Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Random Photos Part One

JK Rowling as is tradition always gets the top spot at the premiere of new Harry Potter movies because I think she is great and a great story and role model and very deserving of the top spot.
Apparently taking your kids to dance class is now going to be the in thing for celebrity parents.
It is so rare to see Alan Rickman smiling. This is great. Two small movies he was in that are incredible. I have mentioned Blow Dry before but you need to see that and Bottle Shock. Both great.
Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts on the set of their new movie.
Black Eyed Peas - Montreux, Switzerland
Cate Blanchett in Paris for Fashion Week
And inside the show they sat her right next to Megan Fox. Cate probably went, "Who?"
Chace Crawford with a new haircut on the set of Gossip Girl.
Daniel Radcliffe in his going to meetin' clothes. I would have also accepted Sunday best or the latest line from Sears' new ventriloquist line.
So, yesterday in Paris there were no bottoms on anyone. Today they are covering faces.

Plus still not wearing bottoms.
Finally something normal. A face and an entire outfit.
Elsa Pataky was at the shows.
Emma Watson's umbrella looks like it matches her dress.
She also looks like she is a big supporter of the new French runway look.
Guy Ritchie and Rocco at the Harry Potter premiere.
This almost made the top spot. On any other day it might have because dare I say it, Helena Bonham Carter looks normal and really good. Normal in the sense that what she usually wears isn't Not normal in the sense people are wearing it to the grocery store.
Hayden P heading into Letterman yesterday.
Let me see if I can get this. We have Rebbie, Janet, Randy, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine. Notice how they went cheap and bought three pairs of gloves. Three brothers have one on the left and three have one on the right. I would have also accepted Boyz II Men at their 50th reunion concert.
Usher & Jennifer Hudson were at the memorial.
Like Usher, Joel also wanted to pose with the hand on the pregnant stomach. Has anyone seen a picture of these three together before?
Corey Feldman was there.
On a happier note. Congratulations to Jenna and Lee who just got engaged.
Congratulations to Jenny Craig. I have found your new spokesperson.
Lady Gaga - London
Rupert Grint should get out of the rain before he catches Swine flu. Ooops. Too late.
Rainn Wilson makes an appearance for the first time in a month or so.


JoElla said...

Enty, tacky about the gloves!!

ItsJustMe said...

Wow, had no clue K Fed was THAT big.

mikey said...

So, according to Paris fashion week, I only have to wear my blazers to work in the fall. I just have to make sure my panties match my suit jacket. What will I do for casual Friday?

Clanger said...

Anyone else think that in that picture with her mouth hanging open like that, Zahara looks like Guy Smiley the game show host from Sesame Street? seriously! LOL. On another note, K-Fed sure looks..... well fed.

MISCH said...


Cheryl said...

Corey Feldman obviously inherited MJ's wardrobe.

empyrios said...

Alan Rickman in Truly, Madly, Deeply was my fav. i love his voice. got to meet him once and told him to tell me a story (so i could just sit and listen to his voice,lol). He said "ooookay" and proceeded to tell me the best. story. ever. But i promised i wouldn't repeat it to anyone so i won't :D

Kate Blanchett is so much hotter and classier than Megan Fox. I'm sick of that tool.

is Hayden P wearing a big black doily???

Corey Feldman probably broke out into dance at some point.

empyrios said...

LOL at Guy Smiley

i just spit out my tea reading that. awesome.

vitazza said...

I just love baby "Z" she's giving the sock puppet face! hehehee
K-fed needs to drop a few....he looks like a heart attack about to happen and that would be shameful.. since he is fairly young with small children.

lutefisk said...

Glad to see Lady Gaga has her crotch covered.

Clanger--lol at the well fed!

Anonymous said...

I thought Corey Feldman was Charlie Sheen at first glance!

Anonymous said...

Poor Cate had to sit thru a show with megan sitting next to her probably snapping her gum. Ugh

Chace looks awfully old without the bangs

empyrios said...

@ Clanger

seriously, now every time i see a pic of Zahara i'm going to think of Guy Smiley.

you rock.

SugaMama said...

I love Enty, but that comment about the gloves was indeed tacky.

Katie said...

The faceless models creep me the hell out. I'm sorry but I think Emma Watson looks great, Daniel Radcliffe on the other hand... what the hell? I love me some Rupert Grint. I'm such a cougar sometimes. I love Helena Bonham Carter and that outfit LOL. Ok i'm done now.

RocketQueen said...

Didn't we see someone wearing the same dress that Hayden's wearing here recently? Either way, it makes her look cheap.

Oh I love Cate Blanchett and her dress!

lol @ Alan Rickman. Every time I see him/hear his name now, I can only think of the Family Guy episode involving his answering machine where he calls himself just to get messages.

Before Emma opened up that dress to show it opens wide in the front, I honestly thought it was the most beautiful dress I'd seen in some time. I just love the top portion.

Wow to the models with their faces covered. You really are just blank mannequins for the designers.

CDAN Mod said...

that memorial service was so on point. it was so perfect. RIP.

kris said...

I don't think Enty's comment about the gloves was tacky...I think it was accurate. Quite honestly, I think the gloves are tacky.

shakey said...

I love Zahara. Just love that kid.

I was wondering where Cate Blanchett was. We haven't seen her in a while.

Was Hayden the dominatrix Dave ordered?

I thought the memorial was better than it would be. With the way some people reacted about getting their golden ticket, you'd think they were just going to another concert. I didn't think the whole family would be there. Damn, it was long, though.

I hope Jennifer Hudson pushed his hand off. What an ass. "You mean so much to us. Especially me." He seemed phony.

Joel worked the "You may be her Daddy, but she's having my baby" pose.

So nothing happened with Corey Feldman, then.

Hate to say this, but K-Fed actually looks good with some meat on him.

mooshki said...

So, ya think Bradley & Julia have done the nasty yet? Duh, of course they have.

I can almost forgive Hayden P the dress, but not those fugly shoes.

Oops, I laughed at the glove comment. Oh well, I was already in my handbasket and well on my way...

I'm not usually one of those who calls for bans, but I sure wouldn't mind if I never had to see or hear about Lady Gaga again. :)

Lady J said...

K Fed is HUGE! I had no idea who that was.

wonderdiva said...

Every time I see photos of Corey Feldman from the MJ memorial, I think it is Charlie Sheen.

And K-Fed sure is a big ol' tater chip.

CDAN Mod said...

i'm guessing that three of the brothers had them on opposite hands maybe in regards to holding the casket and which side they were on.

i hope that made sense. i didn't pay attention to whether they held the casket with the gloved or ungloved hand?

vitazza said...

@Quintessential Southerner you nailed it!
@Clanger your too much!

CDAN Mod said...

enty boo, where's my keanu? **rubs enty's massive thigh**

Sinjin said...

@ empyrios;

Rickman,one of the best voices ever! You're such a quick thinker with your "tell me a story". I never would've thought of it.

When I first saw Helena B. in A Room With a View, I never would've guessed she was so eccentric. But I like her.

figgy said...

And K-Fed sure is a big ol' tater chip.

Big ol' tater chip! HAHAHA oh I can't wait to use that one!

The Jackson brothers all look great, though. So handsome and healthy-looking, yum!

Between Alan Rickman and Rainn Wilson I'm in quite the tizzy now. I loved Alan Rickman in Sense and Sensibility!

figgy said...

Oh, and I can't help but wish that Jenna would marry John Krasinski! :-P

audrey said...

I laughed at the glove remark. And I think enty spoke the truth. With just Janet earning the big money now they have to cut back where they can.

califblondy said...

I was pleasantly surprised with how nice the service was. From the comments of some reporters, I wasn't the only one. Cynthia McFadden said it was a good show, not a circus.

I'm sorry, but once the siblings got on stage I figured there'd be a brawl as to who got to hog the mic. I thought Jermaine would break into "Let's Get Serious" and Janet would have another wardrobe malfunction. I'm so glad they all behaved themselves and allowed MJ's daughter to have the last word.

John Mayer's performance gave me the chills. It was awesome.

VelvetStaccato said...

Wow, is Perez moonlighting at your site, Enty? That comment about the Jackson brothers' gloves just is extraordinarily insensitive and inappropriate. Wow...

sunnyside1213 said...

Alan Rickman. *sigh* Love him. Even my cats stare at the tv when he is on.

lanasyogamama said...

Boo on putting classy Cate next to skanky Meghan.

Clanger said...

Thanks guys :)

RocketQueen I totally agree about Emma Wayson's dress. I was going to say how beautiful it was - til I saw the peelaway look. ICK NAST! Put it away!

Graneledone said...

I didn't even recognize Alan Rickman with the smile!
I watched the Michael Jackson Memorial and thought it was really nice, I abhor John Mayer but thought his performance of Human Nature was great.
Daniel Radcliffe not looking so hot:/

ElsieFire said...

The look on Cate's FACE!!! Seriously, if she wasn't so classy, she'd have bitch slapped that low rent skank!

Seriously, who thought that was a good idea??

Miss X said...

Am I the only one who thinks something is off about Jenna's fiance? I can't quite put my finger on what the problem is.

ardleighstreet said...

Love that Zahara treats the paps like that!

Mr. Rickman! I would love to have him read me a story. The Little Prince come to mind.

Maybe some of Cate's class will rub off on the Tranformer Tramp.

Rocco always looks happier with Guy then Madge.

Hayden forgot to dress before leaving the house .

Usher is so fake he is puke worthy.

Remember when they made fun of Brit for not losing the baby weight?

bionic bunny! said...

enty's not tacky, the stupid gloves are tacky. i think enty is dead on.

Unknown said...

Enty, I don't think that Rebbie was there (or at least photographed)
I believe it is Latoya in that picture.

blog hopper said...

I loved the way the brothers looked. It's tacky to make fun of the mourning, no matter who is being mourned.

ClaireFrasier said...

I'm going with: Emma didn't realize the dresser hadn't QUITE finished up the buttons before she left. Cute undies tho. And thank goodness she was wearing them...

Char said...

Is that Kevin's girlfriend carrying the kid in that picture? I thought Brit Brit had banned her from being anywhere near them. Maybe it's just a nanny.

Doc Girl said...

Who is the guy engaged to Jenna? I've never seen him before.

Rainn has been busy, with Transformers and all :)

I think KFed would look much more svelte and even normal-sized if he wore clothes that were his size.

the.princess.leia said...

Mooshki, Sorry I'm late to the party, but the first thing I thought of when I saw the picture of B.Coop and Julia was this week's US Weekly cover: B.Coop & Julia Roberts: Hollywood's New Hot Couple, Pictures of their romantic date, blah, blah, blah. It seems that everytime he's pictured with a female, the next week he's on the cover of one of the rags in an "It's On!" story!

As for the glove comment, I'm going to overlook it. Let's face it, they probably did only buy three pairs, but as someone else (I think QS) pointed out, it could be because of carrying the casket. Was it insensitive? Yes. But you know what I think is worse. That all of these celebs took MJ's memorial service as an opportunity to get some press/photo ops. All of the smiling and posing! Ugh!

whole lotto luv said...

What the heck is Angelina wearing to take the girls to dance class? Doesn't she own any sweats?

Alan Rickman has been my hero since threatening to cut Costner's heart out with a spoon.

I think Julia would, but Bradley Cooper is skeered to.

Poor Cate Blanchett, seated next to that mouth breather. I don't know why Fox is considered so hot. She is in dire need of dental work.

I think Chace looks better without bangs. Less girly,

The Paris fashion people need to get over themselves. Carol Burnette did the dress with a curtain rod in it 30 years ago. The least they could have done was put a red wig on the model and paid homage to Carol.

Besides, who actually wears the crap they preview? I think the "normal" one looks like a freak.

Like someone else said, at least Emma had some panties on.

I think I love the crazy of Helena.

The gloves were arranged so that the pall bearers were carrying the casket with the gloved hands. Tacky, sure, but isn't most funeral stuff tacky? I'd give the Jacksons a pass on this one, because losing someone is hard. But by Friday, I'll be ready to accuse any and all of them of cashing in. I admit I didn't watch the service, but caught the inevitable snippets because all the networks did 10 pm specials. I cried when they exploited poor Paris. No matter what, her dad was her normal, and it's incredibly sad for her to lose him at such a young age.

Wtf is usher doing?

I've seen pics of K-fed fatter, Loose clothes don't help. At least it sort of indicates he isn't drugging,

Lady Gaga doesn't have a discernable talent. Please stop fueling the pr fire.

tomtom said...

the glove comment was tacky. and the fact shows were your prejudices and minds are as it never seemed to occur to anyone that they were on different hands corresponding to the side in which they gripped the coffin as pallbearers. you ALL are sad beyond belief.

Jerry said...

"By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!"

Nadel said...

Shiloh is gorgeous, love love love Alan Rickman and Emma Watson's dress is the most gorgeous red carpet dress I've seen in a long time. Helena Bonham Carter is incredible, just think she is so stunning.

Babs said...

Aw, lighten up, everybody! Enty's glove comment was no worse than what most of us say here every single day. Is it OK to be critical (i.e., snarky & hateful) when people are still alive, but suddenly it becomes 'distasteful and tacky' when directed at someone at a funeral? Give me a break.

Enty, your comment was spot on - the gloves were tacky, and IMHO looked stupid.

fairylights said...

LOVE Alan Rickman, Thank you so much for putting him on! I have't seen Blow Dry yet, but loved Bottle Shock, that man could read me the phone book and I'd die happy. empyrios, I am so jealous!

My God Daniel, who let you out of the house dressed like that?

K-Fed...well...I guess if you don't dance you put on the weight. Blech!

Emma, I agree, that was a beautiful dress up until the time the waters parted and the unmentionables made their appearance.

Rupert looked surprisingly good for someone who just has swine flu.

Helena always looks amazing and unexpected. So Quirky!

Linnea said...

im with babs here .

love JK rowling

Can you believe how tall Shiloh has gotten? She is almost the same height as Sahara.

I heart Daniel Radcliffe, especially after his "now half of America wont go see the movie" comment! But that outfit... not so much.
And I too, liked the dress until I saw how... non-dressy it was.

Hayden, Hayden. Well she said she would flaunt it, and she is!

Leah said...

When I see photos of Daniel R dressed like that, it makes me wonder how there are gay rumors surrounding him.

mooshki said...

Miss X, I think I've figured it out - he's a young Gary Busey!

califblondy said...

Renee, I think Rebbie was at the service. At the very end of the service there were three women with the brothers and MJ's children on stage. LaToya had a wide-brimmed hat that covered her face and I believe she stood behind Paris and Janet. There was another woman whose hat also covered her face and she stood to the side of Paris and I think that was Rebbie. Janet's hat was smaller and of course, we could see her face.

jax said...

ALL the kids were there and i thought it was great.

tacky or not, I'm sure El didn't realize it was related to the pallbearing.

i have to disagree about exploiting those kids. Paris clearly made that decision herself, if you watch when Marlon is speaking, it was supposed to be Janet saying something at the end and instead Paris said she wanted to. Janet even asks her if she is sure and she says yes.

And God bless Al Sharpton! About damn time someone said something.

leeloodallas said...

whole_lotta_luv - what is the Alan Rickman - Kevin Costner story? I don't know this one.

Love Alan Rickman for sure - my favs are The Voice from Dogma and his sad little character in Snow Cake.

oceane said...

leeloodallas, I believe it's a reference to a scene in the Robin Hood movie they both were in.

Emma Watson does look gorgeous. And it's always a pleasure to see Cate Blanchett, love her.


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