Thursday, October 08, 2009

Jayde Nicole Was Right

This has not been a good week for Joe Francis. Earlier in the week, Las Vegas casinos won judgments against Joe Francis for unpaid debts totaling approximately $2M. Now, Radar has secured video which shows Joe beating the crap out of Jayde Nicole. The video is long but the attack happens almost immediately. You can see Jayden touch Joe on the shoulder and then Joe turn around and storm at Jayde and viciously punch her and drag her by the hair. Scary, scary stuff. Then Joe sees Brody Jenner coming and runs like crazy out of there. Joe had previously said the video exonerated him, and this once again proves he is a liar. I also don't see Jayde spilling the drink on him but it is hard to see what is in her hand so maybe she did, but that reaction was totally uncalled for by any human. Of course Joe isn't human.

Jayde manages to stand up next to the bar after the attack but is left alone for the longest time and no one seems to be paying any attention to the bleeding girl who just got a black eye and beat up. People are just going about their evenings or trying to look out the door at the commotion.

Pretty damning video. Anything that gets Joe Francis behind bars for a very long time is a very good thing.


bflogurl said...

I'm not sure Joe runs out of there as much as he gets a look at a bunch of guys coming at HIM to beat the shit out of him. What a douche.

Unknown said...

Maybe I am blind, but Jadye was not "left alone for the longest time" while bleeding. She is actually being comforted by two women after the attack. They can be seen rubbing her back and holding her in some way or another.

selenakyle said...

Fry this POS. No mercy. And take the GD Kardashian whores who think he's so great with him. He's a smug little pussy with no talent other than being a whoremonger.

surfer said...

Let me just preface this with the fact that I'm no fan of Joe Francis, but I have to disagree with you Enty.

Yes he grabbed her, but very clearly after she poked him and then threw her drink on him. He was out of there a few seconds later, so I don't see where he beat her up. You can see him being taken out within seconds of this happening, so although him pulling her by her hair was awful, I really think saying he beat her up is a bit of a stretch.

Anonymous said...

Nate, I agree. That's what it looks like to me, too.
Also it looks like she taps the back of Joe's head not shoulder. Trust me, I am not defending him. I would love to see him go to jail for life.

Sinjin said...

It looks like when he had his back to her, she poured the drink over his shoulder onto the front of his shirt. Even if he's the piece of shit we all agree he is, she shouldn't have done it since I suspect she knows him better than we do, and could guess what kind of reaction he'd have. Regardless, totally over the top reaction and uncalled for: he's an ENORMOUS jackass. Yelling and arguing with her would probably gotten her booted out, or both of them which would have been better. I can't tell...which one is Brody?

littleoleme said...

I agree with you surfer. I'm no JF fan but you can see she spills something on him. He goes nuts.
And in reference to your comment -Jayde manages to stand up next to the bar after the attack but is left alone for the longest time and no one seems to be paying any attention to the bleeding girl who just got a black eye and beat up."

Well that's not true either. She's comforted right away by two girls and a guy comes over to see if she is okay. Plus people are just not just going about their evening. Everyone looks pretty stunned and is getting out of the way of security.

Did you watch this tape?

BlahFrickinBlah said...

Douchebaggery on both ends in this case. She's a dumbass for doing that to him and he is a dumbass for yanking her by her hair like that. If I was Brody Jenner, I would have cleaned his clock no doubt cause that reaction was over the top. Francis had the right to rip her a new asshole and sail a drink right back in her face but not yank her hair out. Was it ever determined if he was messing w/her prior to this exchange? I don't get why she would just up and toss her drink on him out of the blue. I can see WHY you would want to in general theory but specifically, what made her do it? He didn't appear to be even aware of her presence until the drink spilling.
All of them are idiots. WE should get to slap them for that alone.

Jenni Lynn said...

She DID NOT pour a drink on him. A random hand comes out of nowhere and pushes him in the head. Are you people blind? That is why he attacked her.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I agree with Lynn and everyone else who said something along those lines. Also, on a side note, I dare some drunk fool to pull my hair like that. Dare them.

*girl said...

Throwing your drink on someone does not mean you deserve to get treated like that. Ever. If you remember, he was physically grabbing her friend and trying to force her friend to kiss and she threw her drink on him to get him to stop. It's not like she just decided "hey, this would be fun". If someone was pushing themselves on my friend, he'd get more than a tossed drink.

And remember, Joe admitted she threw a drink on him

We had Jayde Nicole at our club last year for a promotional event and she was exceptionally sweet. She had a black eye and was bleeding... I'm actually surprised by the comments on this today.

*girl said...

Sorry - I meant to say she had a black eye and was bleeding after this incident, not when she was at our club. That's what surprises me by the responses, that some people seem to think it was "no big deal".

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

That's the bitch of this website at times, girl. The hypocracy is rampant sometimes.

NovaNightly said...

What I see is Jayde pouring the drink on his back while another hand, coming from somewhere...taps him on the back of the head. she quickly ducks to the bar, but he sees her and grabs her by the hair. I actually think she is guilty and Joe is just a douche that handles situations entirely wrong.

surfer said...

*girl, take a closer look at the video.

It seems, to me at least, that immediately after he yanks her hair, he makes a beeline for the exit, while there are lots of people in the area where she went down. There was a big commotion in that area, so it's possible she got her bruises from one or some of the people in that area, maybe from their shoes. Joe seems to be long-gone before she's actually back on the bar stool.

mikey said...

I'm sitting at work looking very busy - big computer screen - and I keep going back over the same 5 seconds. I think she does throw a drink on him but someone else's hand seems to "tap" him. She scoots back to the bar quickly and pushes her empty glass on the bar. Doesn't matter, she didn't deserve his reaction.

Rose said...

I really can't tell what is going on in the video but she had bruises and was pretty shaken up after it happened. If she did throw her drink on him then that is immature and wrong but it doesn't give anyone the right to pull her hair or punch her. Even if all he did was pull her hair it was wrong. He doesn't deserve any sympathy. She bugs big time on The Hills but she didn't ask for this.

jax said...

holy shit..does it really fuckin matter if she poured a drink or not?
if she hit the back of his head?

LOOK what HE did.

on a side..she is being comforted right away by two chicks.

this shit makes my day, this douchebag rapist FINALLY is getting his karma back.

lawyagirl said...

What I see is her shoving his head down with her left hand and then pouring a drink on the back of his head with her right hand. He's a douche, but if you're big enough to hit, you're big enough to get hit. I would have beat her ass too.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


Girl vs girl, fine. Boy vs girl, not fine. Never fine. Never will be fine.

SkittleKitty said...

I agreed with everyone that it looks like she is the instigator (and she is) and that he's just reacting. I was only watching the first 15-20 seconds of the video.

However, if you watch it all the way through, there are two replays of the incident, zoomed in. You can see her pouring the drink on him and pushing his head, but his reaction is quite a bit over the top. It appears much more violent in the closer views.

I don't really see him throwing a punch, but I'm guessing his fist hit her eye and then he grabbed her by the hair.

I would say, yes they are both idiots, but what his reaction was totally out of proportion to what she did to him.

Miss X said...

They are both idiots. I don't really see where he "beat her up". If she poured a drink on me, I would have beat her ass a lot more than that.

Pookie said...

wow. he's surpassed even chris martin/goopy in douchetasticity.

Linnea said...

...and now the video is down. American media, inc? Who are those people?

princess pea said...

linnea - American Media own the Star and National Enquirer, Radar Online, Globe, National Examiner & the Sun.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

So they took down their own video that one of their affiliates posted? Someone must have sent a cease and desist.

Ice Angel said...

1.) Jayde is raising her glass to toast friends.
2.) Joe Francis enters the scene nowhere near her as she does this.
3.) Joe tries to grab girl in front of him for a kiss.
4.) Girl pulls back.
5.) A 4th person (in addition to JF, JN and the friend) biffs JF in the back of the head in a very light, "get-away" non-violent manner.
6.) Jayde seems to pour drink on his shoulder as a split second reaction.
7.) Jayde giggles and puts glass down on bar.
8.) JF turns to see who spilled the drink, sees Jayde and lunges at her immediately, grabbing her by the hair and dragging her to the ground.
9.) Group of men grab JF and drag him away from her and out of the bar. Jayde is on the ground and probably suffers additional injuries by the scuffle.
10.) Jayde gets up and walks back to the bar, where she is comforted by a couple of friends.

Had JF not been ripped away from her, the damage would have been far worse. He most likely would have roughed her up even more than she was.

Spilling a drink on someone's shoulder is a non-violent, childish prank. If someone does this to you, a confrontation is expected. I would probably even aruge that the person was responsible for dry-cleaning my clothes or pay to replace them. That said, a violent reaction is not acceptable-especially against a woman.

For those sticking up for him-I know a LOT of decent guys who have had much worse things done to them by women in bars and would still have NEVER dreamed of laying a hand on them. What I saw him do on film was shocking. He could have easily walked away from the situation, confronted her in a non-violent manner or even confronted Brody and taken it outside. To viciously grab the girl by the hair and pull her to the ground is what animals do in the wild. Not what civilized human beings do in society.

I hope he goes down for this, because even if it is the OJ factor (get him on this because what you couldn't get him on before) then so be it. Hope he gets put away.

__-__=__ said...

He'll probably get a slap on the wrist and be found picking up trash on the highway next to Chris Brown.

Allison said...

I agree with Ice Angel.

story said...

I completely disagree with you ENT. While Joe is a sorry POS, throwing a alcoholic drink in someone's face is ASSAULT. If you watch it in slow motion you clearly see Jayde pour a drink on his head a he turns around and pulls her by the hair. Just because she is a woman doesn't mean she can assault people and get away with it. Weekend after weekend in the clubs Jayde is always at odds with someone and picking a fight. She thrives on drama. Women seem to think they can assault men with no consequences. I have absolutely no sympathy for her and I think Joe should file assault charges against Jayde. Two wrongs clearly don't make a right, but SHE was the INSTIGATOR in this matter. They should both have to pay for their poor behavior. Jayde is bad news.

littleoleme said...

Hey Ice Angel,
People here are not sticking up for him. The guy's a huge asshole. What we are saying is that Jayde did instigate this. She's not innocent.

Maja With a J said...

Story, you scare me.

I can't see the video as it has been taken down, but no matter what she did - pouring a drink, picking a fight, being a "bitch", no way does that give a man the right to beat a woman. Ever. There is NO excuse. EVER.

Well, maybe if she pulled out a weapon and jumped at him aiming for the aorta. Then he might have had to shove her a little. See what I'm saying?

ItsJustMe said...

No excuse to ever hit a woman, Joe Francis is a miserable excuse for a human being.

Lola said...

JF is a piece of shit. No doubt about it but JN isn't exactly an angel. You can clearly see her make a beeline for JF, shove his head, and throw the drink on him. And if you watch The Hills or the 47 promos of The Hills that run every single day you know JN throws a drink at Kristen on next week's episode.

Should JF have pulled her hair? No but she needs to learn how to control herself.

Tax Attorney said...

I viewed the video on the Radar website. At 2:24 the video slows down and zooms in on the interchange between Jayde Nicole and Joe Francis.

It looks to me like Nicole is trying to hand a drink to someone, possibly the girl Francis approached. She has a drink in her right hand and her right arm is fully extended with some forward motion. She had some difficulty getting through the people between her and wherever she was going, at one point extending her left arm and touching one man on his right shoulder. (The arm that "comes out of nowhere" is Nicole's left arm as you can see her left shoulder move.)

As she's progressing forward with her right arm outstretched, Francis quickly moves through the crowd from Nicole's right. (As noted above, he "came out of nowhere." As a result, I do not think Nicole initially intended to spill a drink on him as she could not have anticipated that he would wind up in her line of fire, so to speak.)

Francis stops to chat with (kiss?) the girl Nicole appears to be the attempting to pass the drink to or who is, at the least, directly in line with where Nicole was intending to go. As a result, the back of Francis's head is now directly in Nicole's path. Nicole's left arm extends again and she shoves the back of this head forward, presumably to get it out of her way. (Again, you can see her left shoulder moving.) She uses enough force to push Francis forward into the woman he's standing in front of, nearly pushing that girl off her feet.

At this point, it's not entirely clear the parties recognize each other. Francis's head is turned so neither can see the other's face. As Francis begins to turn to see who shoved him in the back of the head, Nicole's right arm is still extended holding the drink and she pours it on the back of his neck.

The head shove is important for several reasons: First, legally it's a battery that arguably makes Nicole the initial wrongdoer here. Second, it's my strong sense from his face that, rather than the drink, it was the SHOVE that first got Francis's attention. He starts to look back over his shoulder as the drink is being spilled on him. That may be why he subsequently focuses on Nicole's head by grabbing her hair.

Spilling the drink is what I find most interesting as it seems gratuitous. Again, I do not believe Nicole set out to pour a drink on Francis or anybody else when she first extended her right arm, but the right hand clearly dumps the drink on the back of his neck seemingly unnecessarily (i.e., there is no bump to her arm, for example). The only explanation I can think of is that, once he turned his head, Nicole realized who it was and deliberately spilled the drink. Likewise, Francis initially appears confused but, once he focuses on who it was who shoved his head and spilled the drink on him, he appears to go after Nicole more vigorously once he realizes who it is. I really do wonder if these two have some kind of unfortunate history between them.

I agree with those who say Nicole was not left alone at the bar as she seems to have several friends comforting her, although they also all appear to be expending a great deal of energy periodically looking for something on the floor. (Small change?)

I also agree that Francis did not hightail it out of there in response to any one person. The minute he grabbed Nicole's hair and dragged her off her barstool, other men standing at the bar went after him. It's not clear how Nicole ended up bloodied. Francis grabbed her hair with his right hand but after she came off the bar stool it almost appears he may have been trying to disentangle himself from her with his left hand so he could escape the angry mob. I did not see either of his arms go back as if to throw a punch. She may have hit her face on the floor as she clearly loses her footing.

Francis's actions are reprehensible, but I'm not sure there's a provision in the law that protects girls who start bar fights. I think the outcome here will definitely depend on who's on the jury.

story said...


I scare you?!?

Women seem to think they can slap, hit, throw drinks in a guys face and it's okay. It is not. No kind of violence is okay. I've had personal experience with a brother being physically attacked by his mentally unstable, abusive wife. Not once did he ever hit back. Thankfully, she is now abusing someone else. Just because you are a female does not give you a free pass. The laws apply to everyone. They should both be held responsible for their poor behavior. As I said in my earlier post two wrongs don't make a right.

Jayde clearly started this altercation. If you do some research on her you will find this is the norm for her. She cannot handle her liquor and becomes quite aggressive when she drinks.

As far as I am concerned both Jayde and Joe are both trash.

Maja With a J said...

I'm going to pretend you just poured a drink on me.


Oh. I better go home and change my shirt.

The end.

story said...

Oh, aren't you just witty!

I wouldn't pour a drink on you because it would be ASSAULT. If you had to change your shirt it would only be because of your very poor taste in clothing.

Tax Attorney said...

I agree with you that Francis's approach was not very civilized, Harriet!

But it happened in a bar, not at bridge club.

What's awkward in this case is that both parties committed a battery against the other. And, while she got the worst of it, Nicole actually "started it" by committing the first battery.

A juror could easily find that, when you shove somebody in the head and pour a drink on them in a bar, you can't necessarily expect them to respond in a civilized manner; indeed, you might expect them to respond in a violent manner and that any injuries you suffered as a result you essentially "brought on yourself."

Alternatively, of course, other jurors could feel that Francis's actions were disproportionate to the injury he suffered or that, while his actions might have been justified if they were leveled against a man who did what Nicole did, they were not justified against a woman. Nicole might also be banking on the fact that Francis is held in low esteem by pretty much everybody, and that she will win based on that alone. It's been my experience, however, that jurors frequently take their responsibility to be objective pretty seriously.

Incidentally, I believe the case currently pending against Francis is a civil case in which Nicole is attempting to recover monetary damages. Jurors are sometimes more willing to make someone pay money (especially with respect to someone perceived to be wealthy) than they are to put them in jail.

To the best of my knowledge, however, no criminal battery case has yet been brought against Mr. Francis, although the investigation is allegedly ongoing.

In a case like this, where you have dueling batteries and no deaths or serious or permanent injuries, district attorneys are frequently reluctant to bring charges against only one of the parties.

holyrollernova said...

not sure what to think of this. she clearly poured the drink on him and that was an immature and stupid thing to do...especially when joe francias isn't exactly known for his profound respect for women. she started it most definitely.

however, jf totally overreacted. he could have easily confronted her in a nonviolent manner and even have had her removed from the club if he didnt blow up. it definitely appears that he roughed her up a bit.

they both should have been thrown out imho.

as to whether these charges she is pressing are valid - not too sure. emotional duress? i mean come on. i dont buy that for a second.

i agree with those of you that think there is some kind of nasty history between the two of them...

Unknown said...

Throwing a drink on someone is NOT ASSAULT. Ever. No matter where you live. It as not assault, not battery. Is it rude? Yes. Is it unnecessary? Yep. Is it assault? No.

I am a former police officer and I can't even tell you how disturbing it is that there are people out there who honestly think this. Assault? Do you have any idea how ridiculous this sounds? Do you have any idea how fast you would be written up for making a false claim if an officer showed up to a call and you told him/her you had been "assaulted" because someone had thrown a drink on you?

Visit a battered women's shelter ANY day of the week. Ask if some of the women would be willing to talk. Better yet, contact a local social worker in the CPS division. Ask, off the recored, to see their files labeled "Assault". I guarantee, that legally and actually you will have your mind changed.

Judi said...

Thank you for your post, E.
It's a spilled drink. Big whoop. So she reimburses the price of the shirt. It's not JF's place to retaliate. But his actions are right in line with his disrespect for women. Was he weened too soon or what? Anyway, this guy needs to go away.

Unknown said...

Joe Francis is probably the most vile, disgusting piece of shit currently walking the earth. Yeah, it was immature of the girl to pour a drink on him (not that I blame her), but there is no excuse for resorting to violence like that. And then to lie about it when it's documented?

I wish he'd get locked up for a very, very long time. With lots of horny dudes who are at least twice his size.

*girl said...

Hours later and I'm still shocked by the comments.

Thank you E; a thrown drink is not assault. Now I do have a big girl job but I've been bartending on the side for around 10 years and always at big name clubs that get the celebs.

I can say I've only ever seen 2 guys assault women the way we say JF do on the tape. But I can say I've seen hundreds of girls freak out, pour drinks, etc on men in the club. And shocking to some commentators on here, then men didn't retaliate. I don't care what the girl is doing, there is no excuse to respond the way JF did.

And to be honest, I like reading CDAN even if I'm too busy to comment myself because I feel there there is a certain level of intellect displayed here that is lacking at other sites. Today, I'm disappointed.

Tax Attorney said...

Sadly, the law isn't always exactly what we think it is, much less what we think it should be!

As a former police officer, E undoubtedly knows the difference between an assault and a battery. Since the word "assault" has been used, however, I think it might be important to point out the difference.

At common law, a battery is an intentional, nonconsensual act causing harmful or offensive contact with the person of another, i.e., a unwanted "touching." No actual injury is required for a battery to occur; the touching may simply be offensive or insulting to the victim, like spitting in someone's face for example. In addition, the "touching" doesn't have to occur in the form of direct bodily contact but can also include anything closely connected with the body, such as clothing or an item carried in one's hand. Examples of this include intentionally knocking a hat off someone's head or knocking a glass out of someone's hand.

By contrast, an "assault" is the anticipation or apprehension of an imminent harmful or offensive touching.

It's important to point out that assaults and batteries can be both crimes (wrongs against the state where an individual may go to jail) and/or torts (civil wrongs for which money is awarded).

As I posted earlier, neither Francis nor Nicole have been charged with a crime. Nicole, however, has filed a civil lawsuit against Francis alleging he committed a tort against her and for which she desires monetary compensation.

In this case, both parties had their heads turned away at the time the touching occurred. As a result, I don't think it's really possible to credibly maintain that either person anticipated the contact or had the opportunity to be fearful or apprehensive about it. Thus, neither person suffered an "assault."

Both parties, however, intentionally and without consent touched the body of the other in a way that was harmful or offensive to the other. Nicole shoved Francis's head and poured a drink on him; Francis pulled Nicole's hair and drug her off her barstool and onto the floor.

Obviously, having your head shoved and having a drink poured on you gives you a cause of action against the perpetrator; it does not give you the right to retaliate. So, because Francis retaliated, we now have two mutual wrongdoers!

Several famous incidents involving thrown drinks come to mind - Sharon Osborne, Anna Kournikova, and Ron Artest, who was involved in a brawl that began when a fan threw a drink at him and that resulted in five Indiana Pacers basketball players and five Detroit Pistons fans facing criminal misdemeanor assault and battery charges.

Nicole v. Francis may settle but, if it doesn't, I think the outcome will depend at least in part on the age and barroom experiences of the jurors with respect to whether they think Nicole is entitled to collect money from Francis and in what amount.

mooshki said...

Ugh. Jayde is horrible, but Joe Francis is evil.

amanda rae said...

Sue Ellen Mishkey-

But...but, women want to be treated EQUALLY to men, right? So why is it OK for a woman to hit a man, yet it is wrong for a man to defend himself or hit back AFTER being assaulted by a woman? Could it be that women don't actually want "equality", they want PREFERENTIAL treatment? This mindset is so hypocritical and disgusting, and makes me ashamed to be a woman. If I hit a man, I expect him to come back at me, and if he kicks my ass, then oh well, I deserved it for starting shit. I hate this idea that women can just beat up on men and they have to stand there and take it because "OMG U CANT HIT A WOOOOMAN". Bull SHIT. She started shit and expected that nothing would be done to her because men can't hit women, and dumb ass got her ass kicked. Maybe she learned a lesson here.

Oh, and i hate Joe Francis, he's a scumbag. And lucky us, he'll be here in 2010 for his trial (Panama City FL), so maybe I'll get to throw something at him. Only difference is I'll be prepared for a real beat down. It'll be worth it though!


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