two women said he made them uncomfortable by asking them to serve as a surrogate, that he offered one of them 5 million to serve as a surrogate. One claims she suffered professionally when she refused. He and his wife have twins that they had by surrogacy after having being turned down 3 times at the last minute for adoption by mothers who decided to keep their baby. We have no idea if he asked the women at the time they found a surrogate for their twins or if they wanted to add to their family. I think in this current atmosphere of believe every victim, both political parties don't want to be seen as not being supportive of women so are asking people to resign at the slightest whiff of impropiety.I believe that he was given the option of resigning or going through an ethics investigation by Paul Ryan but I can also see why he would choose to resign rather than have to go through an ethics investigation as it could easily spiral into intimate family affairs they might not want their twins to be aware of. Like whose egg was used for surrogacy, how much money was paid to the surrogates, was the money excessive, were they trying to 'buy' children. I think it could easily become a political circus. I personally think this current atmosphere will cause a lot of innocent and guilty people to go down and people with personal or political vendettas will take advantage of this climate.
I think Flake is resigning because he and Trump are at odds and so he won't get enough support from dissenters in the party if he stays. Most of the Republicans have resigned themselves to Trump being the leader of the party and having to work with him.

Acad said...

If this blind item is true, why aren't the police being contacted.

346NYC said...

Does anyone remember the details of how Justice Antonin Scalia died?
He died at that weirdo voodoo satanic ranch in Texas.
The whole thing was sketchy.
He died on February 13, the night before Valentine's Day.
Not that I care about Valentine's day,
but he is married and decided to fly for one night to Texas,
without security and then fly back?

People that went down there to check it out said there was satanic imagery everywhere.
They had photos of him in these long robes and
reported he was in some kind of 300-year-old hunting society.

Many wondered if he was down there hunting children?
There were a few people on the web talking about how he was a p2dophile.
What would validate Scalia being a p2dophile?
The fact that the "powers that be" pretty much scrubbed all
of those reports and comments from the web at the time.

I bring this up because it aligns with 'THEIR MO" to travel to these places for mayhem and murder.

In regards to Clinton Global Initiative,
I remember an email of Hillary's being released where a colleague of hers
said he "needed to go kill a chicken."
At the time, I thought it was a figure of speech about an actual chicken,
then I later learned that "chicken" means "baby boy."
Hillary is well known for her voodoo/satanic practices.
She goes as far as writing about it in her books.
I never knew HIllary, but I knew Bill socially.

I used to run around in the same circles as many of these people.
I was a regular at the World Economic Forum for many years.
One of the top guys at CGI was on a board of mine.
I don't believe he was involved in any of this.

I never saw any of this behavior first hand.
The only time I ever experienced something strange was in Mexico
while I was working with one of the wealthiest guys in the world.
At the time he was the wealthiest.

Being associated with someone with so much wealth attracted
the worst kind of people to me. Evil people gravitated believing
I had unlimited access to that kind of money.
That was ridiculous, but they didn't think so.

After my time in Mexico, I left that world behind.
I even declined to go to the World Economic Forum anymore
which for many years I enjoyed.
After experiencing/witnessing evil, it changed me.
I've never been the same since.
It WASN'T child abuse, nothing to do with children.
If that were the case, I'd likely be dead because I'd have to expose everything
or die trying.

If anyone hasn't read Eustace Mullins, "Curse of Canaan," download and read it now.
You can find a free PDF online.
Eustace was a researcher at the Library of Congress.
He read books and documents not available to society and put it into his works.
Of course, they've labelled him everything from Racist to Anti-semitic, but he was nothing of the sort.
He was just presenting the facts he researched.
The very fact that the powers that be hate him so much
tell you all you need to know about the validity of his work.

All of these rituals we're reading about are derived from the Canaanites.
Because the entire world wanted to destroy them for their evil acts,
They went underground centuries ago and clearly, they're still operating underground.
They never left. They've just changed their names a few times and learned to integrate into
different societies. I often wonder if they are something other than human.

Gordon said...

If you are as far from the city as these places are, it is difficult. You need a credible witness. The local police and sheriffs are FLDS.

Cail Corishev said...

@Acad, I know about the surrogate thing, but I'm surprised he didn't wait it out a few days and see if he could build sympathy, since that's something a lot of people would have a soft spot for. Of course, maybe he said, "And I get to put the bun in the oven personally with THIS!" in which case, yeah, better go peacefully.

My radar is just up because US legislators don't normally give up their seats without a fight, and there are a bunch of them bailing out. The excuse that they're too precious to work with President Trump is bunk -- especially for the ones in his party. They're going too easy.

Anyway, just saying there was already a little question mark in the back of my mind next to "Arizona" because of those items, and then this was, "Ah, maybe a piece of the puzzle." But they could also be entirely unrelated. But major criminal enterprises usually have some political cover, right?

Drumstixx said...

For fucksake! Thinking of what these poor children have to live haunts me to the core. I hope this sick sick paedophiles die a slow horrible death. I really do. This needs to be exposed. I hope the journalist are out there undercover.

Cole Gate said...

The only thing I recall regarding Judge Scalia is that he regularly enjoyed big wildlife hunting and did so previously at the same place in TX. This person who owns this wildlife farm is quite wealthy and invites groups of wealthy individuals, free of charge, to hunt on his farm and regularly engages with them while there. Apparently, Scalia didn't arrive for breakfast that morning so he sent someone to his place to check on him and was found in bed, dead.
That's all I got.

Velobwoy said...

Centennial Park is adjacent to the Colorado City airport.

Mag said...

@Kimberley - If what you call "demonic" in the tunnel opening was the horned goat-men and the rest of the creatures depicted, it's NOT because of illuminati or any other rubbish. It was taken from Swiss folk tradition. That's one thing.
The other thing - about the YouTube interviews. So you say this guy is risking his life to expose these people on YT in some videos hardly anybody hears about, rather than go to some mainstreatm media with what would be an explosive material for publishers to fight for (not to mention the police)? And he's out there on YT for everyone to see, risking his life (because these people can get one killed as they wish), and yet no one has silences him? Yeah, right, sounds legit.

Sorry, I don't mean to pick fights or make fun of anyone, but seriously, guys, THINK. We live in the 21st century and no one, especially not the leadership of these money-making machines actually BELIEVE in any of the crap they are preaching. I believe in child trafficking, pedo rings, powerful money connections, killing people who are a threat, starting wars for profit - these things are real. But when you bring into it some delusions of children being sacrificed by highly successful, intelligent, modern people to Baphomet or whatever other imaginary friend, you make ALL conspiracy talk sound crazy and easy to dismiss. That's one of the reasons these people have been getting away with murder and abuse for so long - because no journalist or public attorney in their right mind will take seriously any claim, however reasonable, made by the same people who also believe these fairy tales. By repeating these crazy stories you are actually helping them stay invisible and untouchable. Just saying.

plot said...

@Anti Hist "I'm listening. The Clinton Global Foundation was a scam right from the get go, yet NO ONE looked into those shenanigans. EVER."

Well, except for all the charity regulators and the IRS, yeah, NO ONE EVER!

Get over yourself.

Doug said...

I think the chances are pretty good that Scalia was assassinated so as to prevent the Supreme Court from interfering with an election theft on behalf of Hillary. Whatever the true votes were, I think the chances are also pretty good that certain people did exactly that on Election Day. Most likely those people are connected to the military complex: NSA, other military, and/or defense contractors. If CIA was involved, it was not at the top, as Brennan favored Hillary. Also probably involved were people from FBI and NYPD, the latter of which got hold of Anthony Weiner's laptop computer before the election. A reasonable hypothesis is that Scalia was set up with the help of a sexual lure, the exact nature of which I don't know.

plot said...

"one of Hillary's people even got CAUGHT trying to smuggle kids out of Haiti and Hilldawg herself flew down there to get her out of trouble. "

Any proof of that outside 4chan? Of course not...

Jeannies Bottle said...

How is it that you, Enty, know about this stuff, and the FBI doesn't? If this is common knowledge (from the comments I've read), how is it still happening? I just cannot comprehend how this evil goes on and so many people are aware of it.

DJ N8inVgs said...


What do you really need to know that hasn't already been said?

After all, what one witness states that they saw there is enough to send chills down the most hardened soldier's spine.

An event where four teens were murdered in plain sight near John McCain's back yard fringe, at least according to witnesses.
Right in full view of the local FLDS building.

Rumors even suggest, that later some of the victims were either eaten or dissected in some ritual.

Some of these stories may be a load of hogwash, others may very well be true. The most important fact of all is Arizona is no picnic.

What else would even deserve mention? Arizona is said to be home of two of the most collapse prone institutions, burned to the ground by their own moral failings.

One of them is the LDS Church, the other of course is the FLDS Church.

The only real difference being one of them will one day be free of corruption and forced to stand on its own two feet. That being the LDS institution.

The other one known as the Official FLDS Church, is a walking abomination to most tourists.

It's no open secret in Arizona that the FLDS is the New World Order. Even allegedly down to the very types of houses they all choose.

But nobody dares do anything about it in truth. Since people frequently disappear in Arizona pretty much every hour, why would they even try?

Around these parts, we try to befriend FLDS members in fact because we just see it as some sad twist of fate that they have been recently a part of a group that worships cannibalism.

We want to understand them better. Get a more "ideal" perspective on the rigorous ordeal of what life is made of.

And in the real world, we're all in witness of the other shoe to drop for when the FLDS Church and Warren Jeffs are inevitably destroyed by a national earthquake.

DJ N8inVgs said...

"I hope the journalist are out there undercover."

How do you know what the FLDS is or anything about their church?
Have you ever been to Stocksdale?

Do you know about the occult or demonology? The FLDS, Meadows, Hamptons, and many more all share the same belief systems.

Megerz said...

@John Doe I always appreciate your well written and thoughtful posts. There's so much I don't understand, but I continue to pray for all the defenseless victims. I look forward to reading more from you.

Silverbird said...

All I am going to say is the the LDS "church" is WAY more of a cult than they will lead you to believe. This is coming from someone who was born and raised in the "church" and managed to leave...but not without a lot of effort. I have severe PTSD from it. I am not joking. The FLDS is worse, but that is not saying much.

Cinabun said...

Richardson? Really? WOW. He's been in politics there for a looong time. Wow.

DJ N8inVgs said...

"is way more of a cult than they will lead you to believe."

It is also the only thing that will destroy the FLDS Church since only the truth about the gospel can eliminate it.

Your point being? This is the end times. The truth about all of these places gets exposed whether anyone liked it or not.

Kimberley said...

@Don Kieballs - Yes that's the man I was referring to.

Catsup said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
plot said...


"o prevent the Supreme Court from interfering with an election theft on behalf of Hillary."

Scalia would never, ever, not in a million years, every, vote for anything that supported a Democrat or any causes deemed connected to that party. Never.

just sayin' said...

i just can't. literally don't want to bother today. i want to lash back with facts and logic at the absurdities but don't want to dignify them.

thank you mag, for being the voice of reason.

right catsup...publicity has attracted attention from some unsavory corners. hopefully it'll fall off if we keep being sane and not biting at the bait. if it's "the bad guys" trying to make us look like another voat, that sucks, but we can see through it and continue on.

Fairylights said...

Long time Arizonan, glad to see there are so many of us. Totally FLDS on the Utah/AZ border. They are also affiliated (or were affiliated) with a sister city in the north, I can't remember exactly which state it was, I'm thinking Idaho or Washington.

Curious thing about the twin cities in N. AZ and Utah; if you are smart, you don't wander on to their land. They are very aware of who belongs there and who doesn't, and if you don't, they have no trouble intimidating you into leaving. I had a friend in college who got lost on the back roads up there and inadvertently strayed into their area. He was escorted off the land.

I have no idea which rehab place it is, there are too many to investigate in Prescott, Scottsdale and Gilbert. I'm more familiar with the places in Tucson because I went to school there, and you'd see the celebrities out and about in town, but that's way too far from N.AZ.

Catsup said...

Thanks, @just sayin'. I decided to delete but appreciate the validation. This too shall pass.

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Schneiderisnext said...


Joey COCO Diaz on Harvey W (10/20/17)

"He's in Arizona right now with 2 girls who don't speak English and He's gonna kill 'm when He's done with em"

Pilot said...

Here you go plot:


Doug said...

@plot: I agree that Scalia would not have supported or helped Hillary. I'm not sure whether you are interpreting my original comment correctly. I said "I think the chances are pretty good that Scalia was assassinated so as to prevent the Supreme Court from interfering with an election theft on behalf of Hillary." Which means that they killed Scalia so that the court would no longer have a Republican majority to overturn an election theft by the Democrats. I probably could have stated it more simply.

Pilot said...

Hillary and Bill Clinton took an extraordinary interest in Silsby’s case from the moment she was arrested and almost immediately stepped in on her behalf. The Harvard Human Rights Journal stated that one of Bill Clinton's first acts as special envoy for the United Nations in Haiti "was to put out the fire of a child abduction scandal involving American citizens." On February 7th, 2010, The Sunday Times reported that Bill Clinton had intervened to strike a deal with the Haitian government, securing the release of all co-conspirators except for Silsby. Prosecutors ultimately sought a six-month sentence in Silsby's case, reducing charges for conspiracy and child abduction to mere "arranging irregular travel." A shockingly light penalty given the circumstances of her arrest, which would likely not have been possible but for the intervention of the Clintons in Silsby's case.

Liv said...

Hallelujah. Yes. Even a whiff of the fairytale negates the truth.

plot said...

Welp Pilot, it would be nice to link to a site that doesn't crash my browser with ads after 30 seconds. Nevermind, I have read about the Silsby case and know that the Clintons did NOT intervene on her behalf specifically but on the behalf of US Americans potentially held in Haiti for all sorts of reason. Funny thing, that is what the Secretary of State regularly does, be it Haiti or Turkey or China. Seeing as Silsby served time in Haitian prisons for trying to abduct those kids (to look like some Holy Mother to her churchie friends) but was not convicted of trafficking, your point is weak.

just sayin' said...

i noticed you deleted, catsup, and felt bad for you. it's how i feel today, like why try?

there are a lot of great possibilities here and one of them's probably it. i like your suggestion, mark.

i listened to the diaz video and think he was talking out of his ass. if he had that kind of insider knowledge would he make himself so vulnerable?

plot said...

Again Pilot, read your own quote. The issue was trying to get US citizens out of Haitian jails during a time of Haitian national crisis, not about Silsby specifically. Also, find yourself a better source than an obviously salacious scandal rag who is playing on your delicious outrage for your eyeballs.

just sayin' said...

thank you, plot. common sense is bringing tears to my eyes tonight. there's enough disgusting stuff behind pizzagate -- no need to riff on it and turn a politically ambitious gramma into a demon with blood dripping from her fangs.

Guest777 said...

Read podesta''s emails...it's all in there. Her name was laura silsby and it was bill who flew to haiti, not hillary.

Guest777 said...

Read podesta''s emails...it's all in there. Her name was laura silsby and it was bill who flew to haiti, not hillary.

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mag said...

@just sayin' - You are welcome :) And let's hope this is just a temporary surge in crazy.

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
FOS said...

I think you're right on the money with all of this. As far as BC of course he's involved. He was selected to be POTUS at Bohemian Grove years and years ahead of time.

Mark said...


"Short Creek Fellowship was founded in 2016 as a missionary outreach of First Southern Baptist Church of Hurricane, Utah."

"We are reaching out to the polygamist Mormon culture through an act of compassion, giving us an opportunity to build relationships, that then provide an opportunity to share the Gospel of Christ."


"Around the same time, he had fallen in love with Sherrie Kuns, a woman with a social work background who had spent 28 years ministering to human trafficking victims."


"Sherrie's work specializing in adolescent females includes trauma counseling for victims of human / sex trafficking. She also has extensive experience and knowledge of social services programs. She is a nationally renowned speaker. She has appeared on Fox Live and provided consulting services for the Dr. Phil Show."


"His work today as a Baptist minister who is working in prison ministry, where he reaches out to inmates who are sex offenders, victims of neglect and abuse, and those who have grown up fatherless or with an abusive father, just as he did."

Is Visalia, CA considered the northern part of the country? Grace Homes may have also operated in Redding, CA. That's northern, isn't it?


"The Kuns started out with six pregnant girls, but at the ministry’s height they had 11 homes with 85 beds, a foster center, and a boys’ home. Grace Ministries was the only place in the state that was licensed and had the personnel qualified to deal with the emotional needs of sex-trafficked pregnant girls and other victims of sexual abuse. Grace Homes could accept such high risk girls because Fehlman was a licensed forensic counselor among her many other social work capabilities."

Is Sherrie Kuns-Mackert the same person as Sherri Kuns-Fehlman? It appears so:


Gary Burnaska said...

SO another church involved in child sex crimes, yet it is the Atheists who are considered bad people. Sick stuff like this is why im just DONE with religion and just have no desire to join any church or attend services.

Low Key said...

I feel that this site is living up to its name more than usual today.

just sayin' said...

i'm with you gary burnaska. i'm episcopalian but can't stand going to church. imho it's a cover for the dirty lives everyone's actually living. the phoniness is insufferable.

OKC Teacher said...

I got interested in the FDLS over 10 years ago, I’m in no way an expert but @Gordon describes their belief system accurately. They have outposts in Canada, Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Texas & (probably/possibly) the Oklahoma panhandle. Unfortunately, they aren’t the only group to break off from the mainstream LDS. Cody Brown & his “Sister Wives” belong to a different sect that seems to follow the same tenets as the FDLS, there are other groups as well. I looked into the Westboro Baptist Church & they seem to share many of the same beliefs (without the polygamy), so the group mentioned in the blind could be an “Assembly of God”, “Pentecostal Holiness”, “Baptist” or even a “Presbyterian” radical, break away group. I do believe it’s the FDLS because authorities and residents are used to their unusual behavior and locals know that the authorities are members of the group or on their payroll. They have A LOT of money and the Warren Jeffs saga/fallout probably didn’t even put a dent in their coffers. I had a relative in East Texas who worked for Child Protective Services when Texas Rangers raided the FDLS compound. She lived and worked nearly 200 miles away but was called in, because Texas underestimated the number of children at the compound. Texas CPS was overwhelmed and over ran with Mothers, Woman and Children who lied, denied, changed stories AND identities. The Relative who worked for CPS received death threats and other threatening behavior for a long, long time and she wasn’t really that involved. She was just a caseworker pressed into service at the beginning. So, yeah, be afraid, be very afraid of religious zealots, even if they look like you.

Cail Corishev said...

I think we can all agree that we should avoid churches which are set up by murderous billionaires to function as fronts for pedophile activities. They're bad.

Himmmm said...

"Words as weapons
sharper than knives,
Makes you wonder how
the other half dies..."

just sayin' said...

"the devil inside
the devil inside
every single one of us has
the devil inside"

just sayin' said...

excellent advice cail corishev!

OKC Teacher said...

Yes, to Cail~I seem to have a built in “Billionaire Avoidance Radar”, murderous or otherwise. Wise words! Damn you Himmmm! I’ll be singing that song for days @ least I haven’t been “Whammed” yet! It’s December 12th! #winning!

DalDelusion said...

You're my favorite guesser. I wish you'd comment more often.

Cinabun said...

"raised by bitter penis envying burned feministed single mothers"
Burned? Feministed?
He sounds *special* 😝

Sekrit said...

Gentle Path at The Meadows.

Men only sex-addict facility. It's even been called "dude ranch"

Weinstein (also wouldn't be surprised if he goes to Europe for further "treatment")
Apparently athletes and royals?

David Geffen has a medical school named after him, David Geffen School of Medicine UCLA.. that's weird.

There are a lot of centers that keep a Fort Knox feel, like private outpatient surgery 'resorts' or 'centers', and this could be easily one as well.

Sekrit said...

@Himmmm! Your INXS reference gets me thinking.. hmmmm

Andrea said...

Definitely FLDS. There is a recent story about a group called Knights of the Crystal Blade in Southern Utah but maybe also in Northern AZ:


just sayin' said...

the meadows is certainly the most obvious answer, with their celebrity guests, many of whom are epstein buddies. fits the location. tons of money pumped into it, super legit looking. and my episcopalian guilt will haunt me if it's not the place. but sometimes the simplest answer is the right answer.

just sayin' said...

this map shows some of the meadows centers' locations. all fairly close by but enough space from each other to keep secrets.

sorry, too lazy to make a link:

346NYC said...

I believe ANN JENSON in the thread nailed it. Harvey Weinstein's latest rehab escapades in Scottsdale gave it away.
The church's website is pretty scarce. There's no photo of Mark Driscoll, the pastor, which is always a clue for someone
who does not want to be recognized or advertise their face.

ANN JENSON: The Church sure seems to be The Trinity Church. Were in Seattle - "Northen town failure" - http://www.seattlepi.com/local/politics/article/The-return-of-Mark-Driscoll-A-new-church-and-7955134.php

"Harvey Weinstein is wrapping up the first part of his treatment in Scottsdale and headed to the next phase of his rehabilitation, which will also take place in Arizona.

Sources close to Weinstein tell us the producer has completed the “intensive” part of his treatment while staying at the Phoenician resort in Scottsdale.

We’re told while he stayed at the resort, professionals travelled to him so he could take part in therapy sessions, which were apparently thorough and intensive.

While he’s leaving the first phase of treatment, his team is adamant he will continue outpatient therapy while remaining in Arizona for the next 4-6 weeks.

We’re told reports of the producer leaving the state on Saturday are plain false.

We’re told throughout his treatment in Arizona, Weinstein had access to his phone and continued to keep in contact with business and family associates."


just sayin' said...

this map's better:

map of the meadows facilities in arizona

John Doe said...


I promise you that you don't know as much as you think that you do about this stuff. I know what I am talking about. I have dealt with certain people who are involved with Luciferianism and Luciferians. These people and the things that they do are just as real as you and I are here typing on this blog. Its not important to them that YOU believe any of it. What's important is that THEY believe in it. Do some research. If you do it seriously you are not going to like the things that you find out. There's a lot of information out there in the Googleverse, and I'm not talking about Youtube videos.

Luciferian symbolism is everywhere right in plain sight. It is very commonly seen in music videos, movies, art, and corporate logos. And celebrities are frequently signing the hand symbols. You will recognize these things only if you know what they are and if you are actually looking for them around you. Most people are oblivious to this stuff because, like you, they think that its the 21st century and that the Devil doesn't exist. Some of the wealthiest and most influential people in the world are Luciferians who belong to secret organizations such as the Free Masons, The Jesuit Order, Skull and Bones, etc. Have you ever really noticed the type of people who are invited to join these organizations? Do you know what they actually do? These people are not crazy. They are always upstanding and respectable members of the community...politicians, bankers...businesspeople, etc. They identify one another by their symbols and certain types of jewelry. Some of them wear the symbols openly. The Rothschilds family is the wealthiest in the world and they are notorious Luciferians who hide it all in plain sight. Do you think that these people, who most all the world's central banks, are crazy or stupid for believing in Baphomet? They are not. They are highly intelligent and very well educated people who sit on the very apex of global society.

The most expensive piece of art in the world, the recently discovered Da Vinci that was just sold for $450,000,000... The Salvator Mundi...Do you know what that is? It is allegedly a painting of Christ---the Savior of the World. But look up that painting and compare it to an image of Baphomet. Do you notice the similarities? Why would DaVinci, a man well familiar with the Christian doctrine, paint an image of Christ posing like the Devil and holding a pagan witchball in his hand? Where is the cross, where is the halo? Do you notice anything else unusual about this painting? They say that the fingers are posed for benediction and that the crystal ball represents the world, but those of us who have studied occultism know that that explanation is bullshit. There is a lot more that I could tell you, but this blog is not the venue for that. All that I am saying is don't be so quick to dismiss as "crazy" the things that you really don't understand. I assure you that its not "crazy" and the only people who ridicule Moloch and Baphomet are people who don't understand what these things are.

John Doe said...

@Man Pt 2

That temple on Epstein's pedo island. What do you think that they use it for? And why is the Baphomet owl on top of the temple?

Pedophilia and human sacrifice is how they appease Baphomet. In exchange, they are rewarded with wealth and success. Ordinary folks like us aren't invited into their circle. Its very privvy. You have to have money and influence to get into the upper echelons. They have sacrificial ceremonies several times a year. Members of the intermediate and high order levels travel to these things to participate. The participation is mandatory. Thats where most of the unsavory stuff with the children take place. You have to participate in the rituals. They record the activities and there is a lot of secrecy and blackmail. People who are in it don't usually get to just leave. If by some chance you are able to get out and they find out that you disclosed their business they will kill you. On the off times these people just travel to designated spots where they participate in orgies and have sex with children. A lot of younger women who are at lower levels of the organizations (and some of the underage girls who are kept in white slavery) are made to get pregnant during the ritual orgies. The father of the child is not important. They breed the babies only for sacrifice.

Its a very high profile operation. Its been going on forever. It continues to go on because no one believes that such a thing is even possible. I don't personally know anything about this particular ring with the mogul except for what I have heard second-hand and read online. this operation in Nevada seems to be less about sacrificial rituals and more about straight up white slavery...just an offshoot of the global network whereby rich people pay huge amounts of money to come and have sex with children---very similar to the blind a few days ago about David Copperfield. David Geffen is Illuminati. Truth is often stranger than fiction.

Hotmessmidwest said...

LOVE your posts!! Thank you!

just sayin' said...

i respect the research you've done john doe, but think that this illuminati stuff is overblown. no one used the term until the book "the davinci code". it was used, but in scholarly circles, not in popular society. it is an edgy, chic concept and rappers and rock stars embraced it as fashion, for image. it's satanism light. the book also conflated so many threads from christian and european history to weave a fantastic mystery novel, but much of it was overblown. so much truth in it, so much fantasy tho.

my grandfather was a mason, a high degree but i don't remember what number. i am very sure that he never worshipped baphomet or ate a baby. he was a man from the kind of background that could look suspicious, but lived relatively modestly, considering. baphomet never rewarded him with billions, that is for sure.

i have a close friend, who cannot shut up, who was a franciscan monk and lived and worked at the vatican for years. he had a change of heart about living as a monk and quit. i promise you, if there were ANYTHING juicy to tell, aside from pedophilia cover-ups, he'd have told the world by now.

you're right about the owl on the roof of the little temple on epstein's island, but it's name is moloch, not baphomet. i think it's more of an insider joke for epstein and his bohemian grove crowd friends than the subject of actual worship. and if it were so easy to worship a devil god and be rewarded with billions of dollars, wouldn't more people do it? though this is a valid argument for saying that the 1% is evil. (that's a joke.) also, if god the almighty is on a par, power-wise with the devil, or stronger, as the bible teaches, why aren't all people who pray regularly wealthy? there was a book that came out when i was a church-goer called "the prayer of jabez" which promised that all you have to do is ask god for money and he'll give it to you! tons of prayer groups at my church gobbled that up, i can tell you. no one i know actually got rich.

sorry if i'm the anti-john doe sometimes. i don't mean to dog you. like i said, i appreciate scholarly research and your intelligence. call me a boring realist, but i think there's enough filth in the real world without delving into the metaphysical to find more.

dandiilion said...


just sayin' said...

also, having sex with children is a perversion of the psyche and libido, not a religious practice or political tendency. let me be clear about something -- i believe you 100% that there are people who engage in all manners of sick things under the guise of being satanists or illuminati or whatever. but i feel they chose those religions as an excuse or cultural framework in which they can live out their perversion with like-minded people.

i don't buy that a bunch of rich liberal, hollywood or d.c. or wall street jews would bother with such nonsense. they're entitled men who think they're their own gods, masters of the universe, and they do as they wish. they don't need help from baphomet. (and lest i appear bigoted with that last statement, it was a response to earlier, anti-semitic and right wing generalizations. i'm a liberal and my children are half-jewish.)

Melody Clark said...

Why is everyone mentioning Clinton, but no one is bringing up Trump? Trump was master of the kompromat that kept the child sex ring going. Clinton and many politicians from all sides are involved. Nancer, that's what is happening now - they are breaking the ack of this sick syndicate that runs the world. They're all coming down.

Ninja Grrrl said...

The contrast of your crisp, impeccable logic nestled between the jarring political bullshit, the quirky, the witty and the banal, is lovely. You deconstruct things so clearly. You almost make it look easy. Respect.

just sayin' said...

i agree melody, not enough said about trump, but it doesn't go over well here so i avoid the subject.

just sayin' said...

me, ninja grrrl? if so, thank you! if not, i forgive you, :)

ps doug jones is winning!!!

Ninja Grrrl said...

THANK YOU. Whew. I feel better about humanity now.

R Richard said...

@just sayin': "Also, having sex with children is a perversion of the psyche and libido, not a religious practice or political tendency."
non-sequiturs and strawmen erected and knocked them right down. Bravo, bravissimo

Ninja Grrrl said...

And the FBI. Numerous times. Probably the CIA and the NSA too. Sigh. Why do people find incredibly complex conspiracies that are all predicated on the notion that many thousands of people at any time in history are all keeping a big dark dirty secret, why do people find this stuff more credible than the less "glamorous", less click-bait-y facts that we are losing our civil liberties and economic opportunities at an alarming rate? Because that shit is real, and it alarms me greatly. And we can't even address it because a small but significant percentage of our populace prefers to devolve into prejudice and fear.

Ninja Grrrl said...

You also, yes! I was aiming the comment at Cail C specifically, but I also appreciate your tactful common sense. You are far more patient than i am. :-) And here's hoping. I'm so afraid for this country.

Jaime said...

@ninfa Grrrl...I'm with you. Our future is a bit alarming to me at this point.

I'm starting to read things into shows that might not be there, or they really are there and I'm not crazy. I'm about to sound crazy so bare with me--I think we really are being desensitized to child-love agendas thru tv/movies. I know, I know--crazy town. I've been watching the new show on HULU by Marvel--Runaways. It's really entertaining. On the new ep tonight these men start hitting on one of the high school girls about how if they were her age they'd have just been into her, then one asks if she isn't too young. I think all this is just too close to what I read at the moment so I was just grossed out. Stop, Hollywood, stop!

*****I'm aware that I just added nothing relevant to this blind, but I felt like sharing my desensitization thoughts tonight.

just sayin' said...

thanks r richard! no need to apologize, ninja grrrl...lots of great comments here and i know there's lag when posting. i sadly believe wholeheartedly that there are many pedophile rings run by rich and powerful men in hollywood, d.c. and wall street, royalty, more...hope my comment didn't minimize my conviction that geffen (allegedly!) is pure evil, that the men we've been talking about are guilty as sin and need to be exposed. i just don't like to veer off into what may be going on in the ether when people need to be nailed right here on earth.

ps they're playing "macarena" at the doug jones celebration party...i love it! so many happy people tonight! i don't care what anyone's politics are -- if you are here to help bring down pedophiles you've GOT to be celebrating that roy moore will not be a united states senator.

just sayin' said...

i disagree jaime - your points are spot on! i think you're exactly right and i'm equally disgusted.

Cheez Whiz said...

Anyone remember the "Satanic day care furor" from a few years back (1980's and 90's)? It was mostly BS. People, including prosecutors, got WAAAYYY carried away, and ruined a lot of innocent people.


Let's not assume every crazy rumor that we read, including here, is 100% truth. Are there pedophiles around? There sure are. Are powerful people involved? Probably yes. But the vast majority of people don't support this, and would go out of their way to try to take it down.

Powerful people, billionaires, are not invulnerable. If they're diddling kids, they'll be found out... there just aren't enough complicit people in the world to keep it hidden forever.

As for the Illuminati stuff, I don't buy it at all. That's a bridge too far for me. It is a fairy tale, told by people who want to see a conspiracy behind every bush.

Use a little common sense when evaluating fantastic claims, especially from commenters here.

Notabeetlebug said...

@Gordon, a friend has a ranch near the FLDS compound and growing up would frequently come across Mormon "Lost Boys" as they called them on their land. He said that when the male population got too big in the FLDS community the young men were kicked off the property by their families and had to walk to neighboring towns until they found shelter. I guess his family would do sweeps of their property to find the boys and then drive them to local towns. He said most ended up homeless.

plot said...

Guest777 -"Read podesta''s emails...it's all in there. Her name was laura silsby and it was bill who flew to haiti, not hillary. "

And Bill was working on moving all US Americans out of Haiti rather than having them sit in Haitian jails!!!

Do you remember the more than 100K people who died in Haiti??? DO YOU???? What do you imagine their jails and prisons were like at the time?

Oh I guess you have no problem imagining that Podesta's emails expose a pedo gang but are so lacking in human imagination that you can't imagine, for a second, why it was extremely important to get Americans out of a disaster area full of disease, starvation and unbelievable horrors!

Silsby did her time in Haitian jails. She was being sued in the USA for fraud already and has probably been dealing with that since. YOU need to connect everything ugly in the world to the Clintons. Unfortunately, that doesn't make you special, just delusional.

just sayin' said...

the fdls "lost boys" were one of the first things i thought of too, notabeetlebug. i wondered if any of them find there way to this new "church", but they might too hard to control and too easy to trace.

btw, at least 2 MILLION children are trafficked worldwide every year, more than half of them for sexual exploitation. (equalitynow.org.)

plot said...

@Joe Doe, the painting is a forgery and only bought to hide money laundering funds. The art world and the real estate world is bursting with money launderers (which is how Donny Moscow survived the 2008 crash and why he still has any money at all.)

Specifically in the art world, the money launderers deliberately buy forgeries for wildly inflated prices all the time. This way, they make payments to debtors and shuffle dirty funds to legit accounts using a worthless painting. Happens all the time.

R Richard said...

Blog comments have the same tendency to be misinterpreted as texting.
To be clear, I do not disagree with John Doe at all.
just sayin's use of the non-sequitur and straw man logical fallacies and then basing those assertions on "his beliefs" represent no significant contribution to this discussion.
Frankly it's not John Doe's responsibility to provide logical explication for this batshit craziness. Even psychiatrists and psychoanalysts don't try to make sense of these f*ckers delusional systems.
Yet, many contributors to this current discussion have made the case that the very people claiming to worship the devil during their sh*tbrain insane child-molesting ceremonies are NOT really worshipping the devil. These monsters possess a preternatural gift of attracting people who will engage the most amazing mental gymnastics to craft an excuse for the monster's atrocious behavior. Indeed authoritarian followers pop up like musgrooms every step of the way.
As an example of the cognitive dissonance evident in these credulous types, just what do you expect from a crew that calls their LDS group/gang/committee which excommunicates a church member 'A Court of Love' and then effectively convinces an entire community to shun that individual forever?
No such "such tender mercy" is ever shown these rich and powerful monsters. (Sarcasm)

just sayin' said...

not sure i follow your "logic" r richard. thanks is withdrawn, sorry i missed your snark.

my logical fallacies (?) were not based on john doe's "beliefs", if that's to whom you believed i referenced them. that comment was an aside to my dear-john-doe. it was meant to state what to me is an obvious fact, that pedophilia is not the domain of any particular political party or religion. it's a psychosexual disorder. i wasn't referring to the satanic-type pedophilia rituals.

maybe you don't read this site regularly. if you did you'd know that jews and the democratic party get a little too much credit for pedophile rings. my argument is that it's wrong to assign this blame, it's offensive, and by bringing in bigotry and politics, focus is taken off of the real problem.

Sara Brown said...

All amazing guesses but I think I've figured it out. For everyone that suggested Meadows...you're half right. There is a branch of Meadows called "Gentle Path". It is literally a mile away from the main facility and this one exclusively deals with mens sex addictions. This is where Weinstein and Spacey are right now and this is what this blind is talking about. Good luck seeing anything on GoogleMaps as both facilities are heavily concealed. I wonder why. This is all good to look into regarding Clinton as well.

plot said...

"This is all good to look into regarding Clinton as well. "

Why? Does Bill titillate you?

just sayin' said...

also r rich - i specifically said that i agree with jd - i know that there are people who join in satanic style groups in order to have a place to commit heinous acts with like-minded people. they like the rituals for whatever delusional reason that can't be explained by psychiatrists, as opposed to actually worshipping devils. you basically agreed with me, so thank you. john doe had avowed that satanists and illuminati are "rewarded with wealth and success", which indicates that the cult members are true believers and that john doe believes in the power of their prayers.

more people seem to agree with john doe than with me so maybe you're right that my comments add nothing to the conversation, lol. oh well!

Sara Brown said...


I am deeply disturbed by the Clintons and believe they should be brought to justice.

just sayin' said...

+1 sara brown.

plot said...

"I am deeply disturbed by the Clintons and believe they should be brought to justice."

For what? Have they done anything like lie to the US public in order to spend trillions and trillions of our tax dollars to make defense contractors rich and kill millions and millions of innocent people? How about blatantly trying to destroy our Constitution and the ideals of our democracy? What's your brand of justice, because it sure doesn't sound like you care much about our country but some fantasy pedophile basement torture chamber.

just sayin' said...

plot - the clinton foundation has been implicated in these blinds many times. bill clinton certainly is complicit in the pedophile rings, being a participant himself. i'm dubious about hillary's hands-on involvement. let me make that more clear. i think that the idea of hillary having hands-on involvement in child trafficking is beyond ludicrous. however, as beneficiaries of their foundation, which has many far-reaching tentacles controlled by many people, she is probably unwittingly benefitting from activities that she'd be horrified to know about. she certainly dances with the devil, being close enough to ghislaine maxwell (again, probably unaware of the nature of bill's relationship with jeffrey epstein and co.) to invite her to chelsea's wedding. but how closely she dances is debatable. for example, she also used to socialize with donald trump and i don't think she's complicit with any of his criminal activity.

monteverde said...

So many retards on this section, it's tragic. The Clinton foundation has been shady from the start.
Hillary Clinton is the person who deleted THIRTY THOUSAND emails from a secret server.
She has called a Ku Klux Klan leader her 'good friend and MENTOR'.
She has started wars, propped up terrorist organisations, allowed US ambassadors to have their throats cut, and actively encouraged the lynching of Christians, gays and mass rape of women, with her policies - knowing exactly what she was doing.
Her entire life is a lie, she's a pathological liar, user and opportunist.
She has defended pedophiles in the past, ridiculed 12 year old victims, publicly humiliating them, and stolen so much money, it'd seem rather strange that a public servant would be worth as much as her.
She is a fucking psychopath who'd do anything for power and money.
I believe she'd do this too.

plot said...

@just sayin'

I understand all that and also know that the rich are different from you and I. They're rich. Bill and Hill are climbers, or bounders as the Brits say. They have had to consort with some extremely unsavory rich people to attain any position in life (personally, I think Hillary suffers deeply from economic anxiety though I can't really tell where it stems from.) The rich who are usually willing to extend friendship to climbers are not of the best people in a lot of cases. The same is true in Hollywood, which is bursting with social climbers who attract not the best among our wealthy class.

I'm not trying to defend the Clintons because I really don't like them very much. I'm an old school liberal and they might as well be Republicans for all I'm concerned with all the favors they have done (and legislation they passed)for the wealthy while forgetting they represent us, the working stiffs, the average joes, of the USA.

If someone like the well read and posh Ghislaine Maxwell decides to favor the Clintons with her presence, they are going to lap it up, no questions asked, because they are ambitious on the one hand and social bumpkins on the other. They are very bright people but they don't have much knowledge about the class they would like to attract.

I don't doubt that Bill has enjoyed the offerings of Epstien as a guest. There is no doubt that their foundation has taken money from some terrible people (most of the elite of any country are generally pretty awful.) But how much they are involved in the sins of the wealthy is a hard thing to track. If their history proves anything it's that neither Clinton sticks around long when any friend of theirs is in trouble legally or ethically. Sure, they want the money and prestige; the ignominy not so much.

I think trying to connect the Clintons to any huge pedo ring is ridiculous. People who believe the Pizzagate bullshit seem to think that the Clintons are all powerful and all knowing. I do not agree. I see an ambitious couple who rather not know and rather not care about the sins of others. Too bad they couldn't make that drive and purpose work better for the USA and it's citizens rather than for their own glory.

Mike said...


The Clintons and Bushes are at fault for destabilizing the Middle East, starting with the first Iraq war in the 90s. So there's your trillions of dollars to destroy the Middle East so multinationals can be paid--by our tax dollars--to rebuild it again. Hillary has supported every military operation in the Middle East. Her husband bombed a pharmaceutical factory in Sudan to take attention from the Monica Lewinsky scandal. A few years back Hillary laughed about assassinating Kadafi. Look at Libya now--it's an ISIS stronghold and black Africans are being sold on slave blocks by Muslims. Let's look more at ISIS. It was obvious that all their funding and material support was coming through the US, and wikileaks confirmed this. Hillary and McCain are both implicated so this isn't a partisan thing. Obama was part of it, too, of course.

The Republican vs. Democrat conflict is an illusion meant to rope-a-dope us into thinking our representatives are working for us. We get outraged and pick sidesover hot-button issues like abortion or tranny bathroom rights, while the Dems and Repubs are mysteriously able to get it together to vote for things like invading Iraq, bailing out banks with OUR tax dollars, signing off on multilateral trade deals that make it cheaper for manufacturers to move to Mexico, passing legislation that erodes our civil rights in favor of an intelligence super state that can listen in on every call and read every text, etc. Of course Hillary seems just like a Republican. And whoever they groom next, Kamala Harris probably, will be molded the same way because she will be bought by the same people.

just sayin' said...

plot - so well put, fresh air. depending on my mood i can find it pretty funny, the dastardly deeds attributed to hillary. if it weren't for this site and the blinds connecting clinton money to evil activities and bill clinton to behind-the-scenes cabals, we'd probably be in complete agreement about them. they're naked opportunists. the pardon of mark rich and taking the furniture out of the white house was a big clue as to their shameless, social-climbing nature. my guess is that bill, rather than being the brains behind any pedophile organization enjoyed the fast, hollywood lifestyle he fell into after the presidency, and ended up entangled in a mess he didn't bargain for. compromised, videotaped with underage girls and now beholden for life to do the bidding of the powers that be in order to maintain his legacy as president and statesman. but most likely continuing to enjoy the benefits of friendship with epstein and his ilk.

zcom80 said...

This is 100% NOT the meadows. I know someone who works there and there's no kids in that place

R Richard said...

C.S. Lewis on the Devil.
"And of course everyone knows what a middle-aged moralist of my type warns his juniors against. He warns them against the World, the Flesh, and the Devil. But one of this trio will be enough to deal with today. The Devil, I shall leave strictly alone. The association between him and me in the public mind has already gone quite as deep as I wish: in some quarters it has already reached the level of confusion, if not of identification. I begin to realise the truth of the old proverb that he who sups with that formidable host needs a long spoon. As for the Flesh, you must be very abnormal young people if you do not know quite as much about it as I do. But on the World I think I have something to say."
Hopefully not too presumptuous

designace001 said...

Just on the offshot chance that some of you who cannot comprehend how Hillary is complicit in the bigger picture, I'll leave this here. It is pertinent to the subject of this blind as well (and the other ten or so, as well). Whatever you may think about George Webb, this as close to the truth of how it works as it gets. More than a few people in the comments are beyond up to speed. We should toss 'brown stoning" into the mix as well but it's late.

Part 1

Part 2

R Richard said...

Lund Utah around the corner from Cedar City


KristyKreme17 said...

Whoa. Good catch!

FeistyPanda said...

So, I possibly have a different guess than FLDS.

The Family International, formerly known as Children of God, have at least two associated facilities in Arizona. One in Flagstaff and one in Glendale. There may be others under the actual Family name. The one in Flagstaff is specifically there to "help" children, but it is the Native American Outreach, so I don't think they could convincingly bring in children from Eastern Europe.

The Family, like FLDS, ENCOURAGES their members to have sexual relations with children and teens. Unlike FLDS, they are secretive, but they send their females out to recruit (Fishing), so they would probably be more open to joining with another new church.

There is also the small hitch that the FLDS is so highly monitored by FBI, NSA, CIA, etc., that I highly doubt all these celebrities would want to go there to have relations with minors. The FLDS have had multiple raids in the past decade and that is way too risky. Plus, they have VERY few over-13 year old boys, since they kick them out so the older men can marry the young girls, so people like Spacey would have no use for them.

Plus, we already know there is a connection with Hollywood - the Phoenix family and Rose McGowan's families were active members for many years. They like celebrities and probably would welcome celebrity guests with open arms.

Also, in 2005, Ricky Rodriguez, for whom the COG child molestation handbook was with his participation (it taught how to give blowjobs to toddlers, using Ricky as an example, with photos), moved to Tuscon, AS. He heard that his mom, an active member still in the church, was living in the area. He ended up killing his old nanny, who frequently sexually abused him as a child, before going back to CA and killing himself. Tucson is less than 2 hours from Glendale, where we know they have a church location. His mom is the CURRENT leader of The Family International and his adopted dad, David Berg, founded and ran it until Berg's death.

Plus, if the FLDS church size would have increased dramatically last year, the Fed's would have been all over it. And, this new church seems to be Christian-ish and believes in the Trinity, which matches COG's mission. FLDS believes none of that.

FeistyPanda said...

Also, 18 months ago, a jury decided whatbthe FLDS had a monopoly on the town and the police department and voted to start breaking things up. I just don't think a new church trafficking children would want to get involved with a closely watched, controversial group that no longer had the protections from running their own town. Too easy to get caught.


FeistyPanda said...

Also, 18 months ago, a jury decided whatbthe FLDS had a monopoly on the town and the police department and voted to start breaking things up. I just don't think a new church trafficking children would want to get involved with a closely watched, controversial group that no longer had the protections from running their own town. Too easy to get caught.


FeistyPanda said...

So, I possibly have a different guess than FLDS.

The Family International, formerly known as Children of God, have at least two associated facilities in Arizona. One in Flagstaff and one in Glendale. There may be others under the actual Family name. The one in Flagstaff is specifically there to "help" children, but it is the Native American Outreach, so I don't think they could convincingly bring in children from Eastern Europe.

The Family, like FLDS, ENCOURAGES their members to have sexual relations with children and teens. Unlike FLDS, they are secretive, but they send their females out to recruit (Fishing), so they would probably be more open to joining with another new church.

There is also the small hitch that the FLDS is so highly monitored by FBI, NSA, CIA, etc., that I highly doubt all these celebrities would want to go there to have relations with minors. The FLDS have had multiple raids in the past decade and that is way too risky. Plus, they have VERY few over-13 year old boys, since they kick them out so the older men can marry the young girls, so people like Spacey would have no use for them.

Plus, we already know there is a connection with Hollywood - the Phoenix family and Rose McGowan's families were active members for many years. They like celebrities and probably would welcome celebrity guests with open arms.

Also, in 2005, Ricky Rodriguez, for whom the COG child molestation handbook was with his participation (it taught how to give blowjobs to toddlers, using Ricky as an example, with photos), moved to Tuscon, AS. He heard that his mom, an active member still in the church, was living in the area. He ended up killing his old nanny, who frequently sexually abused him as a child, before going back to CA and killing himself. Tucson is less than 2 hours from Glendale, where we know they have a church location. His mom is the CURRENT leader of The Family International and his adopted dad, David Berg, founded and ran it until Berg's death.

Plus, if the FLDS church size would have increased dramatically last year, the Fed's would have been all over it. And, this new church seems to be Christian-ish and believes in the Trinity, which matches COG's mission. FLDS believes none of that.

Acad said...

@Jaime I also watched that runaways episode and there was a lot of stuff I found off-putting about that particular episode so I decided to stop watching. I had been enjoying it until then. Also apart from the blond girl and the guy with the metal gloves, the kid actors look incredibly young, short and underdeveloped. Like 12 year olds and I just found their teen romances highly uncomfortable as a result. They don't even look like teens, yet the show's themes seems too mature for them. I can just imagine them injecting more and more sexual themes into the storyline related to the kids. Maybe other shows like Smallville had older actors playing teens so I got used to that but this just seems odd.

Acad said...

@plot "Have they done anything like lie to the US public in order to spend trillions and trillions of our tax dollars to make defense contractors rich and kill millions and millions of innocent people?"
Yes, Clinton has. She voted for the Iraq war, made the case for US/NATO intervention in Libya which has now led to Africans being sold in slave markets in Libya and a destroyed country and tried to do the same in Syria.
And as much as I hate the amount of defense spending and the military industrial complex which Clinton was a supporter of, a lot of everyday items(GPS, computers, microwaves) that we use are a result of defense research.
But yeah I can agree with your skepticism on the pedo charges.

Cadmium77 said...
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Aimless Spectator said...

Such huge comment volume.

And this even though the blind leaves out the part about forcing the kids to have sex with apple pies (boys) or hot dogs (girls) while cursing their mothers and baseball, reciting George Washington's name baclwards. and then wiping their mouth with the American flag.

Ya'll didn't think that injoke about sex with apple pies was just dreamed up out of the blue and found its way into a movie, right? The Applemundi like to put their recognition ritual right out in public for each other to see, knowing nonmembers of the Applemundi don't get it.

Mag said...
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Mag said...

@plot & @just sayin’ – Time and time again I am reminded that trying to reason with a true believer (be it any god, flat earth, creationism, vaccines causing autism, or the Illuminati’s children sacrifices) is pointless most times. Thank you for your effort, nonetheless.

@John Doe – You believe that this secret society, which is allegedly one of the most powerful and longest standing secret societies in the history of mankind, can be “researched” via Google (not even Darknet access is required), is that right? You mean the same one whose secret rituals are discussed by middle school kids during their lunch breaks, because they’ve heard Jay Z is a member? The same one whose secret rites and beliefs you are discussing right here? Oh, I see. :D

Aimless Spectator said...

What's going on in this thread?

"pool is closed, due to AIDs"

That's the level of nonsensical fun that's going on in this thread.

Cadmium77 said...

@346NYC, thanks for the Eustace Mullins reference. I just downloaded it from Archiv.org as a PDF...great stuff.


Kudos to all who posted in this thread. I'm loving all of it, pro and con.

TMN said...

@Mark Short Creek Fellowship does look interesting and they are the only other religious group in that town.

What's with all the conspiracy theorists currently overrunning the comments sections here?

asb said...

whoah.... yesssss

Mark said...
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