Wednesday, December 13, 2006

So this afternoon some more updates, hints and two new blind items. One of the blind items will be easy, and the other more difficult. I am hoping that tomorrow’s blind item will be a long one. Then of course on Friday there will be the usual Four For Friday group.

I spoke about L’s Trust before and the process is going to stretch out for awhile, but I think after the first of the year I will give out her name. There is no real reason to not reveal it except for the wrath of J, but I am willing to live with that. So look for that around Christmas. I have another really nice item for Christmas which does not involve a celebrity but is just a really holiday-ish story I think everyone will like.

Both celebrities who also escort were on the same cable channel but not the same show. I will tell you their shows were not on VH1 or Bravo. Now when I say that, I realize VH1 has highlight shows and Best Week Ever and such, and I really do not know if they have been on that. I know Bravo did something with Battle of the Reality Stars and maybe they did something else as well, and I do not know if they have been on that. All I am saying is their actual shows were NOT on either of those cable networks.

The A-list actor with the video cameras throughout his house is in a Top 25 grossing film for 2006.

The A-list producer who is the boy-toy slave also had a movie that is a Top 25 grossing film for 2006.

The New Zealand couple having sex in public you should be able to figure out and I am kind of disappointed you have not yet.

The actress with the sex and pre-nup has had a very long career and is over 40. (Regardless of the age she claims)

I really cannot say anything right now about W & B which is the HIV infected woman by her cheating husband.

The NBC couple is another that I am disappointed you have not guessed.

The Vegas swinger club item revolves around a network show. Everyone tends to let that word slip by.

The A-list actress taking it all off story will reveal itself (no pun intended) in the next few weeks.

The latest Jackass has guest starred on several shows over the past two years and is rumored to be getting a new starring role on a show next year.

OK Here are the new blind items for today.

The easy one.

What music producer’s wife is afraid of having her secret life with women revealed?

The difficult one

This former A-list actor has not had a hit move in almost a decade. It turns out he is not a very good landlord either. This slumlord/actor has several apartment complexes that his corporation owns. At least 50 tenants throughout his properties have filed suit against him in small claims court over the past two years. The reasons for the suit range from uninhabitable living conditions (no heat in the winter, no running water at time, and sewage backups are just a small list) to evictions without the proper notice. This slumlord has kept his identity a secret for the most part in these actions by hiding behind his corporate veil. Now as his tenants are catching on who is the man behind the living conditions, our slumlord is afraid of bad publicity which will derail the slightest chance he had to relive his former glory as an A lister.


Anonymous said...

the music producer's wife is Kimora Lee Simmons. there is a tell-all book coming out about the couple.

jeeezelouise said...

Here's 2006 box office numbers:

jeeezelouise said...

I really only see 3 "A-list" actors in the 25 top films of 2006 (Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp) so I have to guess Cruise because I like Hanks and Depp ;)

Anonymous said...

Maybe there's another A-lister who has cameras in his house but I thought it was a well known secret that Leonardo DiCaprio (The Departed) did such things.

cindie said...

Matthew McConaghey is my guess about the cameras. He was in Failure to Launch, which is #18 on the list. But is he A-list?

jeeezelouise said...

Cindie, he was my first thought, too, but I eliminated him as not A-list. DiCaprio probably should be under consideration, though.

meme said...

I've heard that about Tom Cruise before. Also phone taps. That's how he "caught" his ex wife doing "something."

WTF said...

Kimora is who came to my mind also.

meme said...

Since I just remembered the Tom Cruise thing, New Zealand Actor/Actress: Nicole Kidman/Keith Urban

meme said...

Haha - sorry I re-read the blind item after I read your current post.

It's not Nicole or Keith.

"What B list actor and actress (both married, and not to each other) while filming a movie in New Zealand were discovered having sex in public by the police, not once, not twice, but three times within a 4 week period?"

Anonymous said...

I would think that the NBC couple is Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet. Even though she's now newly-married and having a baby. It's the first one that comes to my mind.

As for the A-lister, I'd consider McConaughey an A-List person, but I wouldn't blink if I found out it was Tom Cruise.

lily said...

From Wikipedia, some films shot in New Zealand:

Just like the movies

Many movies and television series have been filmed in New Zealand. Some of the more notable examples are listed below:

River Queen (2006) — Wanganui
The Lord of the Rings trilogy (2001–03) — numerous locations throughout the country
Whale Rider (2003) — the North Island's East Coast
The Last Samurai (2003) — Taranaki
Once Were Warriors (1994) - Auckland
The Piano (1993) — west coast of the Auckland region
The Quiet Earth (1987) — Waikato University - Hamilton, Warkworth Transmitter Station
Xena television series — west Auckland region
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005) — alpine grassland and glaciers around Flock Hill Station in the Southern Alps near Christchurch, and other places.
King Kong (2005) — Wellington
The World's Fastest Indian (2005) - Invercargill

cindie said...

Jeezelouise, tough call on Matthew IMO. I don't know if I'd consider him A-List, but I wouldn't really consider him B-List either. Cruise does sound like he'd have cameras though. He's a bit nutzoid if you ask me.

Yeah, I didn't think Nicole/Keith as the couple making out in New Zealand. They're married, and well..who cares? ;)

Ent, I agree with whoever suggested linking to "recaps" of previous blind items. I found this blog a week or two ago, and haven't read back too far.

cindie said...

Ent, plus it's hard to keep up what's what/who's who with all the blind items you post.

meme said...

cindie - i suggested the links, but he has put in "labels" (or tags) which brings you back to the original story.

Those help EL but I just need to read them before I make a guess. :(

I suck at blind items.

cindie said...

Oh, and my thought on the escorts.. Trashelle from RW Vegas on MTV. She just seems the type. Not sure of the other one though. Maybe Tonya from RW Chicago (I think), she also seems the type, but I think she may be married.

cindie said...

Thanks meme. I didn't notice that.

Wow, if only my work knew how much time I wasted here. ;)

hez said...

I think the couple from the pre-nup that specifies separate bedrooms and the sex could be Catherine Zeta Jones... wasn't there that story about when she and Michael went to the White House, the background check revealed her to be 10 years older than she claimed? She's been on TV in the UK/Wales since at least her teens.

I love the hints. It's like Daddy went to Mexico and brought us all back a gossip piñata! Yay!

Anonymous said...

The actress with the sex and pre-nup has had a very long career and is over 40. (Regardless of the age she claims) = Catherine Zeta Jones.

cindie said...

I was also going to guess CZJ on the sex/prenup one. I seem to remember something about sex in their prenup, but it may have been if he cheats on her she gets X amount of money.

My guess on the swingers~Mario Lopez and Karina Smirnoff. Only because they are really the only NETWORK reality couple I can think of at the moment. And apparently, Mario likes variety. ;)

meme said...

New Zealand Actor: Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan

or Lucy Lawless (yawn) and ?

meme said...

I've heard that about CZJ (her age) and also about Sharon Stone.

They are both much older than the claim to be.

GGA said...

Kimora Lee and who knows who.

It's time for me to run this stuff by my 2 lawyer friends who work in LA. I just hope that EL is not one of my friends in disguise, that would be funny.

Anonymous said...

Weren't Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson filming in New Zealand when they supposedly hooked up? I know Owen isnt married but...

Lily said...

New Zeland couple couldn't be Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe because they did not film Proof of Life there.

meme said...

Right - and Russell was not married at the time of the affair.

meme said...

Liam Neesom and ??

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)

Although he was just a "voice" but I'm not sure where that happened.

Anonymous said...

I'm new to this blog and i think its amazing, but when you put clues out for past posts maybe you should put links to the original post...i haven't read all of those and i cant look through the archive because I'm usually at work and it would take too much time.

Just an blog is really great nevertheless.

Pinky said...

How about Tilda Swindon and Liam? Chronicles of Narnia.

Of course, LOTR was shot in New Zealand, but who was Liv Tyler or Cate Blanchett bonking that was also married?

Anonymous said...

Brian Grazer is the first one that came to mind for the producer item and low and behold - he produced Inside Man.

Anonymous said...

the couple in about Ryan phillepe? and???? not sure but he did get it on with Abbie Corny.
did they not film there?

Anonymous said...

I say Liv Tyler and Sean Astin were the new Zealand couple....

mene said...

Stop-Loss was not filmed in New Zealand and Abby is from Australia.

meme said...

^sorry - that we me - meme. :)

hez said...

Pamela Anderson is nude in the January issue of Playboy, apparently.

Not to sound like a playmatehata, but YAWN. After this, the only thing left is for them to publish her last colonoscopy.

Anonymous said...

I was just flipping through my People magazine from December 11th - and it says that Rob and Amber from Survivor AND Amazing Race (both network shows) just moved to Las Vegas.

Could that be the answer?

cindie said...

Ooooo...Rob and Amber may be the answer. I bet that's it!

Is Pam Anderson considered A List? Either way, she's showed her bits before, so I don't think the blind item would be her.

hez said...

I love Rob and Ambah! They were awesome on TAR! That's funny if it's them -- he'd be all "Atta girl!" -- hilarious!

rebecca said...

I think you nailed that on on the head anonymous!

Pinky said...

For the big headed small screen actor with an album coming out in the Spring - do you think it could be Jesse McCartney?

Anonymous said...

Could the sex/prenup be referring to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban? I know there was alot of talk about her having it in the pre nup different rules and there has been alot of talk that she is actually older than she claims.

meme said...

I couldn't be Pam A. as that would be too obvious. I don't think people would care and her Playboy photos have already been posted on the web. Yawn!!!

UK Reader said...

CZJ - She might be 5 years older than she claims, but I doubt 10. She first debued in the uk @15 & there is a big difference between 15 & 25......

UK Reader said...

Oooooh! Pants!

I've heard the landlord-thingy before, but it actually menioned names! I can't rememebr who it was!!!!

publicityiscandy said...

1) i like the ideas of trishelle and kristin for escorts, but it'd be even funnier if jessica, ever unlucky in love, was selling it.

2) i like tom cruise for the voyeuristic Alister, but only because this better explains why Katie just can't make a break for it. i suspect it's actually someone else though.

3) wouldn't it be great if this was brett ratner?

4) kiwi catch-me's - sadly, i lose. no idea.

5) has to be CZJ because (a) this is an old story (no offense meant, ENT) or else it's a lot more common than i think. also, my theory would be that if you marry a cheater, it's good to have a leash - he can't claim she's not fulfilling marital obligations if it's spelt out in a pre-nup and she meets those requirements, right? or does it matter in a divorce case in a 50/50 state? maybe not...

6) the HIV story breaks my heart

7) i suspect this is a Law & Order duo, but i don't watch any of the shows so have no idea.

8) i'm so digging clean cut amber as a swinger that i don't even care if it's true.

9) i would give a lot for this to be jen aniston - i know it's not, but still. (go Team Jolie!) I can't find shows that ended in 2005/2006 with A-list involvement. C-list and pre-2005, yes (Alyssa Milano, Charmed, altho i think she already stripped Back in The Day), (Kristin Davis, S&TC), ladies from Friends (ended 2004); ladies from That '70s Show (ended 2006 but no A-listers). so what about people who got dumped from a TV show within last year? Mischa Barton hardly counts. help! no way it's Pammy because she's not A-list.

10) i'm not giving any Jackass the time of day (which is a snarky way to say, i'm lost again)

11) SO kimora lee simmons.

12) sly's been in the press a lot today, coincidence?

sorry this is so long and potentially sucky/wrong. had to give it a whirl, though. i think i might have to retire my #1 fan title, and let someone with better Google skills take over.

UK Reader said...

I had a sudden thought that the couple having sex in public in NZ could have been Josh Hartnett & Amber Sainsbury (due to recent gossip) - but she isn't B list as she's hardly done anything....

Shucks. JH & someone? (Other than Scarlet?)

Suzy2 said...

Ohh you all beat me to it - totally Boston Rob and Amber.

I don't think it's Pam either, we've seen it all.

pepsigirl said...

I am thinking Sly for the landlord also

annie said...

I think the NBC couple are the two young actors from Heroes, Hayden Panettiere & Milo Ventimiglia? I don't know where the other post is to check if anyone guessed this.

Anonymous said...

what about omorissa from whatever that trump show was as the hooker? shes got new tits and is desperate to hold on to her 15 minutes

meme said...

^ ha ha

I still don't think it is Pam Anderson for the Playboy thing.

Jenn said...

Anyone think it could be Geena Davis for the A-lister taking it all off? I think she's a pretty big star and her show, "Commander in Chief" was cancelled when everyone said it had great potential. Guess we'll find out soon!

Love the blog! I'm officially addicted!!

Jenn said...

Sorry, forgot to add my 2 cents on the NBC couple...At first I thought of the show Las Vegas and Josh Duhammel and Nikki Cox...He's with Fergie and isn't she with Jay Mohr? Then I thought of Jason Lee and Jamie Pressly on My Name is Earl. And there are so many Law & Orders, no one can keep track of that. haha

Hopefully someone's been right! :)

Anonymous said...

a list actress showing all - Scarlett Johanson (sp, sorry) she's been mentioning she "will in the future"

Anonymous said...

"It's like Daddy went to Mexico and brought us all back a gossip piñata! Yay!"

HEZ,I love this more than I can
say. A+ work,my dear.

Miss Helen Crump

Anonymous said...

Blind Items:

Cameras in the house: sounds like Tom Cruise who comes across as such a control freak. Are the cameras there for perverse kicks or to gain leverage (blackmail)against other people? (fear Xenu or else! :p ) But I can't say that Cruise is known for much home entertaining.

But a control freak like Cruise would not want himself on those tapes.

Pre-nup blind item: I see a lot of guesses about Catherine Zeta-Jones but the description says former A-lister and I don't think that CZJ has fallen from the A-list. She hasn't done much recently but she should still be A-list. I find the stipulation silly because how do you enforce such a thing? It makes the "marriage" sound more like a merger than anything else.

Sly as the slumlord - I think it has been more than a decade since he had a hit movie so I would be surprised if he is the one being sued. When was his last hit movie? 1980s?

"This A list actress thought her television show would go on forever. She was wrong and the show ended within the last year. She spent all her money and cannot get work (maybe not so A list now then huh?) so she has agreed to take it ALL off. People will be standing in line for this issue."

- What is an A-list TV actress? I think I have a better understanding of an A-list movie actress than TV. Are we safe to assume this is a single woman? I don't see a married woman doing this if she married someone with a decent financial nest.

Here is a list of recently cancelled shows:


Smith - Remaining four, unaired episodes available on Innertube, along with a synopsis of how the series would have ended.



Vanished - Not officially cancelled, but ordered to wrap after 13 episodes.


Kidnapped - will conclude after its 13-week run.

The CW



Angela's Eyes

Lovespring International

2005-2006 Series

Commander in Chief
In Justice
Night Stalker
The Evidence

Love Monkey

Killer Instinct

The Book of Daniel
The West Wing

The WB
Just Legal
Bedford Diaries
Pepper Dennis

Sex, Love & Secrets
South Beach

Rebecca Romijn is not A-list, otherwise I would suggest her.

Anonymous said...

my guess for the new zealand actors is TORI SPELLING AND whats ihis face....haha.

Anonymous said...

my guess for new zealand is liv tyler.

Her mom slept with many a rock star and the apple doesn't fall from the tree.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Garner

Anonymous said...

My guesses:

-Liv Tyler and Viggo for the NZ couple

-Tom Cruise for A-Lister with hidden cameras in his home

-Sly or Kevin Costner for the Slumlord

-Debra Messing for the A-lister NBC star who's gonna take it all off

Anonymous said...

My guesses:

-Liv Tyler and Viggo for the NZ couple

-Tom Cruise for A-Lister with hidden cameras in his home

-Sly or Kevin Costner for the Slumlord

-Debra Messing for the A-lister NBC star who's gonna take it all off

Anonymous said...

Caushun the 'gay rapper' is writing a tell-all book. He once roomied with Kimora's 'lady love'. Apparently they had such loud sex neighbours complained! Ah well, u never can tell with some people....

Anonymous said...

This former A-list actor has not had a hit move in almost a decade..I think Michael Rapparport. I remember the story in Jane mag (I think it was Jane) where he spoke about Natasha Lyonne. I do believe that I have heard about Sly being a bad landlord before a long time ago?

The A-list actor has to be Crusie

The New Zealand couple..could be from Scooby Doo. Matthew Lillard, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. were all married at the the time, some to each other...
Or, my first thought was Liv Tyler bc she seems like she should have issues esp. daddy ones (I think she is gorgeous and I like her)but she didn't get married until 03...? so it could be Cate B. and Viggo or the other option is Sean Astin but he didn't get married until 02...

The actress with the sex... has to be Catherine Z. Jones-come on, she looks much older and then there is the persistant White House rumor...

The latest Jackass...the only three I can think of bc they have had their own shows or seem like they are desperate to stay in the media are: Steve O, Bam and the guy who did Jessica up the ass.

Anonymous said...

For the A-List Actress with the canceled show, Heather Graham? She had all that hype about the new "single girl in the big city" and they dropped it after just a few episodes. Not sure of the year, but that's who came to mind.

Anonymous said...

You know, Jennifer Garner is a good guess for that A-List actress who thought her show would go on for a long time.

Did that "According to Jim" show get cancelled? Courtney Thorne-Smith?

Kristi said...

Definitely Kimora- but does it really count as a lesbian affair when she looks like a man dressed up in drag? LOL

I've got to do some thinking on the rest of the BIs. Thanks for the new clues!

Anonymous said...

Viggo was divorced by the time they started filming Lord of the Rings.

Martina said...

Can't be Jennifer Garner. She's just finished a movie and is constantly filming. Alias wasn't canceled by the network it was canceled because the staff (including Jennifer Garner) didn't wanna film a 6th season. Rumour has it that it was actually Jen who asked them to let her go because she wanted to have mor time for Violet, her daughter. Plus: She's married to Ben Affleck.

Is the jackass really a he or does EntL just use the "he"? I know there were many deaths on LOST but I doubt there were dressing rooms on the beach. I also doubt it's Ian Somerhalder because I bet we'd have heard anything about it by now.

Rachel said...

Geena seems like a viable guess, though i'd be devastated for her.
Heather Graham is a good guess too.
Messing is prob still living off of syndicated Will & Graces and she's got a hubby right? and a kid, soo, I'm doubting she'd wanna do nude regardless.
Garner is Afflecks baby momma, she's not gonna be hurtin' for dough.
Romaijn (sp) is going to be on Ugly Betty, so she's not hard up yet. Bet she got a little dough from Stamos.
CZJ could be the prenup, I mean, its not as if Douglas is a stud.
Wonder who the camera dude is. hmm...

Virgo74 said...

The adoption couple could be Calista Flockert and Harrison Ford. Did she not adopt a baby?

Anonymous said...

^^I don't think that the adoption couple is Calista and Harrison because the male is described as a producer and not an actor.

"It was during that period of time that I had a celebrity couple (unmarried/ (she) actress (he) producer (both) A list to B list) come to me because they wanted some attention/help a disadvantaged child...Anyway, they actually did not want to adopt a child (18 months or so)..They had a brighter idea than that. Actress' sister was in jail at the time and would be for quite some time..Actress' sister did not know who the father was and Actress's mom was tired of taking care of the baby so our couple who we will call A&P decided they could become guardians of the child, get on the adoption bandwagon so to speak and help out mom and sister at the same time."

Debbie said...


Nobody said the A-lister's tv show was CANCELLED ... he said it was no longer on ...

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart
a) didn't adopt a baby together

Anonymous said...

Hate to burst bubbles but on the music producers thing, Kimora Lee Simmons husband/former husband is not a music producer. Russel Simmons is the Ceo of Phat Pharm.

Anonymous said...

Dude priiiiiitty sure Scooby Doo wasn't filmed in NZ.. That was Oz duh

sassymommy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

which producers wife???
producer-mathew broderick
wife sjp...
it certainly makes sense with later posts..

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