Friday, December 15, 2006

Four For Friday

For the first of the four blind items, we head back to NYC.

What B+ actor who has worked with the brother of our celebrity couple yesterday has a thing for women that look exactly like his sister? When this actor is with his sister or his girlfriend no one can tell the difference at least from the front. Several people have mentioned that the actor’s sister has a little more back. Is that why the girlfriend has been putting on weight?

This actress/ mother in her 30's has always worked as an actress since her arrival in Hollywood. A bit part here and a bit part here, until while working for a notorious Hollywood madam she ran into a big spending, playboy/actor/trick who just could not get enough of her. He changed her life and got her more work allowing her to rise to a comfortable B Lister.

This A list actor and producer loves filming movies outside the US. The reason? He does not like the labor laws in the US. For his latest movie, he made all the extras including the children work for up to 19 hours straight often without any type of meal breaks. If anyone complained, they were fired, sent home without the money they had been promised, and replaced with someone else not as picky about food and working conditions.

NY or LA for the last one? I will let you decide

This actor/actress couple are both solid B listers. They have flirted with the A list in the past, especially her. What makes this relationship so unique is their very special arrangement. They are the perfect couple in front of the cameras. However, when the cameras are off, he goes on his merry way to find his man of the week with her blessing. Her joys include shopping and more shopping. Men and sex are not at the top of the list.

Did I say the last one? Bonus time

On a recent flight from NYC to LA this top tier television host had to do the walk of shame through First Class on the way to the back of the plane. First Class was full and in some of those seats were celebrities who this talk show host had mocked and made fun of in the past. Although they did not utter a peep, the celebrities did manage a snicker or two as the talk show host averted his eyes and pretended something was wrong with his carry on bag. That walk can take forever with all those eyes focused right on you.


Sassy said...

The solid B-listers are Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

Sassy said...

And the actress/mother in her 30's is Denise Richard's. It has always been rumored that she was one of Heidi's girls.

littleoleme said...

I say the 2nd one is Denise Richards.
The SNJ/MB guess is a good one.

Anonymous said...

lucas black for the 1st one? Worked wid Jake in jarhead i think?

Anonymous said...

Director sounds like sugar-tits Mel Gibson lol

Anonymous said...

Denise Richards for #2 with the help of famous playboy Charlie Sheen. I am having a problem with the one who worked with Jake. i can't find any solid b-listers.

I do like SJP and MB for the couple, good guess!


Jenn said...

I agree with the SJP and MB one. I also immediately thought Denise Richards for the second one. I have no clue of the first one...I'd have to investigate who has worked with Jakey Poo.

I thought George Clooney for the third one. I'm really not sure where his movie were filmed, but I thought they were out of the country. Mel Gibson is also a great guess. Wasn't there just a story on here about him paying someone $10 USD for help with his most recent flick?

And for the bonus blind item, there are only a few names that come to mind. I first thought Conan O'Brien, but it did say top tier so like Leno, Letterman or maybe Jimmy Kimmel? I think Kimmel.

Anonymous said...

for the bonus i think ryan seacrest

Anonymous said...

i second the seacrest guest. he's such a tool.

Anonymous said...

I have the same hairdresser as Ryan Seacrest and he says that Ryan is really nice and straight! I didn't buy it for a second. It must be in his contract to say that.


Anonymous said...

Is Heath Ledger the actor with a thing for women who look like his sister?

cindie said...

Hmmm...I thought Heath Ledger too, but I don't think Michelle is gaining any weight. I also didn't find anything that said Heath has a sister, but I only looked on Wikipedia. I also thought of Jamie Foxx (he was in Jarhead with Jake), because we know that black men like booties, but I don't know who he's dating. Lucas Black I wouldn't consider b-list..I had to look him up to find out who he was. B List (I would think) would be relatively known.

Agree w/SKP and MB. Not sure about Denise Richards. I also thought Seacrest on the bonus item, but then wondered if he was "top tier".

Anonymous said...

jamie foxx was in jarhead, but according to nndb he only has half sisters, but I think that it seems like something that he would do.

he was in a movie with dermot mulroney, and nndb says he's married and has a sister, and it is possible that the relationship is being fudged slightly.

Anonymous said...

The actress mother is Denise Richards.

Mel Gibson is the producer who makes his actors work all day.

I'm thinking Heath Ledger or Austin Nichols (both worked with Jake G.) Both actors have sisters. Heath isn't married - he has his girlfriend. Don't know about Austin.

B List Couple - Don't have a clue.

allegra said...

to anon @ 1:09:

regarding dermot mulroney, i don't think it's him. he and catherine keener separated last year (possibly they're divorced by now?) unless he has a new girlfriend that i am unaware of.

spinner said...

SJP & MB is an excellent guess for the B list couple.
Maybe the talk show host was Howard Stern?

Loleia said...

OOoh Sassy, the SJP and MB is a really great guess! They both fit the description perfectly, although they do have one kid. It doesn't mean the story isn't true, but I can't help but think of that Simpsons episode in which Selma married Troy McClure, and they both knew it was a sham marriage (because Troy had some sort of weird fish fettish) but they weren't hurting anyone so they kept going. Until Troy's agent told him he had to have a kid in order to get more work, and that's when Selma said something like "I don't want to bring a baby to a loveless marriage". I don't know it just reminded me of that.

The actress/mother of 30 could be Denise Richards, but EL says she "as always worked as an actress since her arrival in Hollywood", and Denise Richards worked as a model prior to her debut as an actress. I have no idea of who else it could be though.

The director who likes to film outside of the US? Hmmm... The Mel Gibson bit the other day about paying a guy $10 does suggest he doesn't really care for the well-being of his employees. And according to imdb his last three movies were filmed outside of the US: Apocalypto was filmed in Mexico, The Passion of the Christ was filmed in Italy, and Braveheart was filmed in Ireland and the UK.

As for the bonus one, maybe Kimmel? Letterman is too old and respected, and so is Leno. And Leno seems to be friend with a lot of Hollywood actors and celebrities. Conan O'Brian maybe, but I hope not because I adore him ever since he started writing on The Simpsons.

Anonymous said...

Heath does have a sister (two sisters in fact). But one, Kate Ledger, used to be his publicist (I think she still is his spokesperson in Australia). He appeared with her at that AFI event last week and I did a double take because she looks like a combo of Michelle and Naomi!! The resemblance is startling. But I don't think Heath is A list now as a result of Brokeback (like Jake)--not B+.

The actor/producer is Mel Gibson. He's such a slime--I wouldn't put this past him.

Denise Richards is the former call girl turned actress/mother.

SJP and Broderick is a great guess for the B-list couple.

Anonymous said...

The Tv host is Howard Stern - it was written awhile back on another site

Anonymous said...

Typo sorry--I meant to write that Heath is A list now as a result of Brokeback.

Anonymous said...

Uh, is Austin's sister six feet tall, has short but thick brown hair, blue eyes, likes to bikeride, has dimples and uh, has a penis? I don't think this is him.

Peter Sarsgaard is my definition of a B+ lister but I don't think it's him because he's part of that celeb couple blogger was talking about yesterday.

Anonymous said...

But is Denise Richards "B"? More like "D" to me.

Anonymous said...

Mel Gibson- he only directed didn't produce Braveheart, could it still be him? The item says producer...what about Clint Eastwood?

Anonymous said...

Mel produced Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto.

UK Reader said...

I immediately thought of Denise Richards for the 2nd item; and looking on IMDB, boy, has she worked! She's been in everything at least once... (

BUT... because so many people think it's her I wondered if it was too obvious????

Anonymous said...

Fourth BI- solid B list couple w/ different priorities- Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon. 100%.

Anonymous said...

The blind item about the sister has got to be Heath. First of all, it's says he's a B PLUS actor. Heath is definitely on the cusp of A list. Second of all, it's in NYC. Heath and Michelle (who has def. looked bigger in recent pics) live in Brooklyn.

Denise Richards is a great guess. Just a wild guess, could it be Shannon Elizabeth?

I totally agree with Howard Stern for the talk show. I can see celebrities sniggering at him but not at Conan. And Stern is top-tier.

SJP and Broderick is great. I've always heard whispers of him being gay. Shopping and more shopping and flirting with A list describes her.

Gibson, wouldn't be surprised.

lizz said...

"Fourth BI- solid B list couple w/ different priorities- Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon. 100%."

But the item said she's flirted more with the A list than he has and that is definitely not Kyra and Kevin. He's the one who flirted with the A list (was on it in the 80's) and I would say she hasn't even come close.

Hez said...

Oh, Ent,

Fridays with you are better than an open bar at happy hour.

My guess is you're just as fun in person...

Anonymous said...

producer/a lister = mel gibson

Dorothy said...

Ent said he was a top tier television host. Howard Stern is considered television?

My first pick was Denise Richards but that seems too obvious. But if you look her up on IMDb, she fits Ent's description.

Never would have thought SJP and MB but that sounds about right.

Blah to Gibson.

Anonymous said...

But Howard Stern doesn't do TV any longer, does he?

Anonymous said...

Great guesses, everyone. But I immediately had Jon Stewart in mind for the top tier television host. His show has gotten huge these past few years and he makes fun of EVERYONE :) That's what he's paid to do.

Anonymous said...

I am going to take a wild guess for #1 and say Jennifer Love Hewitt; however, I don't believe she lives in NY.

The SJP/MB is genious (and not the least bit surprising).

I agree with Anon 7:43...I immediately thought of Jon Stewart.


Natalee said...

Yep, I thought of Denise Richards and Jon Stewart as well.

SJP/MB could be a good guess, but my naive heart hopes not.

I've never seen a pic of Heath's sister, but it could very well be a good guess!

Anonymous said...

Well the second one seems to be almost too obviously Denise Richards. Third one, maybe Clint Eastwood? Eh, it's a shaky guess. And guys, SJP and Matthew Broderick are SOLID AList. BList? Don't kid yourselves. Why do people guess them constantly? They're pretty normal from everything I've heard.
~ Stacey

Anonymous said...

There are recent pics of Heath with his sister at the AFI Awards. When I first looked at it, I thought it was Michelle (or Naomi) until I took a closer look and realize it wasn't.

dorienne said...

Here is a link to a picture of Heath and his sister Kate. Scroll down a bit on the page and it will be on the right.

FWIW, Kate is also Heath's publicist. Sounds like a very clase family ;)

dorienne said...

errr, I meant *close* family...Ugh

Anonymous said...

I don't think the actress/mother in her 30's is Denise Richards. Firstly, she met Charlie Sheen on the set of "Spin City", where she was a guest star. She was also more successful as an actor (if not more high profile), in terms of movie roles, BEFORE she met Sheen, and had guest starring roles on Friends and a small role in a James Bond flick.

Maybe ENT was trying to throw us off the scent? Otherwise perhaps it would be too obvious? Dunno.

others: SJP and Matthew Broderick - agree

Mel Gibson (although listing him as a producer over a director throws me a bit)

Heath Ledger - all his girlfriends have been blonde. But is that really the same thing as having some weird fantasy about your sister? Heather Graham and Naomi Watts look nothing like each other, let alone Michelle Williams. Blonde hair - that's it.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar for the solid B list couple?

Anonymous said...

1) Heath Ledger
2) Denise Richards (the guy isn't Charlie Sheen...someone had to land her the role in "Wild Things" which officially launched her. She was a whore WAY before him).
3) Mel Gibson
4) SJP & MB (ENTL even gives us a thinly veiled clue in the shopping/men bit - a reference to her on-screen portrayl of Carrie Bradshaw).

suspiciousreader said...

4th: Carson Daly????

Also, these Blind Items were definately a different writer!!!

I think Ent L passed this entire blog off to someone else b/c it was too time consuming.

1st: he hasn't done any shout outs to his New Zealand friends (which I hated but were par for the course).

2nd: He usually says "WHAT A list celebrity....?" This time he just said "THIS A list celeb..." Very different. Too polished like the professional BI's. Ent L's were amateur and unique.

suspiciousreader said...

It's Carson Daly for the bonus! It has to be.....

Jon stewart/howard stern/jimmy kimmel would All still be top tier celebs no matter what they are doing and wouldn't be snickered at on an airplane!!!

Anonymous said...

OMG @ Dorienne....fantastic link of Heath n sis pic! U sure thats her? She truly does look like michelle williams....weird.

Anonymous said...

My guess for the cheap producer is Woody Allen. Isn't England his favorite place to film? Then there is always George Lucas... who films nothing in the US.

I am not sold on the Denise Richards thing...

But love the guess of SJP and MB. I would have never thought of them. Yet still does not seem impossible.

Anonymous said...

Uh, although the 'celebrity couple' would seem to be Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard with their child in the apartment block, the '2-year-old' is only two months old. Ramona was born in October this year.

Ent L, can you eliminate some names if you can't actually give any more clues away?

Anonymous said...

^^ Is this another celebrity with a 2-year-old as separate from Maggie G? I re-read it but the number of people involved is a bit confusing. There is Maggie with a 2 month old and another actress with a 2 year old? Is that right?

voice of reason said...

"There is a play date with a neighbor and the celebrity couple who live on the 4th floor. Neighbor has a huge stroller and does not want to carry it up four flights of stairs."

The NEIGHBOR has the two-year old. There is absolutely no doubt he's referring to Maggie and Peter. He made it that obvious intentionally.

This neighbor does NOT live in the building, and may not be a celebrity.

Celebrities live on all three floors. Some have suggested that Parker Posey is one of the celebrities in the building. Many have suggested that Chris is Jodie Foster.

voice of reason said...

Ent'L, I feel like your blind items are like LSAT logic games. Good fun. I wish I knew more about celebrities so I could answer them.

Please reveal more about Paris' lesbitarian tendencies--even though she's disgusting, I'd still be willing to have her on the team.

Anonymous said...

Item 2: Jennifer Garner

Anonymous said...

ok,with regard to the couple married (not to eachother) having sex in New zealand during the filming of their common movie - i have no idea. here are the films over tha past few yrs..was it tom and ken? ;-)

2003 - 2004
-The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (Directed by Peter Jackson, starring Elijah Wood and Viggo Mortensen)

-The Last Samurai (Directed by Edward Zwick, starring Tom Cruise and Ken Watanabe)

2005 - 2006
-The World's Fastest Indian (directed by Roger Donaldson and starring Anthony Hopkins)
-River Queen (directed by Vincent Ward, starring Samantha Morton and Kiefer Sutherland)
-King Kong (directed by Peter Jackson, starring Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody)
-Boogeyman (directed by Stephen T. Kay, starring Barry Watson and Lucy Lawless)

-The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (directed by Andrew Adamson, starring Tilda Swinton and Liam Neeson (voice))

To Be Released
-Perfect Creature, due for release 2007.
-The Lovely Bones (Director: Peter Jackson), due for release 2007.
-Eagle vs Shark (Director: Taika Cohen) [1]
-Halo (Director: Neill Blomkamp), due for release 2008.
-Black Sheep, due for release 2007
-The Ferryman (Director: Chris Graham), due for release 2007.
-The Tattooist, due for release 2007.
30 Days of Night (Director: David Slade), due for release 2007.
Dambusters (Director:Christian Rivers), due for release 2008.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it would be Jon Stewart. He has more cojones than that. I don't think he would've felt uncomfortable for one second in first class with those people. Remember this is the guy who called tucker a dick on tucker's own show.

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