Thursday, January 07, 2010

People's Choice Awards Photos - Part Three

Jackie Chan
James Denton & Erin O'Brien
Rascal Flatts
Jeff Probst
Jesse Spencer
Johnny Galecki
Kaley Cuoco
Kate Walsh
Kathryn Morris
Kellan Lutz


sunnyside1213 said...

Jackie Chan! At last someone I recognize. (OK, I recognized KLutz too.)

MnGddess said...

Didn't even recognize Jesse Spencer.

And people, if you can, watch the Big Bang Theory on CBS. It is HILARIOUS. It's rare to find a show these days that makes you laugh (hard) from start to finish. Start from Season One. Since laughter is the best medicine, consider this my small way of combatitng the H1N1 virus. Thank you.

MnGddess said...

Damn you, Sunny - for beating me to #1!!!!!!

warmislandsun said...

Johnnny Galecki looks really good.

RocketQueen said...

I didn't recognize Jesse Spencer, either!

And I have to say, I wouldn't watch The Big Bang Theory if it weren't for Jim Parsons. He makes it.

Brew Belle said...

I would not have known that was Kate Walsh.

...But I don't know hardly any of these people!

Anonymous said...

ditts on the Big Bang Theory! love it!!!

*knock knock* Penny
*knock knock* Penny
*knock knock* Penny

Genesis said...

gallecki has nice birthing hips

tigerjen77 said...

Is it just me or does Kellan really look like a life size Ken doll here?

MnGddess said...

DJ - LMAO!!!!

I freakin' LOVE that show. They need to get his character a girlfriend. Now THAT would be hilarious. He wouldn't know what to do!

deity2 said...

Bazinga!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sheldon rocks!

ClaireFrasier said...

I'd like to see Sheldon with Penny. Without breaking Leonard's heart, of course.

Unknown said...

sheldon is the best part of big bang (and like everyone else the reason i love it!) but i saw a photo of kunal nayyar (the guy that plays ranjesh) from last night on another site and he looked hot! i had never thought of him as hot before (the character and clothes gets in the way!)

shakey said...

That Rascal Flatts lead singer sure knows how to turn leather upholstery into clothing. At least he's talented at something.

Momster said...

Kathryn Morris looks so pretty--she's from Cold Case.

I've always had the hots for jeff Probst, I dunno why.

When my youngest son was about 8, he wanted to go as Jackie Chan at Halloween, lol.

Judi said...

Thank you, Kathryn Morris!
Everyone else looks like sheise.
Well,... except Probst. He looks good, too.

Kinsey Holley said...

Kaley Cuoco's vinyl dress ain't working for me at all. Looks like she's going to a BDSM cocktail party at Don Draper's place.

BIL/SIL turned me on to Big Bang Theory. I never watch network TV (ok, I watch House), but I'm hooked on Big Bang.

Mango said...

Another BBT fan here. I thought for awhile that they were going to have Penny and Sheldon hook up but I guess it wasn't to be, but I agree with mngddess that they need to give Sheldon a g/f (so he can spend a whole season just trying to unhook her bra :P ).

Rufus II said...

If I ever saw Johnny Galecki in person, I think I would have to throw him down and rip his clothes off. (I would ask politely first and only do it if he said yes, I'm no brute!) And I adore Jim Parsons. His timing, his character, he barely has to speak and I'm laughing my head off.

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