Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today so don't worry I haven't lost my mind. Mariah Carey isn't on top but this is what she looked like sober before her speech.
The very lovely Marion Cotillard.
It kind of looks like Maksim is about to get some tongue from the fan on the street.
On the beaches yesterday were Naomi Campbell.
Kate Moss
And finally Naomi Watts.
Speaking of Naomi. She was in Australia and her buddy Nicole and Keith and Monday Carnation were all back in LA.
Happy 2010 to Princess Letizia.
Apparently Pete Wentz thinks this look makes him look tough.
Queen Latifah judges the merits of this glass of water while Dania Ramirez looks on.
Rebecca Gayheart kind of looks like Fergie here. Minus the pregnancy of course. And I don't know if Rebecca can sing. So, maybe it is just the glasses and hair.
Not looking his finest is Zach Galagalagalagala
I have seen Jessica Szohr looking better also.
But back to Zach.


RocketQueen said...

Lainey has some priceless pics of Kate Moss's ass post-Xmas on her site today on that same beach. And speaking of which, has anyone seen her blind today?? Shocking and outrageous and sad.

There's just something about Jessica Szohr that bothers me, but it might just be her character on Gossip Girl, or the fact she's dating Ed Westwick and I'm not.

Ice Angel said...

Monday Carnation is actually REALLY cute!!!

Pookie said...

is that zinc oxide on naomi campbell's lips? she couldn't find any other type of sunscreen?

the cutie watts/shreiber baby is getting so big!

ditto little sunday.

yes! we're back to stalking the spanish royals!

pete wentz. still douchtastic in 2010.

horizontal stripes are always a don't...esp when pregnant.

*hearts* captain sully!

Rufus II said...

Zacd Galifianakis'(sp who knows) face looks like a rubber mask or something. It's kind of scary.

lutefisk said...

I can't stand Naomi Campbell, but she does have a really nice figure.

Ice Angel said...

Rocket Queen-I'm guessing Courtney Love for that Lainey Blind.

sunnyside1213 said...

It's a wonder Mimi could walk in that dress.

lmnop123 said...

Ice Angel I agree. IIRC we heard that Courtney had lap band or (gastro) surgery last year.

Maybe that's how she lost custody of the Bean.

RocketQueen said...

That is effing horrific and if it's her, I'm 100% on board with them taking away Frances Bean forever. Looks like the Lainey Blind guessing site is also pointing at Courtney.

notachance said...

Monday Carnation - thanks for that Enty!

And does Monday Carnation's daddy own any other shirts? Really, every pic, everywhere, he has the same freakin' plaid shirt on.

mooshki said...

"Two parts today so don't worry I haven't lost my mind."

I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next gal, but that's a classic Enty line if I ever heard one! Maybe the new blogger is letting Enty write something occasionally? (I kid, I kid! ;) )

Sully! I've been a part of lots of discussions about what constitutes a "hero," but I don't think anyone could ever doubt that he is one. Not only did he perform a heroic act, but he is using his fame for all kinds of good causes, and is still as modest as can be.

amazonblue said...

Naomi's little one looks a little scrawny. He needs a good meal or two.

Am I the only one getting a little tired of Sully? Yes, he did an absolutely amazing job saving everyone, but man he seems to really be milking it. He needs to be in the cockpit teaching the next generation how he did it.

Maja With a J said...

"Michael Cera...Steve Buscemi...Fred Willard...and Zach guy from The Hangover!".

The voiceover from the trailer for "Youth In Revolt".

Genesis said...

i shouldnt be able see ms. watts' child, should i???

Sporky said...

RocketQueen I saw the picture you're talking about and it cracked me up. I also noticed she kept her ass covered around Naomi. I would too! She's a crazy phone-throwing bitch but her body was and still looks great.

I'm really sick of this Nik G. dude. I don't think he's that funny, plus he looks like he smells like 10 kinds of ass.

Ice Angel said...

I'm not too sick of Sully. They are having a great show on TLC on it that Harrison Ford narrates. I think it is just the kind of positive, hopeful thing our society should be concentrating on. A reality story that actually MATTERS. This man saved the lives of every one of those people on board and save thousands of loved ones and family members (not to mention our nation) a lot of grief. Sully cannot be applauded enough.

Tenley said...

Wow Kate isn't aging well, I'd have easily guessed she's in her 40s

nancer said...

feed your baby, naomi. his little ribs are poking out. sheesh.

LottaColada said...

Sully!!!! Can't wait to watch the TLC special.

Mimi's speech no bueno

I CANNOT believe Rebecca Gayheart is pregnant

I think the site can do without Pete Wentz (& his wife who shall remain nameless)

mooshki said...

Amazonblue, if you've just been seeing pictures of Sully I can see why you might be getting tired of him, but I think if you hear him talk you'll change your mind. He is so humble and inspiring.

Genesis said...

Amazon, ppl are admiring him, honoring him. I think it'd be kind of a dick move on his part to say thanx but no thanx.

Yes I said "thanx". Twice.

califblondy said...

Mimi could hardly walk in the dress in the short video I saw from TMZ.

Maksim, yummmm.

The princess looks great in red.

Gayheart looks like she's having twins. Yikes. That's not going to look good in the next home video.

Heather said...

I have to respectfully disagree with amazonblue. I was able to go to the Inauguration last year, and on our way out of the Ball we passed Captain Sully on the street, getting into a car. The people walking in front of us recognized him and stopped and asked for a photo. Much like moths to a flame, once they stopped, EVERYBODY stopped, and pretty soon he had a whole crowd gathered who wanted photos and autographs.

There are so many famewhores who would have sold their firstborn for that kind of attention, but he refused to participate. He was kind to everyone who asked, and he was polite in his refusal, but he really wanted nothing to do with the attention. He was just a polite, humble man who wasn't looking for any recognition.

I think the reason you've been seeing so much of him is not because *he* is milking it, but because other people are. He appears on these shows and does these interviews because he's been asked, and I'm sure he's encouraged by the airline to do as much press as he feels comfortable doing.

Cupcakewalker said...

I agree with those who can't get enough of Sully. J'adore.

I don't think Naomi Watts' boy looks too skinny -- little ones grow at their own rate.

Helen Mirren is not only gorgeous, but she has impeccable taste. She looks appropriate but HOT, and should consider teachings an advanced seminar for most actresses 20-45 years younger on how she does it.

TinselSass said...

Pete W looks like a super tool. When will he and his not delightful wife stop making money and fade away???

TinselSass said...

And PS... LOVE that so many of you LOVE Sully. CDaN = Best Community!

Unknown said...

Monday Carnation! Ha!

That Zach person is foul.

amazonblue said...

Oh dear, I've become the unpopular one today.

Mooshki is right, I've been seeing lots of promos for the TLC special, and other interviews but I haven't actually watched them or heard Sully interviewed since early last year.

I take back my comment and I'll check out the TLC show.

Unknown said...

i am all for the sully love and out of the three women at the beach i think naomi watts looks the best (maybe this is my aussie bias!).

also the prinvcess is usually dressed very well - who on earth made her wear this red thing - even she looks shitty about having it on.

mooshki said...

Amazonblue, I don't think you're unpopular, we just had to change your mind about our beloved Sully. :) If you don't want to watch the whole TLC show, there's a video of his appearance on The Daily Show. That's when I really fell in love with him.

Tara said...

To those commenting on Naomi's son...he might just be a skinny child. My two youngest eat constantly and their little ribs show when they lift their arms, etc. I was the same way as a kid and people used to ask my mom if she fed

I freaking ♥ Zach G! He's hilarious. My hubby got me started on the Zach train by forcing me to watch his comedy thing on netflix. I find him incredibly amusing.

B626 said...

I'm sure the whole truth is more complicated but the way the breakup between him and the Russian gal played out that MAKSIM needs to be the recipient of many pity Phucks to feel better.
Any takers?

MCH said...

Mariah looks good in that dress.

I love Sully too! I got roped into watching this (other) special on TLC over the holidays and it is just MIND BOGGLING what he did and that not a single person died. He will forever be a hero in my eyes. Thanks for reminding me about that Harrison Ford special!

Zach G looks ....unrested. He was my favorite part of the Hangover so I'm interested in seeing his new movies.

chihuahuense said...

I'm glad Sully hasn't had any skeletons come out of his closet...he seems so genuine I didn't want to disappoint myself by loving him.

I don't care how often Pete poses with Jungle Boy, I don't like him. Never will.

Sunday is the cutest!!!

Babs said...

Zach Galifianakis is a freaky, weird little man, but I LOVE him. He made "The Hangover"! Yes, he's a little (OK, a lot) unconventional, but he's really funny.

sunnyside1213 said...

I was in the aviation biz for several years and the pilots I knew were all in awe of Sully. I was impressed when he went back in the plane and waded through knee high water to make sure everyone was out.

figgy said...

I Naomi has the crazies big time, but geez she looks so healthy, so muscular and fit. Whereas Kate just looks like she doesn't eat and smokes alot. Like a skanky diner waitress.

But then, I NEVER understood why Kate was even a model.

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