Monday, December 11, 2006

You will get the blind item post at about noon PST. In the meantime, I just had to post the following two things.

"Dawn" who is in the original The Office got married over the weekend. There is video when you click the link. I love the original and for those of you who have not seen it, you really should watch it. I love the US version also, but the styles are completely different.

It looks as if her husband has an OBE which allowed them to get married at St. Paul's Cathedral but apparently does not mean you are employable in your own country. They met when both were looking for work in LA.

One other thing. Laura Malory (now Laura Mallory Lane) is the name of the woman who was with Vince Vaughn in Budapest. How is that the only photos of her that are available are head shots? That should tell you something. In case you have not seen a photo of the 20 year old, here she is. P.S. Look for her and the gang of Laguna Beach to start hanging out. I just think she will be added to the circle and they will all become one big blur.

Hypothetical quote from Laura mixed with real- "I just cannot believe all the attention I am getting. It is not like we had sex. We just had something similar which was just as good. I am so unprepared to handle this. I know it seems odd that I e-mailed 22 friends to tell them about Vince, but I just do not know how to handle this. Here I am in Budapest and really have no pics of me for you to use. Well, there is this one headshot I have. I am an actress just here on vacation. OMG. tell LC I love her. "

If you care what she really had to say and thinks, click here and then scroll down past Paris and her sister getting it on like Cruel Intentions.


littleoleme said...

The original version of The Office is incredibly, just so much better than the US version (no insult intended). I'll bite - what's an OBE?

Femme Cafe said...

I love the original "the office" its crazy funny! so much better than the US version.

GossipMama said...

Order of the British Empire. Check out wikipedia.

Jem said...

I've only seen the British version of the Office!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch the age that article lists Jennifer Aniston as?

Anonymous said...

It's her father, Jasper Carrot who has the OBE, not her husband.

It stands for Order of the British Empire.

hez said...

Yeah, this wedding was a huge deal in the London press when I was there this weekend, especially since the bridal couple arrived at St. Paul's by taxi and rented a bunch of double decker buses that their guests were transported in.

I think I saw Jenna Fischer in that video (FYI Jenna plays Pam on the US version of The Office - the same character as the one Lucy played in the UK version, although hers was called Dawn). Too bad Ricky Gervais wasn't there, but his writing partner Steve Merchant was (tall geeky guy with glasses). Imagine the speeches at that reception? Oh, to have been a fly on the wall...

medinner said...

Her husband doesnt have an OBE, her father does- British comedian Jasper Carrott. Bet on him to become Knighted in the next few years- his charity work is astounding. Anyway, here's a blind item for you. Which VERY press-worthy British model/drugs hoover has never done a single days work in aid of any charity? Despite her estimated six million a year income, she refuses to get involved with anything that may force her to encounter 'oiks'. Googling is your friend with this one ;-)

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