Friday, December 15, 2017

Random Photos Part Two

Charlize Theron out shopping with her daughter and her mom.
Farrah Abraham making a few bucks at a strip club to pay for the holidays. Nothing sad about that.
Francesca Eastwood poses for paps while waiting for her car.
Cuba Gooding Jr sat a table in Australia waiting for people to come up and recognize him. Nothing sad about that.
Madonna is trying to sell a line of skin care products with this photo.
Mila Kunis probably hearing another story about her husband.
Prince Charles getting his drink on at 9am.


Frufra said...

Charlize looks like her mom! I initially thought her mom was actually her, and decided that her daughter must have been acting extra naughty while they were shopping. Pretty sure that’s how I used to look while shopping in December with my children.

sandybrook said...

Farrah looks grotesque.
I imagine the ones that Entern doesn't say "nothing sad about that" means we should be sad, therefore 60 yr old Madge, drunk ass Prince Charlie and Mila married still to Asston.😥

LA Native said...

Wow, Prince Charles is really starting to look like Philip! I always thought he looked more like his mum.

ForSure said...


(Farrah Abraham. Honestly, who cares what the fuck she does?)

Now! said...

I can’t think of a celebrity who has managed the aging process more poorly than Madonna. I notice that my teenage daughter’s friends - who love Michael Jackson, Bowie, and vintage Eminem - have no interest in Madge at all.

shakey said...

"Skin care so good you'll want to put something over your face."

AvignonVagabond said...

Farrah is laughing all the way to the bank.

E said...

@shakey... I thought the same thing!

Rinky said...

Christ, Farrah looks more like a camel than ever. Did her nose grow back?

Madonna, you have enough money for twelve lifetimes. Stop fannying around in your underwear like it's still 1989, eh?

I lie Eastwood's style. Nice pants. Good look.

fionafab said...

2018 is going to be a year of total upheaval for the British royals. And not in a good way. You heard it here first!

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

Farrah at Crazy Horse III?!! In Las Vegas?!

I wish I had known!
I would have purposely avoided going there rather than not go there at all!
(It's really not my thing to go to 'Adult Entertainment' venues!!)

And, Hey, Chuck!
Is that Sherry your gulping?

If it was bourbon, I would have joined you and the balding guy that I think has more hair then me!


Unknown said...

Boo, I'll second that. Not based on much real information, just a feeling about where things are trending.

Seachica said...

Madonna is doing a better job of promoting the services of touch-up artists everywhere.

Did everyone see that Prince Harry has set a wedding date? It's the same day as my college reunion, so I may be in London for it.

DavidHowesCREBroker said...

I meant you're.

(I guess I need to proofread better before posting.)


Count Jerkula said...

P: Charlize - there is no possible way her undercarriage doesnt look, feel and taste amazing.

M: Kunis - nice mouth on her, and i'd like to make her face messy.

B: Eastwood - never seen her ass, but it cant be as horrid as Madonna or as blowed oit as Backdoor Farrah.

Anonymous said...

I will pay money for the poster to tell me what "most degrading sexual acts possible" -- means for lindsay lohan

sandybrook said...

Get your cash ready--shitting and pissing upon the whore. Usually her face. And possibly making her toss a salad.

Count Jerkula said...

Space docking

Count Jerkula said...

She would probably toss salad for one decent sized line.

Sekrit said...

Anyone see that Daily Mail (I know, hardly reputable news source) about Nicki Clyne apparently being a part of DOS/NXIVM cult?

lucy said...

lmao when I first looked at Abraham I immediately thought she looked like failed clydesdale horse of Budweiser commercial and now I read crazy horse in backdrop, befitting.
madonna used to be so cool. my Madonna would never care what the masses thought of her or shill products in obscure pose. disappointing to me to view her like this

Do Tell said...

Farrah will be laughing all the way to the food bank once everything starts to sag and wrinkle and the surgery ages as badly as I think it will.

Sd Auntie said...

Francesca looks rely good with darker hair!!! Love her outfit too!

Unknown said...

Oh Madge you're so cringe, put some clothes on woman, everyone can see you want to make 60 sexy, but you look desperate. It can be done without the corset and suspenders love, look up Sophia Loren.


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