Friday, October 09, 2009

Dina Lohan Says Lindsay Lohan's Creative Ability Is From God

I made fun of Dina Lohan's shoe line yesterday. Well at the shoe launch she spoke to the press and while speaking to the NY Post invoked God's name not once, but twice. Oh, and she also said that Lindsay would be helping out with the shoe line. Pasties on shoes? Love it.

In her statement she first took a swipe at Michael Lohan. That is pretty much par for the course. She says that he never talks to Lindsay. I think sometimes he does, but not as much as he would have the magazines believe. It's tough to get money for stories otherwise.

"I can't change Michael to make him do the right thing -- that's up to him and God. But it is hurtful for a child for her own father, whom she has no relationship with, to say things in public about her like that."

She was referring to the fact that he said Lindsay is addicted to prescription drugs. When The Post asked her if Lindsay was addicted (Applause to The Post for asking the question) Dina didn't say no. Interesting.

"I have no idea what he is talking about. I can't comment on everything my ex says."

Ummm, you do comment on everything he says because that is how you keep your name in the press and make a little extra cash. I think we can go ahead and take this as a confirmation she is addicted to something.

As for Lindsay, Dina again said Lindsay is a genius. Her other kids? She didn't have anything to say about them. If you don't bring in money for Dina, she isn't going to talk about you.

"Leave Lindsay alone. Let her be a real 23-year-old. Let her grow, and let her artistic abilities flourish. Stop judging the Britneys and the Lindsays. They are very creative girls, and that is a gift from a higher power of God."

Apparently God is a kleptomaniac who loves pasties and Vicodin. Who knew?


MISCH said...


__-__=__ said...

At least she put Lindsay in the same category as Britney. Apparently she has some sense, but no style. We'll look for her shoes on the nearest ho-stroll. And Britney.

Pookie said...

dina needs to get it that invoking god's name is not going to make you sound like a better mother.

and while gifts do come from the hand of god, it's also up to the individual to use them to the best of their ability. she should consider covering that angle w/ her daughter rather than sounding stupid before the press.

Ms Cool said...

Did God also make Lindsay a coke addict?

Ms Cool said...

Also, when did God stop being a Green Bay Packer fan?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I guess "God" is a code name for "pills".

Caroline said...

Now that's the kind of God I can really get behind.

.robert said...

Ms Cool, when Favre left.

Cheryl said...

Dina needs to get right with God or she's going to end up with a lightning bolt up her ass.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

I like Vicodin. Does that make me a saint?

Maybe Tom Cruise should have an "affair" with Dina Lohan. That would make my world even happier.

canadachick said...

DENIAL DINA is now what i shall call her. Along with Useless Mother of the Year. Oh right when your daughter scores the good drugs and shares them with her mother and sister it ok !! Who knew Meshy Michael would turn out to be the better parent. And Cody even still alive or is he in rehab somewhere ?

Tara said...

Uh..."let her be a real 23-year-old?" WTH? Real 23 yr olds don't have the kind of money that she has and are struggling with school or have just gotten out of school.

This woman kills me. Instead of worrying about her daughter and getting the best help for her, she is launching a shoe line and keeping herself in the public eye. That annoys me.

Daddy Spears needs to step in. ;-)

Moosefan said...

That rumble yall just heard was God rolling his eyes.
At least Brit's family got in to get her help and she has gotten some of her senses back to normal. This piece needs to SHUT IT and if any of my friends buy these craptastic shoes, so help me, I will make a prison shank and cut yall so deep your grandbabies will have a scar!

RocketQueen said...

This woman has never publicly admitted what she knows to be true - Lindsay is constantly off the wagon. And if she's going to compare Lindsay to Britney, should she also be trying to get her daughter the kind of help Britney's father cared enough to make happen? Neglectful bitch!

Anonymous said...

I'm just tired of the Lohans.
i am going to kip over any comments from now on about them. How can we make them go away?
stop coming to this site?

someone tell me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Why is this woman even in the news??

suicide blonde said...

Why? Why? Why? Did God decide to give this woman children? What lesson is to be learned, what is the meaning of the message? *sigh* I'm going to go watch the X-files and see if I can find the's out there I know it is...

selenakyle said...






(I'm channeling Shazzzba!)

Anonymous said...

Why the hell is the Post talking to her? Does she call THEM or what?

holyrollernova said...

'a real 23 year old' - im sorry i just turned 24 so lindsay and i are about the same age.

i went to college got an undergrad and am now getting a masters (b/c god forbid you dont have one now) and yes i did my fair share of partying but NEVER, NEVER did i or any of the people i associated myself with party as hard as lindsay does and trust me im am and was never an angel or goodie two shoes.

that girl looks twice her age on a good day and how dare dina lohan compare her to other girls her age like myself that have had to take out college loans, wait tables, and be nannies for bratty rich kids. lindsay will never know what it is like to live in the real world.

the lohans as a whole are completley delusional....are they from another planet?!

ok sorry rant done!

amanda rae said...

God is a Redskins fan, obviously. And as for college football, he's a WVU fan. After all, he does work in mysterious ways!

Dina Lohan just needs to STFU already.

Ms Cool said...

.robert: God gave up on the Packers long before Favre left.

Unknown said...

"Let her be a 23 year old, let her take pills, let her OD"

She is such a fucktard of a mother, where the EFF is CPS when you need them?

"I have no idea what he's talking about"

Bitch its not Chinese arithmetic, either your kid is a junkie or not

And we all know the answer to that question and SO DO YOU

The dad is a piece of shit too, but at least he acknowledges the problem

Even Amy Winehouse parents keep it real

What's Dina's excuse for Lindsay looking like stir-fried shit? What talent does she have other than scoring vikes and lighting a crackpipe?

This is like watching a bad movie and we know how it ends

Will Dina finally "get it" when she's looking at Linday's coffin?

Some women should have their uteruses extracted with a kitchen knife so no other kids have to go through this

And btw, where is her other daughter, Demi Moore? Everytime I see Ali, I feel disturbed like I've seen kiddie porn

Dina is worth less than dried semen

Enty, spare us and never give this whorebag any shine

Sorry for the rant but how can she sit and watch her child die?

She's no better than Susan Smith


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