Friday, October 09, 2009

Random Photos Part One

All week I have wanted to put this picture of Boomer in the photos and everyday I have forgotten. He is seven feet long and is the world's largest dog. Love it.
Alicia Silverstone wants us to buy her diet book. Seriously?
Her dad from Clueless was at her book signing. I didn't even recognize Dan Hedaya.
Andy Garcia looking sharp as always.
Not looking so sharp is Billy Joel.
Bai Ling was at an ASPCA event and if you didn't bring your pet you got to use this red carpet dog. Bai Ling is wearing tights or leggings.
This woman is not. Twice in two weeks we have the dress squat on the red carpet.
Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson are no longer together. Here is Cherry with Alison Pill.
The first picture I have seen in a long time of Chris Pine where he isn't walking out of a convenience store.
I think the safety pin just brings the whole outfit together for Drew.
I haven't seen Don Johnson in awhile.
It is kind of like
Hugh Jackman is walking towards you with takeout Chinese.
I really need to pay more attention to my calendar. Eddie Izzard was in town and I didn't go see him.
Julie Andrews and her daughter Emma.
Jennifer Aniston was re-shooting scenes from The Baster. Never a good sign. Now she is going to bring Jason Bateman into her world of box office bombs.
One of my favorite pictures of the day. Joseph Fiennes and John Cho.
Yes, it was Entertainment Tonight's fault the name on the cake was spelled wrong, but you would think Jon Gosselin would have picked up on it.
John Legend - Washington DC
Peter and Vandy is supposed to be great. Here are Jesse L. Martin, Jess Weixler, and Jason Ritter.
And another Jason, Jason Schwartz. He isn't in Peter and Vandy, he just happens to be another Jason after Jason Ritter and a few pictures beneath where I mentioned Jason Bateman.
Megadeath - Melbourne
Pierce Brosnan and Alec Baldwin.
"Oh, God. That bean burrito is kicking back."
"Hopefully no one will notice."
"Yes, I will blame it on William."
Patric Dempsey getting set to race in Miami.
Can monkeys get herpes?
Reggie looks thrilled to be back with Kim again.
Big shot Bob! The one player Lakers & Spurs fans can like.
Not a movie set and Rachel McAdams is pulling her own luggage.
Tom & Rita.
For the Taylor Lautner fans out there.


.robert said...

I imagined the chimp that chewed a woman's face and hands off recently, sigh.

mooshki said...

"Hugh Jackman is walking towards you with takeout Chinese."

Well there goes half your readership for the rest of the day.

Isn't "This woman" one of the alien twins from Days of Our Lives?

Sinjin said...

Cherry Jones and Sarah Paulson are no longer together. Here is Cherry with Alison Pill.

Paris is a petri dish, EW.

William looks so much like his mom :-)

Fiennes, Cho, Brosnan & Garcia, all YUMMY!

Paisley said...

Isn't Cherry about 30 years older than Alison?

Alison Pill should have been Emmy nominated for her In Treatment performance.

trashtalker said...

Oh, Enty. Charles would never eat a burrito.

FrenchGirl said...

what is this dog?

Hugh Jackman and his family is the new Cruise/holmes or Bennifer for paps? because i saw his candids every day

LOL on Chris Pine he always is in a grocery

surfer said...

Boomer is one big, scary dog. And umm, seeing as no one mentioned it yet, it's Jason SchwartzMAN.

West End Girl said...

Mmmm Joseph Fiennes - thank you Enty!

Race said...

yummy werewolf.

Pookie said...

holy mary, that dog is massive!

andy looks amazing. he's a beautiful person. LOVE him...BUT, he has a really, REALLY hairy back that's the ewwwww. seriously.

julie andrews looks lovely. go her!

love the john legend shot!

ick. nast. paris.

the little taylor boy makes me feel all kinds of perv. eep!

Ms Cool said...

Oh boy, I wouldn't mind takeout from Hugh Jackman.

Shmooey said...

DOGGYYYYYYY!!!!!! *swoon*

That poor little chimp... That's animal cruelty right there.

blog hopper said...

"Cher get in here!" Love the dad from Clueless.

Also love Jason Schwartzmann- he's hilarious in the hidden gem that is Slackers.

Karmen said...

Damn you, Jennifer Aniston for bringing Jason Bateman into your box office caca!

I don't know about monkeys, but my neighbors have a cat that has herpes. He sneezes up gross stuff. Ugh, I wish I hadn't reminded myself of that.

mooshki said...

Blog Hopper, "Slackers" is one of my favorite movies of all time.

peawry said...

I find it sad, depressing and reprehensible to see great apes used for such stupid purposes. Bad enough that they are wrenched away from their homes and parents and put into the entertainment industry. I wonder is "animal lover" Paris is aware of what will happen to poor Bentley when he is full grown and STRONG? A medical research lab perhaps where he can look forward to many years of horrible experiments perpetrated upon him. I am sorry for the depressing post but we really must end this. Thanks for listening.

Cheryl said...

Mmmm...Hugh Jackman. I'd like to kung pao his chicken and sweet and sour his pork.

amazonblue said...

Go Boomer! I read he is a Newfundland mix.

Eddie looks fantastic. I'm gonna put him on my Freebie 5.

Julie Andrews daughter looks just like her.

I miss Jessie Martin on L&O.

Apes carry a version of AIDS and one theory of the origins of AIDS in humans is from the eating of bushmeat. I wouldn't be surprised if that poor Chimp has a sore on its mouth next week.

Taylor Lautner is the most gorgeous jailbait.

ardleighstreet said...

Did Christmas come early?
First Hugh with Chinese.

Then Eddie who is awesome.

Jesse who I miss on L&O and haven't watched the show since losing both his character and Lenny. :(

Pierce Brosnan who still looks GOOD.

You have just filled my Friday with hot men and made Hugh walk toward me. Bless you Enty! I owe you a drink. ;)

RocketQueen said...

@Patra - I echo every word you just said. I'm sick of animals being exploited at events and on stage.

Wow - Chris Pine really looks like Kellan Lutz in that pic!

And...Don Johnson. Still dressing like it's the early 90s.

My guess is that Silverstone's book is all vegan recipes. Hey, we vegetarians might buy it!

MoodyBlueEyes said...

Holy Crap that dog is massive!

Mmmmmm, Andy Garcia. Rrowr.

Don Johnson is looking a lovely shade of orange.

Unknown said...

Um, I guess that reference to Chris Pine and convenience stores answers that blind about the B- (I think) actor who threw a canary b/c the convenience store clerk wouldn't take care of him ahead of other people in line, or some such business?

Wil said...

Sadness for Cherry and Sarah .. they were a great couple.

Eddie looks *sigh* wonderful ..

Back to sadness for Cherry and Sarah .. hate heartbreak and break ups .. just hate 'em.

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to buying Alicia Silverstone's book. I'm always up for anything that might add a new Vegan recipe or two to my repertoire.

warmislandsun said...

Jesse L Martin is a delicious man!

Unknown said...

Bai Ling has the Gollum pose and look down pretty well.

nunaurbiz said...

Patra, amazonblue: The animal pictured with Paris is clearly a monkey. Monkeys and apes are not the same. They are primates, but not the same.

Great apes include gorillas, orangutans, chimpanzees, orangutans, humans and bonobos. Lesser apes include gibbons.

Monkeys include capuchin, owl, titi, saki, spider and wooly.

Generally, only 1 percent of bushmeat is considered to be from APES. AIDS is believed to have been PARTIALLY spread from the eating of chimpanzees infected with a SIMILAR AIDS virus.

Wild monkeys who are trapped for distribution as pets are far more a risk for spreading HIV/AIDS than apes are.

nunaurbiz said...

P.S. Thanks, Enty, for the Eddie Izzard photo. That man is a comic GENIUS!!!!

nunaurbiz said...

Oh, and FYI: Scientists say transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus is "highly unlikely" through "kissing or the sharing of eating utensils and toothbrushes."

Oral sex, though, looks to be a likely culprit.

So it appears to be OK to swap spit with a monkey, but don't go any farther.

nunaurbiz said...

I might add, though, that monkeys, assuming they are told who Paris Hilton is, might not want to even risk a kiss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hee hee


amazonblue said...


I was trying to answer Enty's question by attempting to convey that there is a possibility of ape/human virus transmission and I was using the AIDS theory to support it.

The animal pictured with Paris is clearly an infant chimpanzee which is an ape, not a monkey.

The easiest way to determine the difference is whether or not the animal has a tail. Apes don't, monkeys do.

chihuahuense said...

Andy looks orange.

Seriously? The squat again? I mean, really?

Please don't do more Gosselins. Yuck.

John Legend is swoon-worthy.

But Jesse L. Martin. He is just too delicious.

lol @ royalty commentary.

ballyhoo. said...

is it just a bad picture or does alicia look really rough?

at least hugh made it home with our chinese food...*sigh*


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