Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Things have been really quiet on the gossip front the past few days. It seems like there are 10 stories in the world and they are just getting recycled over and over. We can read about Angelina and her love of Brad or Rosie and the Asians or Nicole Richie for the 25th time. But, I search and search and search and will stop at nothing to find you something you hopefully have not read yet.

Do you think maybe Johnathan (who spells Jonathon like that?) Schaech went out with Heather Locklear to get some publicity? I think so, although Heather Locklear has gone from Tommy Lee and Richie Sambora to David Spade and now Mr. Schaech. Not quite the same type of guys. BTW, the headline says Hot new couple. That is really taking things a little too far.

Peter Boyle who played Ray's dad on Everybody Loves Raymond died on Tuesday. I watched Ray, but for me Peter Doyle will always be remembered for his movie roles. Over the last few seasons of Ray, he really was showing his age. You never really realize all the work of an actor until they pass and their credits are listed. He was in so many good movies and had so many good roles. He will be missed.

Did Mel Gibson plagiarize Apocalypto? A Mexican filmmaker seems to think so. He also says he was paid about $10USD for his work as an expert on the Mel Gibson film which was the #1 movie over the weekend. Most of these kind of stories never pan out, but you never know when someone will actually win. Also, probably no one though this guy would ever say anything to anyone and that $10 was enough to buy him off. $10? Are you kidding me? I do not care if he worked an hour on the movie. $10?

Buffy The Vampire Slayer creator Joss Whedon is working hard to get his new Wonder Woman film off the ground. He's been through just about every casting agency in town looking for his lead -- Julianna Margulies was long thought to be the frontrunner -- and is now rumoured to be looking in Bollywood. Indian actress Priyanka Chopra (who is a hottie and former Miss World) is being pressed by media in London, where she lives, to talk about the film, but she's being as coy as possible. "Until something happens," she told one reporter, "I don't want to talk about it. I'm not confirming the news or denying it right now." All of which, naturally, is taken by most to mean she's landed the role for the highly anticipated adventure flick -- which is almost guaranteed to make an international star out of its lead.

Pete Doherty is always in trouble but never has anything happen to him. Granted, this seems kind of harsh, but still. The point is, he always gets away with it and one of these days someone other than himself is going to get hurt.


noracistrantsplease said...

lololololol you have got to be kidding. right?

You know now you are going to get all the Crazy Days fans in an uproar ranting and raving about being racist etc.....thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

ENT L: As I said the other day, it has been confirmed by E news: LL is playing a stripper in her new movie, but the name jus slipped my mind. sorry....

littleoleme said...

awwwwwwww Peter Boyle. I had not heard. One of the greatest comedic moments in film history - Peter Boyle as Frahkenshteen singing
"Puttin' on the Riiiiiiiittttzzzz".


Laura said...

Perhaps someone should just do away with Pete Doherty so we don't have to read about him anymore. IMO, he has no entertainment value whatsoever, personally or professionally.

Jeeeze said...

$10USD wouldn't even get ya in the theatre to see Apocalypto!

publicityiscandy said...

i might be on crack like Pete, but hasn't Mel technically been ripping off every movie he's been in since Braveheart?

is anyone out there actually paying $22 to see DreamGirls?

Jeeezelouise said...

Blogger/Google evidently has some weird sign-in things going on. That was me in the post above.

Thanks for moderating out that first offensive comment, EL, but now instead of a huge racist flame war you're going to get the ever-popular censorship/free speech uproar ;)


jeeezelouise said...

Publicityiscandy, I used to love Mel, back when he played the flawed hero types. Unfortunately, like many superstahs, when he rode off the rails.

I couldn't believe there could be a movie bloodier than Braveheart, then he did Passion and now Apocalypto, neither of which I care to see.

Jeeezelouise said...

grrrr .. what's up with Blogger today?!?

"Unfortunately, like many superstahs, when he rode off the rails." should read ..

Unfortunately, like many superstahs, when he got big enough to do whatever he wants, he rode off the rails.


GGA said...

Damn I promised no racist/sexist comments today and he posts a story about my favorite sugar tits - Mel.

Anonymous said...

i don't agree with an indian woman playing wonder woman. there has to be an american that can play the part.

jeeezelouise said...

GGA, my DH had a T-shirt made that reads "I'm with Sugar-Tits" and wanted to wear it to Thanksgiving dinner at my parents' place.

I overruled him on that one. ;)

kdemko said...

Peter Boyle will indeed be missed ... I liked him best in Young Frankenstein and The Candidate with Robert Redford

Anonymous said...

Pete Doherty is without doubt one of the most useless, untalented, drugged out wasters that ever surfaced in British music. I can not fathom why this smacked-out junkie has any sort of career at all. He's more well known for his drug exploits and his relationship with Kate Moss than for his music.
From what I've read in the papers he HAS hurt someone other than himself, the headline from "The Sun" (UK newspaper) reads "Actor Falls to His Death After Fighting With Pete Doherty".

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:57-
I think Priyanka Chopra would make one hell of a Wonder Woman. Who cares if she's Indian? Oh, only a racist would.

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