Monday, December 11, 2006

Well I had a rough weekend and am really paying the price this morning. Very tough to get going, but somehow will muddle through. I actually have a really good story this afternoon that had totally slipped my mind. It concerns a rock/rapper who got a girl pregnant, lied to her and so much more. It even takes place in two different countries.

For those of you who e-mailed this weekend, I promise I will get to you at some point today. I always write everyone back, but depending on the nature of your request or the time I have available it can take a few days to write back.

To make up for the shorter/later post this morning I will try and post a few additional times today.

This link works for the following three comments/stories ---


Kate Winslet finds ultra-thin models disturbing and keeps her daughter away from images of those models. I think this story is actually boring as hell, but it did allow me to talk about Nicole Richie for a second. Not her arrest which everyone is talking about, but how about her height and weight which she gave to the police. 5'1" 85 pounds. 85 pounds? I know she wishes she said 100. 85 pounds? Wow. The other thing about this Kate story is her husband the director does not seem to have those same issues. I think someone today should go back and look at the people he has cast and see if they are "normal" like Kate, or super-thin like Nicole (well, not that thin.)


Do not ever call Tori Spelling an idiot. That garage sale of hers was a publicity stunt to end all publicity stunts. Can you imagine if another D-Lister had a garage sale. Would there be helicopters and news cameras swarming? Hell no. Tori and her team and the people at her reality show played this perfectly from start to finish. Now, for full disclosure. I have known Tori for almost ten years and so there is no way I would ever slam her anyway, but this was an incredible stunt.


Pete Doherty at the scene of a death. I am sure you have read it before. He will probably be convicted somehow of the crime but as a punishment will have to pay a small fine and autograph some CD's for poor children.


Anonymous said...

Can I just ask: Why do you always post the blind items in he afternoon? I am in NYC and have already waited all morning for this summary of gossip websites, (yawn), and now I have to wait hours for anything of substance (which has yet to be seen).

Is it to raise your traffic on the website so you can say you had 50,000 hits because we keep checking back ten times until you post what you promised? I know some people will say they like to be teased, but I think its kind of annoying. . . . .

Anonymous said...

What the hell does Kate Moss see in this guy? Does he get her incredible blow?

JeeezeLouise said...


Maybe it's because EL is West Coast and has a job other than this blog?

The big post of the day is always around noon Pacific time, so if you're clicking back a few hundred times before 3:00 Eastern, that's your own doing.

Kate said...

Ew about the detail about Nicole Ritchy's reported weight, that's sick and definitely an issue.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Nicole Ritchie doesn't have an eating disorder afterall..could it be an addiction to Vikes? Matthew Perry (when Friends was still on air) comes to mind...he lost a ton of weight, and it turns out he was addicted to pain meds (not sure though if it was vikes). Just my thought.

Anonymous said...

Hey I am with you on that one about the pain meds. I remember reading on ONTD that supposedly RZoe encouraged the use of misc pills to her clients and that is why they all were so thin. It would make sense really. 85#..that is so crazy. I think I weighed that in 6th grade or something.
One thing I always wondered...dont you think she would have some excess skin issues with how fast her weight loss was and with her being so small now? I know she wasnt huge before, but still dropping that much so quickly cant look pretty.

JeeezeLouise said...

I didn't realize pain meds cause weight loss. But I was wondering if "smoke weed and get the munchies" was part of her new weight gain regimen? ;)

Unknown said...

Well I don't know this for sure, but as far as the comment about Nicole Richie's weight and sagging skin, I'm guessing that it really isn't that big of an issue, if at all. As you said, she wasn't huge to begin with. She's still pretty young, so her skin would still have a lot more elasticity than people who are older and drop a much more significant amount of weight.

JeeezeLouise said...

Annoyedinnyc, I should have also mentioned that CDAN has an RSS feed (nearly all blogs do) and you can download any of several feed readers to monitor all of your favorite blogs. I use Bloglines, it has a notify feature that sits on your taskbar and lets you know when any of the blogs you watch have new posts. It's pretty easy to set up.

Anonymous said...

Nic...good point. She is young enough that it just didnt cause any issues. I just thought things would not look too firm if you know what I mean. 85 just seems so darn tiny! What size would that be?

JeeezeLouise said...

EL, a thought ... I know the police would not have actually weighed Nicole, so would they have used the information from her driver's license on the booking sheet, or did someone guesstimate her weight?

Just wondering, because it did look like she'd gained weight recently, and if she's 85 pounds now, she was nearly a corpse two months ago.

Anonymous said...

As a person who was born and raised in Utah, I don’t get what is wrong with Dakota Fanning’s quote. It snowed from the middle of October till the mid of April where I lived. It hosted the 2000 winter Olympics. I guess I really just don’t get it. I guess it is back to school for me.

Anonymous said...

"Well I spent the weekend down in Cabo "

Careful about your identity now. You better be covering everything in thick smoke screens..

(Unless it is an ARG, of course)

We also know you are very empathetic and "gossipy" for a laywer. Apparently caring enough about some of the celebrities that you don't even represent to comment on their personal life and seemingly with a small emotional interest invested in them.

Being a straight man with this interest and empathy is not common - if anyone, I should know - so the odds that you are either gay or are good friends with a large group of gossipy gay lawyers are not that high..

Z said...

Holy crap, I am sick of all these douchebags hating on Ent Lawyer.

Ent, man, you rock, and keep on rocking! Don't listen to these whiney folks who clearly don't get the point of a gossip blog.

Anonymous said...

I don't get what's wrong with the Dakota Fanning quote. I was born and raised in California and never even seen snow fall from the sky until I was an adult. I didn't try skiing or any other snow activities until that time either.

Anonymous said...

Ent L. I have to add that I don't
see anything wrong with Dakota's
quote either. How old is she? 12?
13? Adolescent girls tend to be
sort of ditzy sounding anyway.
On top of that, I am sure she's been coached on how to give innocuous middle of the road comments to the press.

I'm rooting for her to be of the
Jodie Foster/Ron Howard class of
former child actors,personally.

Miss Helen Crump

Anonymous said...

Here is something I am curious about... did the will of Aaron Spelling set up a trust for future grandchildren? I have not ever believed that Tori was a stupid girl. So I wonder if there is any chance does her future children have a healthy trust waiting on them to arrive?

Anonymous said...


The point about the Dakota Fanning quote is that she is one of the few quotable people alive in Hollywood who can say this statement without any irony whatsoever.

She's actually really talking about SNOW!



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