Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Photos Part One

The fourth birthday for this panda from the National Zoo in Washington DC gets the top spot just because we all like animals and the cake is really creative. It is like a beet snow cone with fruit and supported by bamboo.

So, Brad rides motorcycles and Angelina flies jets. Their life insurance premiums must be outrageous.
Ashton and Demi seem to be on the lookout for someone. Maybe they are looking for a new friend who also beats women. It must be all of a week since they got to see their buddy Chris Brown.
Ignore Ashlee. I swear to you this kid could be that talking kid from the television commercials. I just know he is going to say something. He is seven months old and looks 8 years old.
Rob Patterson and Carmen Electra before her debut in her Vegas show.
Hello Carla Gugino. Please be on Sunday's episode of Entourage.
Some of the cast of Entourage.
Most of the cast of Entourage.
Daniel Radcliffe in another bad suit, although better than the one in London. I am being critical, but maybe I am the one who is wrong. Maybe I don't get it. What do you think? Is it ok?
Emma Watson in leather. Her only request for her new roommate at school this fall is that they don't own any Harry Potter posters.
A first time appearance for Freddie Stroma.
George Clooney hitting on a member of the Italian police force.
Gina Gershon shows up at some really odd intervals. Nothing at all for months, and then wham there she is.
Hilary will run you over. I can see it in her eyes.
Hugh Jackman and his daughter.
Jim Carrey and his who is also pregnant. So, Jim will be a grandpa.
Hello Jamie Lynn. Please be on Sunday's episode of Entourage.
OK, and one of her standing with Jerry Ferrara.
Some of the cast of Eureka. This is Joe Morton and Salli Richardson. The show was being honored last night. Very cool show.
Lance Bass is turning into a professional red carpet guy.
All of Madonna's kids (Rocco is the almost hidden one), but no Madonna. Instead a nanny and a bodyguard to take the kids sightseeing in Paris.
This outfit Michelle Trachtenberg is wearing is just awful.
Rascal Flatts - New York
Ralph Macchio never ages.
More babies. This time it is Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O' Connell.
Reese is back in LA.
A first time appearance for Tom Cavanagh. It should have happened long ago.
Vanessa Williams and her daughter.


CDAN Mod said...

there is something going on at the ashton-moore house. i really suspect so.

i wonder if jim carrey likes his daughter's boyfriend. i thought there was a BI about him not paying his daughter's bills because she lived with the guy?

gina looks nice.

Pookie said...

eep, bronx jungle book is one HUGE scary baby. what are they feeding the little guy?

freddie stroma needs to hook up w/ megan's like he's brad 2.0. they'd be perfect together.

teehee, i read the lance bass caption as, "Lance Bass is turning into a professional red carpet gay.".

wow, ralph macchio? omg i remember when i was his height!

empyrios said...

i really like Gina Gershon. "Bound" was a great movie.

i think Jamie Lynn and Jerry are a really cute couple.

seems like Clooney will pretty much hit on anything with tits and a heartbeat.

shakey said...

Angelina looks better behind a gun than a plane.

So what does Carmen do in her show, exactly? Love Carla Gugino. Turtle doesn't look too healthy. Daniel Radcliffe is channeling his inner Tin Man. Is Freddie Stroma Ryan Phillipe's stand-in? I'm guessing George was in L'Aquila? And my third question - who told the lead singer of Rascal Flatts he could sing?

I think Ralph Macchio has aged in this photo. Tom Cavanaugh should get more parts.

ElsieFire said...

I know the rumours of Mr Clooney, but seriously, if he smiled at ME like that, I'd be climbing all over that.

::fans self::

Thisisridiculous said...

The twins are cute.

Lourdes looks just like her mom when Madonna was young.

Love Hugh Grant!!

ItsJustMe said...

Babies, babies, babies! I LOVE baby photos.

Bronx is a BIG boy! He looks entirely squeezable.

The Romijn/McConnell twins are just darling.

Entourage is back, yay!

Whatever you say about Demi and Ashton, what the hell has this woman done to get that banging bod?

Thisisridiculous said...

Crap not Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman!! don't know what I was thinking :/

SnowCherries said...

That is one big baby. Especially for such teeny parents.

I will also disagree and say that Ralph Macchio has indeed aged. Not that he looks terrible, just...different. But he really did look exactly the same for so many years. Maybe this year caught up to him a little.

Love Tom Cavanagh!

lutefisk said...

I kinda like that Daniel Radcliffe shows up in those suits. He is comfortable enough with himself to be nude on Broadway, & wear whatever he is that he is wearing. He still is a teen, so good for him.

Anonymous said...

harry potter looks like the tin man

and thank you for tom cavanagh

nancer said...

sorry about bronx, asslee. better luck next time.

vanessa's genes are, unfortunately, not strong enough.

yeah, like it's a surprise madonna's kids are just props for her when cameras are around. they can get a special rate at the shrink down the road---share with MJ's kids.

ratcliffe looks like a ventriloquist's dummy in every picture i see.

empyrios said...


well put. i agree. not many people are that comfortable being themselves, let alone teens....

RocketQueen said...

I'm with AnonMom - Demi's body is RIDICULOUS. Want!

Lourdes looks like Madonna in her Material Girl days!

I am loving Emma Watson's carpet choices these days :)

Looking at Jamie Lynn and Jerry makes me grin like a fool. They are too freaking cute together.

Love the panda pics :) Well, I love any animals in captivity that appear to be happy.

Man..I bet Bronx has SEEN THINGS already.

ItsJustMe said...

RocketQueen -- I agree about Jamie Lynn and Jerry!

WednesdayFriday said...

Tough break having Vanessa Williams be your mom and not receiving any of her looks.

And Lourdes will go one of two ways. She will either A) Grow up like oldest Osbourne kid and want nothing to do with fame or her family's name, or B) start singing and become Madonna 2.0.

I really hope its B!

yellow said...

Reese, Gary Busey wants is teeth back...

.robert said...

Not hating on Michelle Trachtenberg but her legs look so nasty in that photo.

Jim Carrey is looking a little rough.

Piven is all frown with a guy next to him but the second pic is funny because of that(uhh, lean in to the boob, lean).

mooshki said...

So, I take it Carmen is "unpregnant?"

Gina - is that a reveal for the actress who sells herself to out-of-the-country guys?

I LOVE Eureka! So glad it's back!

ardleighstreet said...

Happy B-Day Panda!

Well at least Mz.Policewoman is a step up from the waitress Clooney usually dates.

I just love the Hugh Jackman pict.
Ava looks like she's having a ball with daddy.

Joe Morton is always a pleasure to see.

Ice Angel said...

I have to agree with the Ralph Macchio sentiment. Looks like he has aged, but still looks hot. I wanted to marry him growing up and now see that it wouldn't have been such a bad thing! Unlike some of the others I wanted to marry:
Leif Garrett
Shawn Cassidy
Val Kilmer
Matthew Broderick
Scott Baio (although he is still cute, but a total ass)
Harrison Ford
Mel Gibson
Kevin Costner
and even....shudder....Mickey Rourke!!!

Ice Angel said...

By the way....I remember Jim Carrey's daughter Jane being a pudgy little homely kid and always felt sorry for her being photographed. But WOW!!! Talk about blossoming...she is gorge! I hear she is quite a talented singer as well and none of that pop actual accomplished musician with her own band and all. Best of luck to her.

I can't imagine Jim being a dad, let alone a grandpa! LOL!!! So does that make Jenny kind of a step-grandma??? I'm getting old!!!

fairylights said...

Daniel looks very, uhm, shiny? You should take a look at the pictures of Bonny Wright from last night....WHOA!

Majik said...'s ED!!!

Or, for those of you who are my age and Canadian....'s the 'if-I-wanted-water-I-would-have-asked-for-water----no, thanks!' guy!!

I love Tom Cavanaugh.

Anotheramy said...

Dan Rad was a cute kid but, Ive never cared for his looks once puberty hit. The suits dont help at all. They're really ridiculous and should be saved for a time when getting in the blogs isn't a given.

bionic bunny! said...

*mooshki, as usual, great minds think alike:

thanks for the eureka shout out, ent! i love, love, love that show!! hopefully we'll get a full season this year! i even have colin ferguson on my "love" list on the your turn post!

anybody else that watches scifi channel feel like they're being condescending and treating us like idiots by changing their name to "SyFy"??? WTF does that mean, anyway? and they had all those GREAT "if" spots, too! arrgh!
but i'm not mad enough to stop watching, i guess.

Judi said...

OT: Did everyone see this?

So much for that blind.

MnGddess said...

Ok, somebody slap me, but the Piv looks hot in a suit......

Anonymous said...

I really liked "Ed", but I never watched it. Tom Cavenaugh seems like a good dude.

I've never really found Lance Bass attractive, but I have to admit he looks good here.

Hugh is always good, thanks, Ent.

I don't know who Freddie Stroma is, but yes please.

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! I thought Lourdes was a grown woman, some kind of nanny-wrangler who, oddly, looked like Madonna!

Oh, Signor Clooney...

lmnop123 said...

Vanessa Williams daughter looks just like her dad.

I think little BMW looks kinda cute.

Don't know Freddie Stroma but he's a cutie.

Emma Watson looks great and age appropriate.

Lissette said...

What was the blind vice that people think may be about Gina Gershon?

Sinjin said...

Lissette, it was about how she tried to get into a sold out Jewish service during the holidays (Members are supposed to pay to attend services at a synagogue; $ goes to maintaining the building, utilities, etc. They sell tickets to the major service during the holidays. Guests get in free.)
Gershon showed up at a 'trendy' synagogue and tried to get in at the last minute before the doors closed. Her bodyguard informed the person manning the door that "Miss Gerson would like to attend as a guest." She was basically being cheap and at a synagogue to which she didn't belong.

Miss(pdx) said...

okay commenting before I read anyone's comments...forgive me if I am repeating

Daniel Radcliff looks like the new Mad Hatter in that costume! I know he loves him some trannies but girlfriend needs to relax with those suits

Do you think Emma wears leather JUST to freak out fanboys/men across the world?

I LOVE that episode of American Dad where Stans wife wants to make CLooney call in love with her and break his heart but Stan falls in a bromance with him.. freaking classic and totally what this pic reminded me of

And omg meadow soprano can you be ANY hotter????

Miss(pdx) said...

@ ice angel... holy cow I always remember Jim's daughter looking horrible like that too!! The difference is incredible..good for her.

Paisley said...

Daniel Radcliff's look is smart. I don't believe he likes the teen girl attention and these sort of outfits are a good repellent.

Wil said...

Angie Jo being a pilot is just so apropos. Every pilot I know has this strong feeling they are gods. So .. totally fits.

Is that a set George is on .. or is he touring L'Aquila?? If it is L'quila, kudos to him. I was in Mexico City after the quake in 1985 .. HORRIFYING!!

Madonna .. Definitely "Mother of the Year" material .. NOT!

Lead singer from Rascal Flatts looks like the former love of my life. *sigh*

Jerry O'Connell proving not every man hold a baby like Matthew Broderick and his "forcing baby to practice yoga" holding technique.

Finally .. Eureka on SyFy (Ugh.. hate that .. and hate that I actually typed it!!) tonight!! Woo Hooo!!

Unknown said...

I remember when Jim Carey's ex-wife wanted more money to build a pilates studio at her house for their daughter and the daughter was a really chubby kid -- I guess the daughter finally let Hollywood get to her and she lost all that fat.

So who's the father? He just scored big time.

Unknown said...

If Gina Gershon did not belong to that synagogue, wouldn't that make her a guest?

Joan Rivers got locked out of her own husband's funeral and they wouldn't let her in.

Ells said...

Freddie Stroma - who is this guy? He's so cute.
Lourdes is Madonna's mini-me. I can see her getting into music or maybe dance like her father.
How is Bronx so big when his parents are so little? I wonder if he's going to grow up to look like Joe Simpson.

Unknown said...

I am going to watch Eureka tonite since you guys love it so much and I have been curious about it. Yea, changing the name to Syfy is pretty stupid.

TinselSass said...

RE: Ice Angel...

You should be glad you didn't marry Shaun C. While a nice guy to friends, he is deeply wounded. One of my best friends his ex... WOW... troubled his he!

bionic bunny! said...

thank you, wil and caroline!
i just don't get that whole thing!

caroline- buy or rent the previous seasons, a couple of things might be confusing. SUCH a fun show!

Lissette said...

WOW! YOu blew me away with the Shaun C. thing. HE STILL makes me quiver. I have a special, soft spot for him. So, your friend went out with him? Lucky girl! Can you spill something anything? thanks!

Leah said...

Demi looks great, but she's paid for it. Looks a little plastic, but she looks good.

Bronx is huge! He's 1/4 of the size of Ashlee! I love fat babies, fat babies are happy babies.

I don't think it's just Emma Watson's request. I wouldn't want a roommate with Harry Potter posters either.

Is Hilary Duff "pruning" ?

Jane Carrey looks beautiful.

I love Jamie Lynn and Jerry. I love them separately and I love them together.

Lourdes looks over it.

fairylights - totally agree Bonnie looks fantastic! She needs a photo on the site.
Emma looks beautiful too, I've loved every dress so far.

Karmen said...

Freddie Stroma is dreamy. He's apparently in the new Harry Potter movie.

lanasyogamama said...

I support the fatness of BMW. My daughter was a house at that age, and now she's 3 and perfect.

Ralph M. may not look old, but he's not exactly smokin' hot.

Rebecca Romjin looks like if she doesn't starve herself, she sneaks into normal not Hollywood ok weight territory.

Lourdes looks impressed with herself.

Clooney is so hot. Sorry, but he is.

I'd run around naked if I had Demi's bod.

ali said...

Love Tom Cavanagh!

Ayesha said...

Bronx Mowgli IS huge. I love fat babies, too. Mine are always fat as anything, but they lose the baby fat as soon as they start walking. My older daughters are slim and strong. My 2 month old is as big as our neighbor's 5 month old. She gets nothing but breast milk on demand.

Fat and healthy!


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