Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Love New York Contestant Convicted Of Murder

Yesterday, a San Francisco jury convicted Jamal Trulove of first degree murder in a 2007 slaying. Trulove was convicted primarily on the eyewitness testimony of a woman who is now in the witness protection program. She said during the trial that she was shocked to see Trulove on the show I Love New York about three months after the murder. She then notified the police and now Trulove could be sentenced to between 50 years and life in prison for the murder.

Jamal was kicked off the show in the first episode for fighting. That is a shocker. What is even more of a shocker is VH-1 having another criminal on their reality shows. I think this makes two murderers now. Good job on those background checks people.


Sis Cesspool said...

Did the man not have a lawyer?

ali said...

My friend was on the jury. She knew that he was on I Love New York, but she didn't know that he got kicked off the show for fighting.

Pookie said...

witness protection? accepting that is a massive life-changing decision...godspeed to her. and wth is running legal over at vh1?! these people need to get fired.

ali said...

The show was filmed before the murder, but aired afterward, so not sure if he had a criminal record.

Ice Angel said...

I had a nightmare financial situation arise with what turned out to be a former contestant on ILNY-T-Weed, or whateverhisnamewas. He is the one they did the background check and kicked off the show. I had no idea who he was when I was working with him over the phone, but was glad to break things off before I lost any money to him.


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