Monday, January 04, 2010

Random Photos Part One

There was nothing that really stood out for top spot today so it just kind of worked out this way with Angelina Jolie on top headed in to Mary Poppins with the brood and
and Brad Pitt with the rest of the brood.
The Celebrity Apprentice cast. Meh. Throw them all in a house with no plumbing or electricity, give them unlimited booze, Twinkies and Red Bull and tell them they can't leave for a month.
Christina Aguilera hosting a New Years Eve party.
Ditto for Nicole Richie and Joel Madden.
Dear Chris Brown's new girlfriend,

1. Make sure your health insurance is paid in full each month.
2. Keep Rihanna's photo of her battered face all over your house.
3. Remember that Elizabeth Berkeley in Showgirls was a character and not a role model.
Fergie at a Dolphins game.
Oh, and Josh was there too.
Gerard Butler showing off his body on the beach.
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Lorne, Australia
Hayden P arriving in Miami looking remarkably like Tatum O'Neal in Bad News Bears.
And a few hours later at a party.
I just can't stop staring at Jake's eyebrows.
Throw a shag scarf around Jennifer Lopez and you have yourself a 70's nightmare.
As for her New Years Eve outfit? Wow, there just are not enough words.
In preparation for his new career as a diver, Jason Statham gets ready for the 2012 Olympics in London. He is showing fine form here
Yes, keeping the hands back, not letting his girlfriend distract him.
Oh, there is a slight bobble. That will cost him some points with the judges I'm afraid.
Regains nicely for the entry though.
Also on the boat with Jason were a dog. Oh and Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr.
A first time appearance for the one and only Josh Sussman.
Leo and Bar in Mexico.
Nick Jonas doing some food bank work.
Nick and Vanessa on New Years Eve.
Ne-Yo - Las Vegas
Adam Lambert and Pamela Anderson judge who is wearing the most makeup.
Pamela Bach's milkshake includes four shots of tequila.
Paul Vandervort and his latest photoshoot. Fully clothed.
Partially clothed.
And not so many clothes.
Who guessed Robin Givens? Not me. Didn't recognize her.
Yeah, I don't think that is going to help much Ryan.
Shania Twain lighting the Olympic Torch.
Tiger Woods on the cover of Vanity Fair.


Sporky said...

I wonder if JLo wore one of these with that catsuit:

FrenchGirl said...

funny ! dicaprio and butler have the same fat diet!

Jlo must fire her stylist!

Jason Statham was in the swimming olympic british team and we can see it!

Toothy Tiles is super hairy!

St Angie , the goat and their children are out!

RocketQueen said...

Ok - off topic but did anyone besides Jax and me watch the NYE countdown with Kathy Griffin and Mah Boo?! She was ON him making him SO uncomfortable it was crazy. At one point he just said "I seriously have no idea what you're talking about."

Now for the photos:

Oh Vanessa Lemon-Jello - that outfit. Give it up. You will never be royalty. And if that's real fur, I spit in your face.

I actually kind of like J-Lo's dress. Not convinced that it needed that belt, though. Gorgeous colours. That second outfit? Unbelievable.

Leo looks pretty good at the mo.

Nicole Richie looks great - as she usually does nowadays.

Chris Brown's new girlfriend: your mother must be so proud. I wonder what you do for a living besides starfuck?

Oh man, if Brad would just shave that beard he would be incredibly hot still.

Sporky said...

And where are the Brangelina behbehs??

P.S. Maybe it's just me, but in the last few pictures I've seen of Nicole and Joel, he seems very distanced from her, like he's mentally somewhere else.

sunnyside1213 said...

Gerard Butler. WTF? Step away from the cupcakes.

Patty said...

RE: Brange
Gray and black. Black and gray. Can't those kids ever wear anything that's actually, Oh I don't know, kid-like. What about some red, purple, green, orange, blue? It's like looking at depression era pictures. How about dressing up for the show??

OK, I'm done with the venting.

MnGddess said...

Enty - Jason Sttham WAS on the British Olympic diving team, actually.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela are FANTASTIC!!!!

I would have loved to see Ne-Yo in Vegas..

MnGddess said...

Enty - Jason Sttham WAS on the British Olympic diving team, actually.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela are FANTASTIC!!!!

I would have loved to see Ne-Yo in Vegas..

Anonymous said...

I can't stand this idiot Trump with his pucker lips.

Doesn't look like Christina A.

Nicole looks nice in that hair color.

Gerard looks puggy.

Most of the time I like what JLo wears but this time don't care for the red dress or catsuit, especially the catsuite.

Jason Statham very very nice.

Orlando B. looks whimpy.

And Ryan looks very gay to me. Maybe he is Toothy LOL.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mentioned Tiger looks ridiculous in that pose.

mooshki said...

STATHAM!!! Have I told you lately that I love you, Enty?

libby said...

Actually, Patty, I've seen plenty of warmer-weather clothes in color on the J-P family. I think what you're seeing is outerwear. If they choose the same color scheme, it's much easier to dress a HUGE family faster. Neutrals also hand down better.

People love to hate on them, but I really like that they dress their kids normally. They're accused of whoring them out enough, could you imagine if everybody were dressed up, too?

Genesis said...

Statham is hawt. Tiger looks like he belongs in bitch prison.

MISCH said...


libby said...

JLo's NYE outfit: There was a close-up flash photo of her backside on another site. You can clearly see where the outfit had a strip of fabric added in the back, and the zipper re-placed---to 'let out' the crotch. The torso was supposed to be about and inch and a half shorter.

That's why the butt fit so poorly. It doesn't matter how nice your ass looks when you have Nucular Camel Toe on national t.v.

libby said...

Tiger needs to trim those pubes around his nips.

lutefisk said...

I want to know where to buy the hat Maddox is wearing.

jax said...

gerard what have you done?? no no no. kidding! that was some serious awkward giggling Mah Boo Anderson had going on! i love some Kathy,but that was bordering manic!
or maybe they both had a case of the drunks??

mygeorgie said...

Tiger needs to keep his preppy little ass covered up. That is nasty.

Thanks Sporky for the link! That'll come in handy ;)

ballyhoo. said...

gerard and moobs?!? what? noooo!

nicole looks great with darker hair!

jlo....oh jlo. dress #1 i like, but hate the belt. #2...maybe someone threatened to expose her as mv unless she wore that outfit onstage?

and i'm sorry, but chris brown's girlfriend is either a) VERRRY fame hungry or b) being paid.

Unknown said...

ok i want miranda kirrs butt - mine looks nothng like that and it is not fair (or may have something to do with my boredom eating and couch sitting life style) - seriously it looks photoshopped - bloody amazing!


statham is hot (never realised how much until these dive pics

jake reminds me of a muppet or sesame street character with those eyebrows (and after seeing him do 'separate')

does hayden strap on her bitch face at the same time as her party shoes?

nicole richie looks good and she has made him look hotter (hair style, decent clothes)

and i love the way the brange clan alld resses (possibly because i only wear black and grey as well!!)

rocket queen - isn't star fucker a legit career now? she should be ashamed.

dont know who that paul guy is - but two things 1-he pings my gayday and 2-i don't care i still want to lick those abs!

and can jlo just go away....

B626 said...

Love Ne-Yo
Love Jason
not so much J-Lo
and toes

nunaurbiz said...

Gerry with a paunch!!! I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE!!!!!

I'm sooooo hoping he's going to be at Sundance when I am.....drooooooollllll.....

nunaurbiz said...

FYI, Ryan Seacrest twittered this last week when he was getting ready for NY Eve show:

I don't I like it I like chicks!!!!

Haha something I just heard on radio about me at gym! C u on e!RT @anoushka81: huh??

Melody the First said...

Looks Goopy copped my 1968 Peter Maxx bedspread and whipped it into a dress for JLo.

lanasyogamama said...

I don't know how Brange gets the girls in all that gray and black. My 3 yo girl would punch me out.

I like JLo's dress. Way better than the catsuit.

I'm desperately jealous of Miranda Kerr's ass. I can't imagine what it would be like to walk around all day with an ass like that. Sigh.

That Paul Vandervort guy sure gets cuter as the clothes come off!

Judi said...

JLo does not know how to dress, has never known how to dress, has never looked good. She has no taste.

That's a long way down for Jason!

Nice to see that Leo D has filled out and finally looks like a grown man.

Adam wins that contest.

Seacrest's brow bone is SO prominent, why the pencil?

Am disappointed to see Tiger on a VF cover. Also never thought I'd see the words "never-before-seen photos" on a VF cover either. Won't be buying this issue.

Leah said...

I love Josh on Glee, and man, does he rock that Jew-fro.

Pookie said...

i'm w/ sporky, i want to see the brangelina bebés.

libby, omg, i must find the jlo pic you're talking about!

lol @ ltr to chris brown's gf! she looks like she could take you on and take you out. cb needs to tread craefully.

fergie looked great...loved the don shula serenade.

rodrigo & gabriela! *hearts*

jho's 70s pantsuit last week at the dolphins game was way better than this raiding of mrs. roper's closet.

oh jason statham, how do i love thee...

idk who this paul vadersomething person is, but his thighs are PERFECTION.

tiger's bellybutton. OMG. women how does he get women to sleep with him???!!! ICK. NAST.

Judi said...

With you all the way, Pookie, about Tiger. Not in a million years would I touch him. Just do not find him attractive.

Tenley said...

Wow, I must be the only person on the planet who prefers the Tiger on the cover. I mean I saw it and thought, hmmm, he could really take off with a complete whole new image. Maybe I'm wrong.

As for the Brangelina kids -- especially the girls -- in all black? Really? Can't recall even ONE piece of black material among the four nieces I have between the ages of 2 and 8. All pinks and purples and reds and yellows and stripes and polka dots and preferably all in one.

shakey said...

Pomme - you have a bestselling children's book right there - St. Angie and The Goat.

shakey said...

I think that Trump cast needs to be on The Colony. See how quickly they turn to cannibalism.

Chris Brown can now only get bottom-of-the-barrel dates.

Fergie looks small there. And nice to see she's keeping Josh on a tight leash.

The body suit threw me, too, but I understand the look considering it was cold. However, she could have just worn a coat.

Now we know where Orlando keeps his LOTR tat.

Red is not Ryan's colour. Makes him look like an old man.

Can't stand to look at that Tiger picture. My son has a friend who wears the same expression. Freaks me out.

OT - Tila Tequila's gf died - is this old news today? The Johnson & Johnson heiress?

Kinsey Holley said...

POOKIE, WORD! I first saw the VF cover over at DListed and I could not look away from the Belly Button. Damn! That thing is scary, scary gross.

Jason Statham now....ooh wee....

chihuahuense said...

oh yes, Pookie. That was the first thing I thought "that is one fucked up belly button" And he does look like he is undressing you--yuck!

I just want to see the Brange babies too! How big must they be? Oh, and I don't see anything wrong with what the kids are wearing. We have almost nothing black in our house, though, but not because I don't LOVE black, but because my yellow lab acts like a cat all swishy on me.

Seriously, what is up with Robin's face? Way different.

That Paul boy is a little too smooth. Makes me feel like a pervert looking at him.

I don't know who this Miranda chick is but she is BANGING in that swimsuit. I am SOOO JEALOUS!!! UGH!!!!

I actually like Jho's dress (and hair). But I think that I have NO style because when I had my first and only garage sale the old ladies were like flies on shit with my clothes. That made me depressed.

I don't mind the pudge on Gerard, but he needs to change the glasses and those horrible shorts.

New Chris Brown starfucker girlfriend--I really have no words.

MCH said...

Chris Brown's date/gf looks like someone off People of
I say that mostly because of the dress...yuck.

I like J Lo's first dress but the NYE outfit is like something from a bad 1970's sci fi movie. I wonder what Mariah would have done differently...

Kelli said...

Today the NY Post had a picture of Brad holding Shiloh and the caption said something like "Brad Pitt takes son Shiloh out to see Mary Poppins"...the poor kid is being mistaken for a boy b/c they dress her up like one.

Laurie-Anne R Collins said...

Rodrigo Y Gabriela kick much ass!

lmnop123 said...

Regarding the J-P children the parents let them choose their own clothes. Shiloh is going through her boy phase, Brad mentioned that she likes to be called "John". I've also seen Zahara wearing a purple flowing skirt this summer. And, let's not forget that one of the boys Pax or Maddox had blue hair for a while so it looks like if the children want to wear colors then that's their prerogative.

Also if you see your parents wearing black and gray all the time you just might want to do the same.

Mango said...

Jason Statham looks yummy!

LOL @ whoever told Gerard Butler to step away from the cupcakes!

Who is Josh Sussman and why is he channeling Art Garfunkel??

Tatyana said...

Blogger Judi said...

"JLo does not know how to dress, has never known how to dress, has never looked good. She has no taste."

What she does have a husband who's a megastar in Latin America (a pretty large market), two children, and tons of money. All in all, not a bad tradeoff to me.

TheGoldenSockPuppet said...

I cant stand J_lo or her husband Skeletor but i think she looks sexy in that body suit because her body finally has that mature, normal, "everywoman" shape to it. Its normal and realiatic, not ugly and too gymned out and veiny like Madonna,

Babs said...

Tiger scares me. Make him go away. Now.

Mango said...

@ Babs - Yeah, Tiger does look like a serial killer in that pic, doesn't he? Like he's been photographed working out in the prison gym or something. I wish he'd put on a Nike® golf shirt stat so I can then wish that he and his "blip on a radar" sponsor both go to hell.

Tax Attorney said...

"The Celebrity Apprentice cast. Meh. Throw them all in a house with no plumbing or electricity, give them unlimited booze, Twinkies and Red Bull and tell them they can't leave for a month." - Reason No. 1,357 I love CDAN.

Although some of the foregoing posts have caused me to think that something similar could also be behind the institutional black and gray wear.

__-__=__ said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
__-__=__ said...

Just how old is Chris Brown's girlfriend?!??!?! Rodrigo Y Gabriela are great! And I just want to know how much Annie got for selling those photos to Vanity Fair?????

bionic bunny! said...

re tiger woods cover:
not so much.

i want some of whatever annie's smokin'. he looks like a little boy playing "prison bitch dress-up". ugh.

Dee said...

Why can't JLO accept that she hasn't got the body of an 18 year old girl anymore? That catsuit thing!! Ughh!!

I'm almost ashamed to admit that I find the goat's chin hair rather sexy. But it's a shame he doesn't dye it the same colour that he dyes his head hair - it's a real mismatch!

Tiger needs to skulk away into oblvion, now. He's made enough million$$ to keep him (and his sex mates) for many lifetimes. I don't think he'll eve4r show his face in public again, let alone play professional golf.

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