Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

I believe this is a first time appearance for Gunner Wright.
Josh Duhamel kind of looks like Greg Kinnear here don't you think?
James Franco always looks like James Franco. Oh, or Mario from Mario Brothers.
Yesterday was the Heart Truth charity fashion show and lots of celebrities and people like Kim Kardashian who think they are a celebrity.
Kristin Chenoweth was there.
Felicity Huffman, who looks like she was having a great time.
Joan Collins making the most of it.
Raven Symone was walking the runway in her own style.
I really miss seeing Valerie Harper all the time.
All of the celebrities who participated.
Jerry Ferrara always looks so sad lately. Maybe he isn't over Jamie Lynn yet. I do know that two weeks ago he was out at a club with some guys and there were women all around him but he didn't even seem to notice or care.
Jesse Metcalfe on the long journey to regain his career.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his wife Reena Hammer.
Katharine McPhee out to watch Selena Gomez perform.
Kelly Osbourne at Fashion Week.


Stacy said...

Wait, what? JRM married that girl?

RocketQueen said...

Yeah, i didn't know JRM was married, either.

Saw a picture of Kelly on E! today and HOLY is she thin now.

Love Felicity Huffman!

jess said...

-What's with James Franco moustache, too porn-actor for me
-Kristin and Felicity look great
-When did Jonathan Rhys M. got married??

timebob said...

Raven Simone really really needs a bewbie reduction. She looks like she is about to topple over.

I don't think Jonathan Rhys M. got legally married. But they have been together since 2004.

lutefisk said...

Kelly Osbourne really cleans up nicely.

Kara said...

Out of all the wonderful people in that fashion show, a Kardassian has to find a way to shove herself to the center of the picture? With Felicity Huffman barely in the frame?!?!?!

The gall!

Yet - how typical.

FrenchGirl said...

when is JRM married?

Susan said...

Kelly Osbourne looks fab.

I agree regarding Turtle from Entourage. He looks like he's got the breakup blues. He probably realizes Meadow is as good as he'll get. Why did they break up?

MnGddess said...

Gunnar - yum!

Ice Angel said...

Salena Gomez is absolutely gorgeous! Miley, Demi,etc...take notes!

cincinnatikate said...

susan..thats brittny's sister jamie-lynn's ex.

Elle said...

Katharine McPhee needs to ditch that Hillary Clinton hair and get back to being hip - stat!

Mango said...

Who is Gunnar Wright?

Kim Whoredashian is pretty loathsome but I must say that gown is stunning on her. Joan Collins looks like she is channeling Elvira.

I don't think Meyers and whatserface are married.

Katharine McPhee's hair looks awful now. Selena Gomez is adorable.

Kelly Osbourne looks great and yet at the same time looks a LOT like her mum!

shakey said...

Who else thought of Thriller when when they saw the Raven Symone pic? Or Bad Romance?

Tara said...

Hmmm for some reason I always thought JRM was into guys?

Leah said...

Kate- no Susan is correct, Jerry's ex is Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow)


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