Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Random Photos Part One

No special top photo again today, but by luck and the spelling of her name, Amy Adams on her way into Good Morning America gets the top spot.
Anna Friel says she is 5'2". Her co-star is 6'3". I'm guessing Anna is under 5 feet. Just saying. Oh how I wish this was Tom Cruise and not Anna Friel.
Andy Roddick and his wife in Australia.
Ashlee Simpson and her saran wrapped child.
Gwyneth Paltrow on the way into her gym.
For probably the only time in her life, Holly Madison has more clothes on than the rest of the people in the photo with her.
Jenna Elfman and Radio Man. She then signed him up for a complimentary stress test.
Jennifer Garner looking very casual.
So, Lindsay Lohan took Ali along with her to St. Barth's. Supposedly Lindsay punched a guy in the face at a bar who was talking to Ali. Why was Ali in a bar in the first place? Who lets their 16 year old daughter go somewhere out of the country with their drug using older sister???
Michael Cera on his way into Letterman.
Miley Cyrus is laughing because she had no idea the Police were a band. She always assumed they were the guys who drove around in black and white cars.
If you click on the picture and make it larger you can see that Mary Kate Olsen has mastered the difficult skill of holding cell phone, car keys and money all between two fingers while holding a coffee cup. Well played Mary Kate.
Not so well played are Nicole Richie and her Willy Wonka glasses.
Jude Law's ex, Sadie Frost on the cover of a magazine with no airbrushing.
Meanwhile Jude's current girlfriend Sienna Miller was on the beach and also not airbrushed.
Sarah Jessica Parker was presumably brushed considering she just came out of a hair salon.
I will admit it. Teri Hatcher looks good here.
Congratulations to Vince Vaughn who got married over the weekend.
Congratulations to Katy Perry and Russell Brand who got engaged over the weekend.


Genesis said...


stigs84 said...

I remember knowing who Amy Adams was back in 2000 when she was a nobody.

Cruel Intentions 2 was one of my guilty pleasures. Any one else ever see it?

Anonymous said...

I like Amy Adams she is cute and her movies are cute.

Ashlee looks like a bee with those awful shades.

Is Fishstick parking illegally???

Jenna, don't like her she is too weird. Is she pregnant?

Garner don't really care for her. She looks like she lost a lot of weight.

HillyBilly Cyrus + her new victim LOL.

Sluttly Sienna.

Teri Hatcher looks weird in that pose.

VV surprised he got married. His wife looks way too pretty for him.

sunnyside1213 said...

Way to go Sadie!

libby said...

We can count on a few "Poor Jen" cover stories this week, since VV got married. THE GIRL RIGHT AFTER HER.
Ugh. Even if they weren't meant to be or whatever, it's still a blow to the ego.

Everybody swears VV only uses beards, tho. Who knows? At least Jen gets more publicity from this.

If people didn't feel sorry for her, would she disappear?

libby said...

I think VV's next girlfriend became his wife. I know Tony Romo got engaged immediately after he finally stopped faking it w/ JS. I might be confusing the two.

califblondy said...

Teri Hatcher was a guest on The View when I was in the audience a few years back and she has the ugliest, boniest knees.

Katy and Russell are engaged? Wow.

Didn't Jena Elfman have the kid already? She sure has on a ton of make-up.

Can't Jen Garner make just a little bit of an effort? My Mama always said "Don't leave the house without lipstick!"

ballyhoo. said...

teri looks good....for a scary muppet.

RocketQueen said...

Nicely done, Sadie!

Congrats to Katy and Russell - shall we start the betting on how long it lasts now? I say under a year.

Oh Nicole. Those glasses, no. Although, at least she's not wearing them to hide the fact she's high, they way I bet Asslee is.

Garner is wasting away.

lutefisk said...

Goopy looks homeless.
califblondy--my mother always said the same thing---"put on some lipstick before you leave the house."

Sporky said...

I'm sure Sting & Co. would be thrilled Skankarella's peen piece is wearing a Police T. *barf*

And YES! You KNOW the supermarket rags are working themselves into a lather doing a "Poor Jen - still lonely" cover story...boo hooo...

amazonblue said...

I don't care for Russell Brand or Katy Perry, but that's a great picture of them and the Taj Mahal.

Vince looks like he slimmed down, good for him.

Jenna Elfman is heavily preggers, like 7 months.

Isn't Amy Adams pregnant too?

Kinsey Holley said...

I admit it - I think Russell Brand is charming as hell and I love the two of them together, and I think she's reformed him and they'll live happily ever after.

Of course, I write romance novels and I always think a pile of shit means a pony is somewhere nearby, so I'm not going to bet money on this.

figgy said...

Teri Hatcher has put on some much-needed weight and looks great! I was noticing that on DH the other night.

Wait--I thought Vince Vaughn was gay...?

Linnea said...

sadie is HOT!

and yes, amy adams is pregnant. Unless Isla Fisher is, I honestly cannot tell them apart!

Unknown said...

I hope someone crashed VV's wedding.

Kat said...

I'm with you, Kinsey. Something about Russell Brand makes me happy, and I have no idea why because he's basically against everything I stand for.

I like Amy Adams, too. Saw 'Sunshine Cleaning' over the weekend and thought it was great. She's been in some really decent films and so far hasn't become tabloid fodder.

Seattle_Strips said...

Kudos to Sadie! Impressive after three kids!

What did SJP have done in that salon? Her roots are atrocious; is that look on purpose?!

Bitter Queen said...

I can't help myself. I just adore Jennifer G. I think she's the loveliest thing.

In my nightmares, CA overturns prop 8 and forces me to marry Vince Vaughan.

Susan said...

I love Vince Vaughn. I don't care if that's unpopular. He makes me laugh. I would totally drink with him. If I had to pick an asshole to be friends with in La La Land, it would be him.

I am shocked about Katy Perry and Russell Brand being engaged. Both of them annoy me.

I love Jennifer Garner, but I'm feeling very Tim Gunn while looking at her. I know she's a mom, but honey - smart pants and a cute flat go a long way.

califblondy said...

Figgy, do you mean the dream sequence where she was fat?? Man, that was funny as hell.

kimmypie1 said...

Is calling Ashlee Simpson, and not Ashley Simpson-Wentz a hint??

RocketQueen said...

@linnea - I'm with you - I CONSTANTLY confuse Amy Adams and Isla Fisher. Nowadays I always just assume it's Amy because her career's on fire.

@Susan - with you, too! Don't care what people say about Vince (my ex met him in a bar and said he was an arrogant douche), he makes me laugh in every single movie he's in. His inflection and timing are awesome. Let's kidnap him and take him drinking before the wedding!

sunnyside1213 said...

Isla has brown eyes and Amy has blue. I think Isla is much funnier than Amy.

Tara said...

I have to admit, I think Nicole Richie looks awesome there. I wish I could pull off those glasses. I can do the hair and the coat, but not those glasses and I like them. ;-)

Unknown said...

I think the only way Russell Brand and Katy Perry will make it work is if they have an open marriage and she truly doesn't care about his sex life when she isn't in the room (and vice-versa, if she's into that sort of thing too). I agree that's a very cute photo of them in front of the Taj Mahal. :)

MCH said...

I can't ever tell Amy/Isla apart either!!! I love them both. Isla is the one married to Borat right?

I can't tell Mary Kate/Ashley apart either for that matter.

I heart Michael Cera.

Miss X said...

Enty, I'm a short girl and totally buying that Anna Friel is only 5'2" based on that picture. You don't realize how tall people are unless you are short!

Katy Perry & Russell Brand are engaged? Isn't that a match made in ____!

mooshki said...

Stigs84, yep, I saw CI2. It was supposed to be the pilot for a tv show, but it didn't get picked up so they turned it into a movie. I used to be sad that the show died, but I think they re-created it as 'Gossip Girl.' :)

Don't worry, Enty, Ali Lohan was caught in a time warp and is actually 48.

Michael Cera jumped the shark when he was being a dick about the AD movie.

LMAO, Kinsey!!!

shakey said...

I have a question about "stars" who have plastic surgery then have children - do they find their children to be ugly when they look just like them pre-surgery?

wth is homeless-looking GOOP getting out of the driver's side while the car is in reverse?

Jennifer looks anorexic while the Lohan girls look like they're trolling for tricks.

I do not like Michael Cera. Kudos to Sadie!

I really liked last night's episode of DH. Sad Karl is off the show, though.

Can I come drinking with Vince Vaughan, too?

Susan said...

Isla is married to Borat and was in Shopaholic, which is nothing like the book FYI.

Shakey, hell's yeah you can drink with us and Vince Vaughn. Although, I am a bit bummed to hear of Rocket Queen's hubs finding him to be a douche. VV failed the husband test. (My gfs and I agree that if our husbands think a fellow is a douche, than yeah, he's a douche.) Hee.

Those Lohan broads are so terribly rough. They should be looking all young, healthy and aglow. I would kill to look like I did in my 20s. I truly believe that our schools in America should just show kids then and now pics of Lindsay Lohan, Amy Winehouse and these girls who just passed away as exhibit A of drugs and its affect on your bod, mind and soul.

MCH said...

@ Susan, I just finished the last Shopaholic book and I was SO disappointed with the movie version but had been forewarned that I would be. Isla was ok in it.

I haven't heard anything lately on the AD movie. I hope its not going to fall apart.

lanasyogamama said...

I love Jen Garner, and I think it's SO awesome that she isn't obsessed with herself and her primping, like most women in Hollywood. She is gorgeous!!!!

lmnop123 said...

I also love Jennifer Garner and am glad she wears jeans and busy mom/working woman clothes. She has lost weight but as long as she's still healthy I applaud her.

Isla Fisher (sp.?) is ENGAGED to Borat and the have a child together but they are not married.

Amy Adams is engaged and pregnant with her first child.

Jen Elfa is 7 months pregnant which she stated on the Live with Regis and Kelly show today.

Lissa THEEE Pissa said...

Enty, from the bottom of my heart, as the sister of 4 young women~ thank you for blatantly calling out the crazy ass mess that is the Lohan girls' life. Why hasn't anyone stepped in with this family?! Ali is 16, so how old does that make whateverthehellhisnameis?!
Way to go Social system!

Kim said...

I'm pretty sure GOOP is in England so it only looks like she's on the wrong side of the car. Over there she'd be on the passenger side.

lana said...

ok is anyone else pissed that terri hatcher's fat suit thing for desperate housewives made her look normal except for her face which they made oddly nonproportionate? i mean she easily looked a size 5 or 7 which is 127 pounds at least. i just don't think she deserves any publicity if she is on a prime time network show and descides to "play a fat person". i mean i only weigh 131.5 pounds as of today and i find her highly annoying offensive. i hope she hurts when she sees the effects of her unrealistic standards she sets on her daughter. oh and i like sjp's roots. very so cali and in right now

Mango said...

Mary Kate Olsen - Jeez what a HEIFER with those huge thighs 'n all - But seriously, she looked almost normal in that pic.

caydian said...

Sadie Frost looks great...but is she sitting on a brick?

Maja With a J said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't tell Amy Adams/ Isla Fisher apart *L*

Elle Kaye said...

I saw an interview with Isla Fisher once and they were talking about her movies and she said if she ever makes a bad one and gets asked about it she would just say it was Amy Adams. I thought that was funny.

That is a great picture of Amy Adams up at the top.

Babs said...

Jenna Elfman is 7 months pregnant and wearing THOSE SHOES????? Wow. I would have broken both ankles. (Or cankles, at 7 months...)

Ice Angel said...

LOOOOOOVE Amy Adams! She was soooo great in Enchanted. My daughter and I watch that movie over and over and she was so fun to watch!

Dose Ali Lohan have an eating disorder? She literally looks like a beanpole! Nothing attractive about her whatsoever. I saw her in some Disney movie about a boy magician and she was supposed to be the "out of his league" popular girl. She was AWFUL!!!

Wish I looked like Sadie after all those kids! Go girl!

I actually think GOOP is in England and therefore is getting out of the passenger side of the "motorcar."

I love you Michael Cera, but can you please speak to your agent about finding you some new roles that aren't the "nerd with the heart of gold and so awkward around women its totally charming" ones? I'd love to see him play a killer or something!

VV's new wife reminds me of Jessica Biel and looks like she could kick some ass. I too love VV and would love to hang out with him for a night...love his sense of humor. I bet some people find it irritating or whatever, but I think he's really cool...plus he's from sweet home Chicago!

Russell Brand was hilarious in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I love how he just is what he is and makes no apologies. Hilarious when the other guy (can't remember his name) was talking about how he could never have a bunch of women all at once and Russell answered empathetically..."Yeah...it's a gift." And how he taught the nerdy guy how to have sex! LOL! that said, I cannot stand Katy Perry!

And talk about being unpopular...I just adore Miley! I think she is adorable and has a fantastic voice. Sorry!

Tempestuous Grape said...

WOW! Vince doesn't look half bad in that pic. I am shocked!

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