Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Helen Mirren gets the top spot because she is in The Last Station which is an incredible movie. Second to Hurt Locker this year for me.
The best part about Up In The Air was Anna Kendrick. She was great.
The Brazilian dance troupe Bale de Rua in Australia.
Cory Monteith for all you Glee fans.
I'm guessing Catherine Zeta Jones is not on PETA's Christmas card list. Just saying.
Datarock - Brisbane
Congratulations to Eva La Rue who got engaged again. Yes again because it is to the same guy she got disengaged from before.
Emma Watson for Burberry.
Everyone wants George Lucas' autograph.
Hilary and her dog in the airport.
Also there was Hugh Jackman.
Love Jeff Bridges. I didn't think Crazy Heart was all that though so don;t know why he keeps picking up awards. Long time no see Michelle Pfeiffer.
Jennifer Lopez in the airbrush award nominee cover of Elle.
Jeremy Renner in The Hurt Locker was incredible.
I didn't even recognize Jimmy Smits.
Kate Gosselin's makeover took 20 hours.
Keifer Sutherland looks great. Apparently a life of drinking and chain smoking has not hurt his looks.
How sad is it that the comic book featuring Lady GaGa looks more realistic than she does in real life?


RocketQueen said...

It's too bad Burberry treats animals so horrifically, their stuff is really hot lately. I'll bet CZJ is a big fan.

Ewww...Kate Gosselin just looks WEIRD.

Has anyone heard Patton Oswalt's comedy piece entitled "Kill George Lucas with a shovel!"? It's a hysterical and a must-see for any Star Wars fan.

More Puck, Less Finn!

sunnyside1213 said...

Is Michelle Pfeiffer ever going to age? Wonder if she has a portrait in the attic like Dorian Grey.

Missjenny619 said...

i want i want i want!!!

Pookie said...

helen mirren looks fantastic!

the for the balé de rua (ballet of the street) pic, enty! they are incredible. i've seen them live and they're an impressive ballet/samba/capoeira/modern dance show of force. go them!

boo hiss on the fur, but czj looks great there (wow, she's got big hands).

love the emma watson/burberry ad!

jho's outfit looks like it's made to air out pits. how is this attractive?

no wayyyyyy....that's really kate g.?

notachance said...

There's an awful lot of tartlets out there who could benefit greatly from emulating Helen Mirren.

mooshki said...

Ooh, great idea, Eva! Next time I have nothing to wear, I'm going to tie a ribbon around my nightgown too.

"...don't know why he keeps picking up awards."

Because he's The Dude, man!

I love Keifer. I have to go watch the Christmas tree video again.

MnGddess said...

The only news I want to hear about Khate Gosselin is when she gets her kids taken away.

joey bagadonuts said...

Kate looks great & I like her - I wish her lots of rainbows and shooting stars: )

Ice Angel said...

Emma Watson=GORGEOUS!!! (Lindsay, Ali, et al other young celebs take note!)

Kiefer looks great.

Kate actually looks really cute with the long hair! Much more fun loving and young. The more her douchbag ex acts up the more I understand why she sometimes acted the way she has.

Sporky said...

Emma does look wonderful. I really like her.

And I want to be Helen Mirren when I grow up. If that ever happens.

selenakyle said...

Gotta say, I love that sick top on JLo on the Elle cover.

Lolita Breckenridge said...

Which pic is more fake? JLo or Lady Gaga?

Also, I'm in love with Helen Mirren.

altar boy said...

Love Helen Mirren in the top spot, but what I really want are more pics of her looking sexy in a bikini! She is so amazing.

LottaColada said...

Emma looks gorgeous

J.Lo has been making rather poor clothing choices lately, the 2000 Grammy's have passed honey!

Hilary and pooch look tired.

did not at all recognize Kate G

chopchop said...

I think the Michelle Pfeiffer caption is a blind reveal ... wasn't there one about an aging actress who hasn't been seen in a while b/c she got a complete face overhaul?

kimmypie1 said...

Cory looks like he has really thick thighs, and not in a good way.

califblondy said...

Damn, Michelle looks gorgeous.

How old is CZJ really?

Janelle said...

I love Kiefer's Christmas tree video, also!

Is he dressed up for a role in this pic?

TinselSass said...

Fantastic photos and captions today. Thanks, Enty!

Did any of you see the Defamer BLIND today about the actress who had trouble getting into the White House due to her stated age being different than her real age? By about ten years? Guesses lean toward CZJ.

califblondy said...

It seemed to me CZJ stayed at 39 for a couple of years. I think she finally made the 40 leap last year?

bionic bunny! said...

jeff is still winning awards, but lloyd is still dead, dammit.
god, i love the bridges dynasty. miss lloyd.

mooshki said...

I agree, Bunny. He was amazing.

Unknown said...

rocket queen i am with you - we need waaaayy more puck - preferably not wearing very much!

mooshki said...

(I used to love the movie 'Blown Away,' but I haven't been able to watch it since he died. It made me cry even before he passed.)

MCH said...

Helen Mirren on top! Yay!

I think CZJ & MP look fantastic. I did hear that thing about her age. Who knows??

What is Eva La Rue doing now?? The last time i saw her was when she was on that show Modern Girl's Guide to Life, which I quite enjoyed.

♥ Hermione/Emma
That's another one the starlets should emulate!

Don't like Kate but I did the long hair much better than the punkrock possum or whatever they called it.

Aimée said...

Kate looks a teeny bit like Kendra Wilkinson with the new hair - just me?

Kelsey said...

oh man, thanks for the datarock mention! they are fabulous!

Kelsey said...

PS, I agree rocketqueen, MORE PUCK! =)

chihuahuense said...

Jimmy Smits looks like Tom Hanks.

The guy behind George Lucas looks like a chubbier Keifer.

Sorry, I used to think CSJ looked beautiful, but now her face is odd.

ChasingHeaven said...

F YOU Catherine Zeta Jones.

FYI -- It's not the 1800s anymore, you don't have to resort to wearing fur. We have plenty of new materials these days that are more fashionable, affordable and frankly, more durable than that bloody massacre you're wearing.


lanasyogamama said...

I think I have a girl crush on Emma Watson. Yes, I do.

JLO looks like a young Gloria Estefan in that photo. She looks good, she just doesn't look like herself.

Mistik said...

CZJ's eyes look wonky. She looks like she had plastic surgery. For a buck ninety nine.

Elle Kaye said...

I was enjoying that until I got to Kate. Uugh...

Mistik said...

And what is JLo promoting that she's on the cover of magazines and doing NYE? That awful Louboutins screech??

Mistik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ballyhoo. said...

chopchop! you just might be on to something there, good one!

wtf is eva la rue wearing?! i agree it looks like a nightgown. with a ribbon belt. :/

that picture someone is holding to the side of george lucas's head kind of looked like someone holding a box cutter to his neck to me at first glance.

love the dude and kate gosselin seems to get younger and happier looking the longer she is away from douchedad.

0 said...

Oh god there is a GaGa comic book? Do want! Love love lover her!

And I hope to look half as good as Michelle Peiffer does when I'm her age. She's still so stunning.

mags said...

Love, love, love Helen Mirren. Beautiful.

Jeff Bridges looks great.

Emma Watson is a doll.

Henriette said...

JBlow is not back. She is stuck in 1999. CZJ is about 51 if the rumor is right.

blankprincess said...

My word, Emma Watson is just amazingly beautiful! Who would've thunk it back when she was a pre-teen in the first few HP flicks?

The Dude Abides said...

@mooshki-"Because he's the Dude, man"


Babs said...

Helen Mirren is and always will be a beautiful, classy woman.

Emma Watson is turning into a smokin' hottie. Hope she stays grounded.

As for the CZJ photo comments - just wondering if all the fur-haters out there eat meat?

I think the Lady GaGa comic book is missing a word - it needs a bit ole' "W-H-O-R-E" added just below "FAME".

figgy said...

I'm in the middle of watching Dexter Season 3, and Jimmy Smits is INCREDIBLE in it!! Makes me want to see him in more...

Donna said...

I really don't think that Lady Ga Ga is a woman. Lady Ga Ga gives me the willies, and I do mean the kind you get from a Tranny.

RocketQueen said...

@Babs - no, I don't eat meat.
And many people who DO eat meat are still aware of how cruelly fur is harvested. If you'd like more information, I'd be happy to supply.

Judi said...

Looks to me like CZJ's coat is fake. I've got one that looks better than hers here and mine is definitely 100% poly-something.

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