Thursday, October 08, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Mario Batali and Jimmy Buffett. How could this not get the top spot? Food and margaritas and music? Please. Guaranteed. Oh, unless Goopy was in the picture, then no can do.
Look, Ali loves her daddy.
They love mesh. Don't you just love when I can work that picture into the blog?
"Mom" was busy promoting her new shoe line called Shoe-Han. Yeah, that sounds attractive.
Balthazar Getty out for a change.
Sometimes I have these fantasies about Cheryl Hines. I think it is because her last name reminds me of ketchup.
Ileana Douglas had a very busy night. Here she is with the SNL alumnus who has the most work done, Cheri Oteri and also Justine Bateman.
Then Ileana performed as part of her fake Swedish group Sparhusen.
Then she changed clothes and got groped by Tom Arnold.
And finally posed with Keanu Reeves who
you really don't want to ever see this close to you.
Emmy Rossum and Adam Duritz doing the publicity dating thing. No, it's real. Well, maybe.
Even Jessica Alba can't pass up the sale at Fred Segal.
James Denton makes a teacher's life much, much better yesterday.
Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr. were in town and were spotted making out later. No, not really I just wanted to see if NASCAR fans would flood my inbox.
A first time appearance for JoAnna Garcia.
Josh Hartnett at the Pusan Film Festival with Lee Byung-Hun.
Jennifer Hudson and her new baby. Although I doubt a baby could be old. I guess I should have said newborn.
How can I not post this picture of Jonte Moaning?
Or this one? I just wish I had some video to go with it.
"Suri get down from there or you will be audited."
"Audited? I will show you audited."
"I stick my finger in the thing and it measures my pulse."
Kate Hudson makes sure she gets in the photo.
So, if Kelly Rutherford buys this Christmas candy now how do you think it will taste in almost three months when Christmas actually occurs?
Ladyhawke cleaned up at the Vodafone awards with 6.
Melissa Joan Hart still trying to live down the Farrah Fawcett incident.
I will admit it. Nicole Kidman looks amazing here.
I sent an e-mail to Natalie Portman's publicist asking for the reason why she signed the Roman Polanski petition. Still no reply. Here she is with the gorgeous Mila Kunis.
Pat Benatar - New York
Phantom Of The Opera 2 aka Love Never Dies.
I hope that when Katy Perry and Russell Brand exchange kisses that for the good of the world it looks like
the way Tyra Banks and Chris Rock are doing it.


WednesdayFriday said...

I love Joanna Garcia, Thanks Enty!

Katie looks like a mess...Who lets their child behave like that?

sunnyside1213 said...

Emmy and Adam? For real?

ItsJustMe said...

Nicole Kidman? Amazing? You must be drinking early today. Ummm ... yeah.

Cheri O'Teri -- what did you DO to yourself???? :(

warmislandsun said...

Who let Suri lean over the protective partition at the ice cream store? Was it mom or grandma? Either way, the child needs to be told, "No." I wonder if the "father" allows anyone to discipline the child.

Oh, and I still heart Keanu.

holyrollernova said...

ughhhh please no more lohan's...that was totaly lohan overload today.

Little Baby Jade said...

Suri is a mess and is obviously a brat.

Pookie said...

micheal lohan & the mesh eyes, MY EYES!!!!

keanu looks as if he's decended into mental illness. it's kinda sad.

awww, yay for joanna garcia, enty! she's a sweetheart. gotta love those cuban girls from tampa.

jhud's baby...too cute!

teehee @ my little suri! can't get enough. love the pics!

wow, nicole kidman looks the gorge there.

wow, mila kunis makes natalie portman look extremely homely.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

I think Keanu has been trying to grow that beard for 10 years. It finally came in. Kudos, Keanu.

LaLoo said...

Am I the only one who can ONLY think of Alicia Silverstone in "Clueless" when I see/hear Fred Segal?!

"Lucyyy! Where's my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal???"

blog hopper said...

What's the "Farrah Fawcett incident"?

von said...

Yay Ladyhawke!

Boo, Natalie Portman!

blog hopper, I believe the MJH thing is a reference to her complaining that FF's death bumped her off magazine covers. It was beyond tackless. Something like that anyway, anyone feel free to correct me.

Missjenny619 said...

Enty, you forgot "DUNCAN HINES" (mmm...cake) instead of Hines Ketchup! Duh!

And I don't ever want to hear anyone talk smack about little Suri ever again! She is an adorable, precocious little girl! Hate her parent sall you want, but leave her out of it. I think Katie Holmes seems like a very good mother. At least you know she isn't being raised by a nanny. You always see the two of them together.

MoodyBlueEyes said...

The Lohans = ick, nast. That shirt & pose makes Daddy HoHan look like he's ready to star in a gay porn.

I didn't even recognize Cheri Oteri. Wow.

Personally, I like the mountain man look on Keanu. Kinda sexy in a way!

Love the pic of JHud and her baby, very sweet!

Katie appears to have no control over Suri whatsoever, and the kid looks mangy in these pics. If you're going to drop 3mill on her wardrobe, at least brush her hair!

Kidman looks amazing, for a wax statue.

selenakyle said...

Ha hAAA, good one, MoodyBlueEyes!

Yes--Lohan overload. Ali looks like she's being "offered." *shudders*

Anonymous said...

Comb that kid's hair.

lilbitsolo said...

Seriously, that Suri kid never looks like her hair has been brushed or fixed. And the look on her face in these pics....yikes! Anyone want to bet that kid has one bad attitude? No wonder Katie-Bot always looks so exhausted.

No words for the Lohans. I mean, I have words, but I'm trying to cut back on my potty mouth.

Kidman has a tight face for sure, but I still think she is pretty.

califblondy said...

I don't know if Cheri has had the most work done, Enty. Laraine Newman has had major work done.

I hate to admit it, but with nothing better to do I watched the horrible show, Cougar, with Courtney Cox and I kept staring at one of the co-stars thinking that her voice and eyes looked like the lady from Scrubs and Drew Carey. The nost was just too weird though so I thought it can't be. Well, I Googled and it is her. Christa something. She has really messed up her face.

califblondy said...

"nose", not nost. Sorry.

ardleighstreet said...

Ali looks awful. Who in their right mind lets their under age daughter leave the house like that?---Oh right forget I asked.

Suri's hair just hung over all the ice cream additions.(Yuck) Great parenting there Katie. Maybe Katie took tips from Dina Lohan on parenting.

Let us know if Natalie's people ever answer that question.

Maybe Katy is addicted to HazMat Decon Showers because after touching that ---(shudder)

RocketQueen said...

Ahahaha! Thanks for working in that pic of Michael in the mesh shirt, Ent. Never fails to crack me up.

Mario and Jimmy Buffet - I'd love to have dinner and drinks with those two!

Oh Cheri Oteri - *shakes head sadly*. It seems like stars are having work done before it needs it now!! Justine looks great, though.

Ugh - I find Joanna Garcia so annoying, personally. I hope her character arc on GG doesn't last very long.

So I might catch some heat for this, but I cannot stand dread locks. Nearly everytime I'm around someone who has them, I'm overwhelmed by the smell of sweaty, dirty body. I know...I've heard there are way that they should be washed so they don't smell, but my experiences to date have been enough to make me stay well away and wrinkle my nose in disgust every time I see them. I said it.

.robert said...

So a boob job and a douche arm tat before she's 16, damn.

I don't get Keanu, this is the longest I've seen his facial hair but it still itches like hell and is a pain in the ass the eat around even shorter.

Majik said...

"Um, excuse me--Mrs. Cruise? While we appreciate your business, while you're in our store we would appreciate it if you didn't let your child crawl all over the counter and stick her snot-encrusted finger in our products...mmmmmkay???"


Please tell me that is NOT a real tattoo on LiLo 2.0's arm!!

nunaurbiz said...

Aw, Enty, thanks for including my man, Dale Jr.! Made my day, just like before when you ran Gerry's photos.

MWAH! Love ya!

Wil said...

OH PUH-Leeze!! Like Dale would do Jeff Gordon! He has better taste in men than that!! Or at least I hope he does! If he is gay. Which I really hope he is not ..

Sinjin said...

Majik, I was just going to mention that tatoo! Aren't you supposed to be at least 18 to get one? Tacky. Betcha she's got a tramp stamp as well.

My thought exactly Suri's behaviour as well. No one thinks your child is as adorable as you do, Katbot.

RocketQueen, agreed on the dreadlocks opinion. YUCK.

Tigercat said...

the mesh! nooooooo!! i am scarred forever.

PJ Nelson said...

WOW. Does Jonte Moaning have the patent on the Jermaine Jackson hair appurtenance? Who knew they came in Black and White [boo hiss...]

Hate parents who do not train their kids to have basic manners

Pat Benatar looks amazing

Love Rufus

Liz said...

Dammit, Enty! No more posting that Michael Lohan in the mesh shirt picture. It's going to take a week to get that image out of my brain again.

J-Mo said...

So many people in this entry that I would rather not have seen.

Linnea said...

Yep. Suri is cute. Suri also needs to be told no - but isnt that part of sci raising? That the kid should be treated as an adult? Tough.

I would LOVE to hear what Natalie Portman has to say about that.

gay tallywacker said...

Oh I am sad cause I have dreadlocks.

chihuahuense said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

@ PJ

I am SO glad that you mentioned the lego man hair, I thought I was alone! Ha!

canadachick said...

hey Dina - instead of self promoting - how about saving your drug addicted crazy daughter...oh right she's not making you money any more

And tHe michael shirt brings the LOL every time

Babs said...

Natalie Portman, you are dead to me.

Beautiful shot of Jennifer Hudson and baby.

Suri needs a good smack on her little gold-plated ass. (Yes, I am advocating striking a child - so sue me.)

lyz said...

NO, no one disciplines Suri. The Scientologist don't believe kids are kids...they are "vessels" and alien spirits inhabit their vessels, so really Suri is an adult alien....

Obviously, money can't buy brains.

shakey said...

Suri looks like the girl in The Ring with her hair like that. 2nd picture in particular.

Scios do no favours to children, do they.


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