Thursday, July 09, 2009

Random Photos Part One

I think if you get Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia together that is definitely top spot worthy.
Brad Pitt apparently got his motorcycle fixed.
Maybe it is because of what Drew Barrymore has been spotted in lately looks so bad, but she looks really good here. Justin just looks lost.
I was thinking about the new Whitney Houston album today so Dionne Warwick seemed a natural.
Pap - Show me smart Eva
Elle Macpherson always looks great.
Emma Watson was on Letterman last night and talked about her wardrobe malfunction which I posted earlier in the week. She was a very good sport about it.
When I see Hugh Dancy like this, I ask myself how he and Claire Danes could possibly get along. She has been smiling more, but he always is in a good mood.
Randomness of the day. Kellan Lutz and Chris Klein.
This is exactly how I would like to see Lady Gaga from here on in.
Some Law & Order for you. First Mariska and Chris relaxing on the set.
Then making out.
Then Mariska finds Wentworth Miller and then they make out. No,just kidding on the last part.
This is Lauren Storm. Apparently her hair takes that last name literally.
Mercy looks a little freaked out by the paps.
Maxwell - New York
A foot shorter. Shaggy brown hair. Hmmm.
The Queen looks like she has lost a lot of weight. She looks good.
All the other Harry Potter stars always get attention so how about some for Tom Felton.
I will say this about Teri Hatcher. She does spend a lot of time with her daughter and it seems from pictures anyway that they have a great relationship.
Mark Burnett got a star yesterday and with him were his wife Roma Downey who looks fabulous and their poor daughter who for the rest of time is going to have to see herself with the cast on her leg when she sees these photos.
Rumer looks ok here. Maybe with her it is like a lighting thing or angle thing.
Shia jogging through the streets of LA.


figgy said...

I am absolutely crazy in love with Emma Watson's dress! The CUTEness!!

Sinjin said...

"Rumer looks ok here. Maybe with her it is like a lighting thing or angle thing."

Enty, hon, NO. Rumer will NEVER look good as long as she has that thing balancing on top of her neck.

She should have a chat regarding headgear this week with Lady Gag Me.

nancer said...

rumer looks like shit. but at least she isn't sporting the plunging neckline and forcing us to look at her pancake tits.

emma watson looks precious.

elle macpherson is incapable of looking bad. she's perfection.

is drew carrying a big bottle of pink champagne or something? is she slugging it right out of the bottle or did the store not have a bag?

Sinjin said...

ANDY G.! Thanks Enty. :-)

Agreed, Emma looks lovely and age appropriate.

Marcy said...

Olivia and Elliot make out next season!!! Wowowow! I hope it was just a strange camera angle, but wow!

PS Please no more Rumer. Ugh.

kris said...

hmmmm...I didn't realize Chris Meloni had the big pipes....guess I should pay better attention...

Lolita Breckenridge said...

I want to know what Drew has in her very large, very weighted down bag.

The queen may look great in the face, but that outfit is awful.

Elle is beautiful and looks like she's 12 feet tall.

Green Wave Gal said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again: CHRIS MELONI IS HOT!!! God, I love him!

Kelli said...

Maxwell and Mariska looked great in their photos!

Unknown said...

having seen rumer up close, her features are actually very delicate and while not totally hot, she's cute. i think she's just incredibly unphotogenic, and i can definitely relate to that. it sucks, but at least my mom isn't demi moore.

califblondy said...

Gloria, hands off my man.

Maxwell, yum. Pretty Wings.

I think Drew is drinking a big bottle of Tejava. It's a very strong tea.

Damn Elle, how do you do it?

ItsJustMe said...

Who knew Shia had such a banging bod.

bionic bunny! said...

okay, i'm slow. somebody spell it out for me.
are drew and justin back together or not? they're photo'd together all the time again, please tell me they are (but only if it's true)!
yeah, i really liked them as a couple. so sue me.

wineaux said...

i will now begin my countdown to the next season to law & order svu. the chemistry between these is electrifying - especially last season.

why can't shia just shut up and look pretty?

KellyLynn said...

Lauren Storm used to be on a kids/teens show called Flight 29 Down, about a group of teens trying to survive after a plane crash on an island. Her hair looks like it's still suffering from exposure there.

Nice gun show, Chris Meloni!

Maybe I'm biased, but I think Drew looks perfectly appropriate in that getup. It seems much more natural for her than the Cover Girl outfits or the Grey Gardens glamour.

Has Nicole Kidman eased up on the botox? I almost see an expression there. (I hope so. She'd be much lovelier if she let herself age gracefully.)

littleoleme said...

Drew B and Elle look good in these shots?! Somebody's been smoking something.
Elle looks like she has the dress of a 15 year old on and Drew B looks a mess.

RocketQueen said...

It just BUGS me that Rumer W is on all these red carpets.

I think Elle's shoes and dress are terribly mismatched.

I had no idea Burnett was married to Downey! The more you learn...(insert shooting star)

califblondy said...

I know Ent said "their" daughter, but I think the girl is Roma's daughter. I'm not sure about the boy. I don't think Burnett and Roma have children together.

empyrios said...

does anyone else think that it's only a matter of time before we hear of Brad getting into a motorcycle accident??

don't get me wrong, i love bikes. but they're hella dangerous on a clear road let alone whippin' around on one in LA.

ElsieFire said...

Stabler and Benson!!!!!!!! WTF! And WTF with the cut out arms? Is that written into his wardrobe contract??

And for those of you just coming round to the Meloni, check out Oz. He he he...

Damn, Elle has a deal with the devil.

Shia, Shia Shia why must you make me feel like a dirty ol cougar??

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Bravo on Andy Garcia in the top spot.

I'd like to humbly request that the incredible Alexander Skarsgard find his way into Random Photos. He is the subject of my dirtiest fantasies this summer.

Sporky said...

I'm with Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors - I'm not into the blonde guys that much but that man (Alexander Skaarsgard) gives me the major netherland tinglies.

And I have seen Rumer in person, and she doesn't look as bad. I think the poor thing is just extremely unphotogenic.

Pookie said...

awww, gloria & andy. thx enty. ;)

Char said...

OMG OMG OMG WHYYYYY are Benson and Stabler making out??!! I hope this is not some trick, like, she's doing it to fool a perp or something. And damn his arms look amazing!

No, Rumer does NOT look okay. Not good at all. I'm not a huge advocate of plastic surgery, but maybe she could get that chin shaved down just a little. I mean it's really really bad. She would be relatively good-looking if it weren't for that chin.

califblondy said...

So, is Nicole with child or what? She sure looks that way (well, for her anyway).

lmnop123 said...

Teri Hatcher doesn't have much of a personal life outside of her daughter. I hope she doesn't become one of those clingy mom's. You know the kind that want's to be her daughter's friend and hang out with her.

MadLyb said...

I'd love to see how all of those who are slamming people in the photos look. Really. You must be gorgoeous if you feel you have the right to pick apart someone's appearance like ravenous vultures. Just a thought.

shakey said...

I'm guessing MadLyb didn't see the Reader photos.

I don't like Brad Pitt's helmet. Looks fug. I will tell you what is dangerous about motorcycles:

3. gravel
2. showboaters (those who think a bike is a toy)
1. car drivers - they cut motorcyclists off and cause many deaths.

Drew looks like she's drinking rum. Love Emma's dress. Hugh Dancy looks like that Dobbie creature in Harry Potter. Kellan, do you really want to date Chris? Really?

Chris Meloni has arms you can suck on for a week. Nice shot of Bride of Frankenstein. wth is Nicole wearing?

I'm guessing Teri and daughter are ok based on the smile the girl is giving. Can't fake that. Too bad Denise Richards will never have that.

I was surprised with Roma Downey, too! Don't like the yellow shoes on Rumer. Feel bad for that girl. Demi posted her picture on twitpic and the comments were pure evil. MadLyb, you think it's bad on here? This ain't nuthin'.

nunaurbiz said...

Why the bash on Keith Urban, Enty? I know Keith and he's a sweetheart. Bash Nicole all you want, but a guy can't help his height. Ease up on Keith, please, Enty!!!!


ardleighstreet said...

Yeah Andy Garcia. He needs to act more. He is always a pleasure to watch.

Brad -Does he need new tires or is that just my monitor? At least he's dressed right in case he falls.

Damn,it's not fair. Elle never ages!

It's good to see Mariska's well. Didn't she have lung problems last year? I remember CM's arms from OZ.

Rumer red dress & black sweater-OK
Yellow shoes? NO NO NO.

lanasyogamama said...

Shia is annoying. In his Parade article it said that sometimes he parks his bike on the side of the road in LA and watches to see if people recognize him. So now he's running around shirtless for the same purpose. Annoying.

Who invites Rumer to these things?

Monalicious said...

Chris Meloni........ yummy!!!! Can I get him delivered???

Poor Mercy, she looks like she's trying to run from Madonna!!

sunnyside1213 said...

I love to listen to Justin Long...what a great voice.

Anonymous said...

Chris Meloni must sweat like a beast, I remember some photos from last year where his sleeves were gone, too.

I do not see the appeal of Shia.

As annoying as Teri is on Desperate Housewives, I have a feeling she's kinda laid back in person.

Mexi said...

I think enty was trying to compare keith to tom in that pic? I had to to a double take to make sure it was actually keith!!!!

libby said...

I think Rumer's look is more the orange & black uniform of the hostess of a Girl's Club Halloween party. I don't care if it's technically vermilion. The crayon yellow shoes are just a final insult.

Carrie L. said...

Love Andy Garcia, thanks for putting him at the top. I met him once, and he talked to a group of us for over 20 minutes. Really a nice guy.

Maja With a J said...

Queen Latifah is totally the hottest one out of all these bitches. I love her. And she does look fabulous.

SnowCherries said...

I have been in lust with Maxwell for some time now. Yum, yum, yum.

Love Emma Watson's dress!

GoddessNow said...

Maxwell looks good, after a 7 yr absence. Too bad he was basically a no-show in New Orleans last week. he arrived 90 min. late for his set and clearly was feeling no pain, unfortunately his audience was so thin, it did not matter.

mooshki said...

"Then Mariska finds Wentworth Miller and then they make out. No,just kidding on the last part."

DAMN, don't DO that to me Enty! That would be so frickin' hot!!! Benson & Stabler cannot make out. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Poor Mercy. :(

Is the Tom Felton pic a reveal? ;)

Green Wave Gal said...

Benson, Stabler, and Wentworth make out...I'm all for that. Back to the OZ days when I first fell for Chris Meloni! :)


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