Monday, July 06, 2009

Random Photos Part One

You know if every Grand Slam tournament had this winner's dinner thing they would probably get the top spot more often. I think I gave the top spot last year to the champions of Wimbledon. So, congratulations to Serena Williams.
And to Roger Federer who bettered Andy Roddick in an incredible match.
Amber Rose before hooking up with Chris Brown.
This is who Chris Brown brought. Most tabloids calls her a Rihanna look a like. I tend to agree but I know many of you don't. This is the first close up though I have seen of her.
All that is missing from this picture is Bruce Jenner holding up a booking card at jail. This is perfect mug shot hair. Nick Nolte would be proud of this.
"Hi, we invited a convicted felon who beat his girlfriend to the party. Honey, where is Rumer? Let her meet him. I mean he must be a great guy. I'm sure all the girls would love to meet him."
Hell, Diddly Squiddly will even pose for pictures with him.
Coldplay - Roskilde, Denmark
She is very very tall.
Apparently this year at Fashion Week in Paris, bottoms are optional.
It is what every woman is wearing to work.

It is a gaggle of Gossip Girl geese. I know it makes no sense.
Apparently when Holly Madison hosts a party it involves a lot of posing in bikinis with big balls.
That's the Janice Dickinson we all know.
"Say Kate, what I thought I would do is take these fireworks, and umm, set them off in the garage. Pretty cool huh? Chicks dig fireworks. Some of the cheerleaders from the high school are coming by later to party. Oh, and I'm going to need the aloe because my face is redder than my shirt."
Kristin Davis at some Vitamin Water launch. Whoo hoo!
Kathy Griffin. Wax worthy?
I'm hoping the guy behind Kate Hudson did actually puke.
Have you heard of hate head? How about mask face? Is that Amy Winehouse hiding behind the rocks?
Madonna - London
Nick acts like he paid for those clothes. Please.
Did you ever see that Texas Cheerleader made for tv movie with Holly Hunter? Go look at her hair and then come back and look at Marion Cotillard's hair.
Joey Chestnut is your Nathan's Hot Dog eating champ.
Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr in Malibu.
"Talk to the hand."
It has been awhile since Russell Brand showed up somewhere.
From now on Rashida is just RJ. Here she is with Andy Samberg.
This was almost the top picture. Why? Samantha Ronson is smiling.
When two Madden brothers just are not enough.
Tara Reid actually looks, umm healthy.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Roskilde, Denmark


Anonymous said...

LOL at prince William

And I love that movie with holly hunter.

Was russel brand in rehab?

RocketQueen said...

Holly Madison is so plain-looking.

No doubt that's a third Madden brother - yikes!

I'm really sick of seeing SamRo in that t-shirt.

Kathy Griffin - not wax worthy.

I'm in the camp that thinks Chris' latest chick IS a Rihanna look-alike circa about a year ago.

MontanaMarriott said...

I see the guests for Shiddy's white party were all D list non celebrities.

Wow the wax figure looks better than the real Kathy Griffin

WTH, is Madonna doing a Cher with the tour that doesn't seem to end?!?!

OMG Prince Williams is giving you BRUNO lol

I guess since Russell Brandt went to the white party, the gift bags had extra supplies of Valtrex in them.

Uhm are the Madden boys, triplets???

empyrios said...

The Federer/Roddick match was unbelievable. I swear Federer's a robot. that man never even breaks a sweat!

"It is a gaggle of Gossip Girl geese." More like a murder of crows IMO.

Orlando Bloom is a serial monogamist it seems.

the Prince William shot is priceless.

Pazazz said...

I'm so sick of Amber Rose & Teyana Taylor looks nothing like Rihanna to me...and I doubt they are dating.

Janice Dickinson looks really scary.

ItsJustMe said...

Russell Brand and those damned flip flops. They so don't go with the hair. Don't ask me why I find him all kinds of charming.

Prince William ... his hair, his hair!

Kathie Griffin vs. Wax Kathy Griffin ... I almost can't tell which is which.

Andy Samberg ... oh, how I have a crush on him ever since Ras Trent.

Janice Dickinson ... barf.

LOVE what Michael K. had to say about Kate Hudson being the child of Dopey and Brit Bit. LOL ....

nunaurbiz said...

Mirka Vavrinec must be ready to pop! Good luck to her and Roger Federer. They're such a sweet couple.

And, ummmmmm, Orlando seems to have very large hands! Hmmmmmmmmmm

strawberrygirl said...

Love Coldplay. Those boys know how to put on a good show.

Pookie said...

at first glance i thought serena was a young oprah...

lol @ bruce jenner's nick nolte hair!

who's the freakishly tall girl?

don't like kristen davis' outfit, but she looks great.

eep. kate looks very jho-ish there.

WTH IS GOING ON W/KENDRA'S FOREHEAD? it's freaking me out.

mariah looks great! *impressed*

enty, why are you watching lifetime cheerleader death movies? *confuzzled*

there's a third madden brother? where do they hide him?

FrenchGirl said...

marion Cotillard must fired her hairdresser! LOL
Chris Brown is a ***************!shame on P diddy!

.robert said...

Ah, Jenner was carrying the helmet so he gets to look that way. Also, if you've never taken long road trips on a motorcycle throughout the southwest you missed out on something nice (except for the interstate in Phoenix in the summer wearing a black helmet and jacket in bumper-to-bumper).

Before A-Rod I always assumed Kate Hudson wasn't retarded, it's pretty hard to claw your way back from that mess (which will eventually be a need).

I must punch Russel Brand in the face, hard.

I saw another pic of ronson smiling today which seems odd.

Snakeoiler said...

Nick pays for those threads. Every day that he chooses to get out of bed rather than just shoot himself.

Ms Cool said...

Roger Federer : Smoking Hot

Great match!!!

Thanks for the reveals this weekend! said...

Is that really a third Madden brother or is it made of wax too?

MommaBear said...

lol Snakeoiler. I couldn't have said it better myself. He's paid for those clothes with a little of his soul.

Ice Angel said...

Joey Chestnut is an American Hero!!! Go Joey!

lmnop123 said...

Prince William is aging way too fast.

I like this picture of Amber Rose. She looks softer and more feminine but she really is just another opportunist.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Talk to the hand for Windsor William made me spit out my pepsi. NOMD: he IS aging fast. What's up with that? He should talk to Jon Gosselin about the hair plugs OR just shave it and accept himself. It's not like women won't want him if he's bald. Jeesh.

califblondy said...

Note to Bruce: As soon as you remove the helmet, have a ball cap handy to cover the helmet head.

I find that Amber girl oddly attractive. Not so much the Rhiannawannabe.

OMG, I friggin' hate flip flops with long pants.

CDAN Mod said...

that's one of the best hairstyles for serena. i am impressed because her hairdo can be hit or miss. mostly misses.

teddymac said...

Federer is awesome!

He should be cloned.

audrey said...

I guess Chris Brown gets a pass at being a slimy woman beater because he can sing, and dance. The women who faun all over him must be freaking nuts or in denial.

In the middle shot of Paris fashion week--the lady on the left looks very frightened. I would be too. Who ever the designer is--he/she needs a good slap from someone to bring them back to reality.

cibele said...

Wow, the Madden twins have another brother?

Lady J said...

Teyana Taylor is not a Rihanna clone so please stop referring to her as such. If you don't know who she is instead of sticking a label on her how about you look her up. She is a protege of Pharell's. She is a singer, with a song called "Google Me", her album is supposed to be released later this summer and she is choreagrapher. I believe she choreagraphed one of Beyonce's videos (not sure which one). Also from my understanding her and Chris Brown have been friends for quite some time, but I don't believe they are dating.
I'm not a fan of either her or Chris Brown's but I don't like that people keep calling her a clone of Rihanna when she is nothing of the such.

Lady J said...

As for Hollywood, of course Chris got a pass, because unfortunately there are others in that town who have done the same thing as him if not worst, they just haven't been caught or put on blast.

shakey said...

Bruce needs a do-rag and some leathers for a motorcycle - not pyjamas.

Are those orange fishnet curtains behind Holly? We had those in our apartment in the 70s. Holly looks like she answered an ad to do some "modeling" and it turns out to be a porn set.

I like how they a) put the microphone in front of Kathy's face, and b) had to put the book in the crook of her arm so people will know who it is.

Kate Hudson claps like that?

William looks so out of place in that picture.

Russell has girl feet.

blankprincess said...

I LOVE the Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom movie!

(The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom, IIRC)

Best line (from Swoosie Kurtz): "A bitch is a DAAAWG, not a WOMAAAAN!"

nunaurbiz said...

I'll just add to blankprincess's statements that "The Positively True Adventures of the Alleged Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom" was from HBO Films. :-)

SnowCherries said...

I don't feel like I have anything intelligent or life-changing to say about any of these pictures today. So, I'll just say that I hope everyone is doing well on this post-holiday Monday. Loved, loved, loved all the reader pics over the weekend, and of course the reveals. Good night from the east coast!

strawberrygirl said...

The Madden's really do have another brother. They also have a sister, too.

Jen said...

"Google Me"- surely a classic in the making.

Linnea said...

Oh yes. I dont understand why someone would rather be called the "google me" girl than a Rihanna copy but I understand why some people think they look alike. In some pictures they really do, in others they dont.

mooshki said...

If Teyana doesn't want to be called a Rihanna clone, she shouldn't exactly copy Rihanna's famous hairstyle.

Seachica said...

Roger hot. We need more photos of him. It was an incredible match, but I still wish Andy Murray had won the semis rather than Roddick.

bionic bunny! said...

there were two movies made about that texas cheerleader thing. another one of those "let's see who can get it on the air faster".
kinda like what dreamworks did to disney after katzenberg left disney for dreamworks.

Lady J said...

she didn't copy her style. Teyana has very long and thick hair, but she shaved the back. Her hair is actually longer than Rihanna's.

.robert said...

@not on my dollar

He isn't aging, just his family's early balding curse. I'm happy with my early grey streaks because at least it is hair and after being shaved bald in basic training I am very certain bald is a really bad look for me.

Anna Rice said...

Kristin Davis's dress is really cute!


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