Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Matt Lucas' Ex-Husband Kills Himself

It was just ten months ago that Matt Lucas, one of the stars of Little Britain and his husband Kevin McGee got divorced. They weren't married for very long and apparently Kevin was devastated after the got divorced. Kevin killed himself last night after writing a suicide note on Facebook. Four hours after first posting the note online, police were tipped by one of Kevin's friends on Facebook and the police broke into Kevin's apartment and found him dead.

I wonder if someone had bothered to call the police sooner if he would still be alive. I wonder if it was a cry for help that would have stopped him if it had been answered or if no one could do anything to help. The screen cap from the Daily Mail eliminates much of the comments to the note, but maybe people should have made a call instead of just commenting that the note was dark.

Kevin's drug use over the past few months had been getting crazy so that may have contributed to the suicide.


Anonymous said...

If I called the police every time someone posted a depressing status update, I'd be on the phone constantly.

The fact that the first comment was 8 hours after the status update means it was probably in the middle of the night and no one noticed.

CDAN Mod said...

maybe he could have been saved, but suicide rests with the person who took their life.

also, you have to be in severe mental duress to even attempt/commit suicide. sometimes it's too late.

may he r.i.p.

Anonymous said...

Which one in the picture is Kevin?

Momster said...

I don't know these guys. . .I'm assuming Matt is on the left in the photo, and Kevin on the right?

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

It's sad to think that he, and others that commit suicide, think that there's no way out of the situation that they are in and that killing themselves is the best option.

Imho, it's also real selfish.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

haha!@ DN's first comment. Too true!

CDAN Mod said...

sue ellen, it may be, but these people are not firing with all cylinders mentally. they cannot be judged by the living.

you have to really be at an extreme low point in one's life to commit suicide.

schizophrenics also have a very high rate of death by suicides.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


Yeah, I know. I'm just thinking of the people who are on the other end of suicide. They have to live with it for however many years while the other person gets to be dead and not live with it. It's a lose/lose situation really.

figgy said...

Every time I think about the suicide of a friend's sister 4 years ago, it feels as fresh and shocking as it did then. Like a punch in the stomach. I feel sick every time I hear about someone doing it.

jax said...

people are so fucking dramatic on FB, its hard to tell what is a cry for help or just shameless attention grabbing. i'd hate to put the blame on someone who simply was reading a status hours after the fact.

Lisa (not original) said...

What a waste. Nothing more tragic than suicide. :(

ms_wonderland said...

Matt and Kevin were one of the first gay couple to marry in the UK, and it lasted about 18 months. Matt has taken time off from the play he's in in London. He's said to be devastated.

Could be that drugs or mental health issues caused the marriage breakdown.

The body was found at 8 a.m., so yes, the FB update was in the night.

So, so sorry for Matt, and Kevin's family.

holyrollernova said...

@ sue ellen...

i can only speak for myself but as a teenager i tried to kill myself. at the time i was most definitely not in any state to think of the consequences of my actions. i had zero coping skills and thought my only option was to take my life and that i would really be doing everyone a favor.

looking back do i think it was stupid and selfish? of course i do. it will probably end up being the worst decision i made in my life. but i learned a lot from it and it has made me a better and stronger person.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


Glad you pulled through, and that your attempt to take your life didn't come to fruition.

That being said, again, I do realise that people who contemplate suicide obviously aren't able to see the forest for the trees and my opinion is just based on my own experiences with suicide, from the perspective of the people who were/almost were left behind. I am not trying to be mean or a jerk when I say it's a selfish act, I am just simply stating how I feel. I'm sorry that the people who attempt this most likely have mental issues/no coping skills therefore see suicide as the only option, but that won't ever change my opinion on this topic.

I am not saying this to you personally, Nikki, just in general because this is the second time in this post that someone has pointed out to me the mental issues that people who commit/contemplate suicide have. I am aware.

Thank you.

holyrollernova said...

@ sue ellen

i in no way think you are being a jerk or insensitive! i totally respect your opinion and i definitely agree that suicide is and can be quite selfish. a suicidal person can only thinking in the present - they dont see how things can change for the better in the future. it is selfish to create pain and suffering for your loved ones just because you are suffering.

sunnyside1213 said...

sue Ellen, you are so right. My daughter's fiance killed himself. She will never be the same.

Char said...

The first comment was 4 hours after the status update, which is the same time as the police were called. So it's more than possible that someone was commenting AND calling the police. In any case, the comments on his status were made well after he was dead, far too late to have done anything.

Very very sad. In May this year, I lost the second person in my life to suicide. It just makes no sense. How do people not know how much they are loved and needed? That their loved ones are NOT better off without them, not at all... just very very sad that someone could get to that point.

Pookie said...

omg, heartbreaking for all the families involved. imagine how the ex partner must be...eep. :(

Wil said...

Last year on October 21st my friend tried to commit suicide and I had to read his suicide note on email. I had been having a busy day and the first time I checked my email was about 2:37 .. no .. it was exactly 2:37 CDT. The email was timed at 11:09 AM.. but I did not know if that was his time ... PDT .. or my time. [It turned out it was his time .. so it was sent at 1:09 PM my time. So it was a little over one and one half hours when I finally got it.]

I started freaking out .. I knew his email .. but had no idea of his home address other than he lived behind mountains that separated him from Riverside, CA. I called the Riverside County Sheriff and THANK GOD!! One of our mutual friends in Santa Rosa, CA got the email before I did and she called the police and they found him in time - he had taken drugs. Would it have been hanging or a gun .. I guess no amount of time could have saved him.

I have .. and still am dealing .. with a lot of guilt over the fact I was late .. I didn't check my emails in time. For a very long time .. and again to a large extent even now .. I feel like I am not a good friend to him because I didn't get to him in time. If he would have only been relying on me .. he would have probably died.

I can only imagine what Matt is going through as well as all those who found the Facebook posting too late. In the end, we are left with guilt and horror and the what if's.

And yes .. the deceased is also an asshole for doing that to the people who care about them. I have not gotten pissed off about what happened.. and I still talk to the person every day or so .. it is still too new and too recent. Maybe someday I will explain how I feel about what he did and how it made and makes me feel. Or maybe I will never talk to him about it .. because he was in a bad place and I was in a bad place and maybe I just need to take that lesson and try my best to be aware and if I see history repeating with him or others to speak up and do what I can to help.

And if anyone is concerned about my friend .. he left California and is now living with his sister and her family the Pacific Northwest and he has a job and is very happy to be getting his life back. I recently sent him some Land's End stuff for his birthday to keep him warm. So he is doing pretty well now. Ya!!!

Unknown said...

Suicide is the ultimate punishment for the people left behind. It's sad when anyone dies, but leaving a one sentence on Facebook as your suicide note which means everyone who cared about you will wonder if they could have done something to stop the person. They are left to deal with that until they die.

That is your legacy. Inflicting unbearable pain on those who loved you.

Linnea said...

I believe I read somewhere that the reason for the breakup was that Kevin was heavily into drugs.

RocketQueen said...

I wonder how many people here who have lost someone to suicide (like myself - I lost my father) honestly think it's selfish. I know my father loved us more than life itself (literally) and to do what he did, he was in the deepest, darkest place imaginable.
Thanks to QS - I agree completely that the living should not judge the dead.


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