Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

One of my favorite pictures of the day. Emma Roberts in London at the premiere of Valentine's Day.
And moving to one of my least favorite photos of the day. Hailey Glassman on the cover of Steppin' Out. Inside the pages she talks about things like Jon Gosselin and Jon Gosselin's penis and more Jon Gosselin. Oh, and I think he is the one who bought her the scarf she is using as a top. I bet she ends up doing porn. And not the soft Cinemax kind either.
Heidi Klum and Michael Kors sharing some love.
I think Jessica's hair looks better than the other day. I like the dress, but I don't like the shoes which means all of you will probably love them.
Jessica Biel is not that great of an actress so this must be a natural smile. And she is being nice to fans. That is quite the change.
In the left hand are the John Edwards sex tapes. I'm sure they are humorous.
Kara DioGuardi in Maxim. I'm not sure why.
I know they are pearls, but honestly if you Google genital warts, I think you will say she could have picked something a little different. Oh, and smile Cyndi they really are pearls. No worries.
Madonna in Brazil. Later she reunited with Jesus and she helped him with his homework.
Nelly Furtado and Sarah McLachlan are the two main performers scheduled for the Opening Ceremonies at the Winter Olympics. Oh, and Rush will be there. And Bryan Adams.
So that birthday wish of Rihanna. Chris Brown right there right now while she is holding the knife.
Don't think so? Look at her stab that cake.


RocketQueen said...

I kind of like the theatricality of Gaga's outfit, but I saw another pic (I think DListed?) and all that white made her teeth look really yellow - distracting from an otherwise stunning outfit.

Don't worry, Enty - I don't like Alba's shoes, either. At least not with that dress. I feel like it's trying too hard to be haute couture or something.

I think Hailey is exactly where she expected to be. She had a relationship with a known douchebag, and is now milking it for money in a pretty low-class manner. She reminds me of Amy Fisher.

Anonymous said...

ok, I'm 32 and Hailey Glassman looks way older than me. At least imo, lol!

jess said...

-Emma Roberts looks so tiny!
-Hailey Glassman?? another empty space
-For Jessica A, I don't think that dress fits with the shoes
-So are JT and Biel over? probably that's why she smiles
-What happened to Cindy's face
-I'm glad when Madonna covers her arms

califblondy said...

Alba's shoes are horrible. Cute dress though.

Rhianna's skirt is dahling.

Isn't Hailey's father a famous plastic surgeon? Not that it really matters. Her parents must be so proud. Sometimes I think there are more people in the tabs who are known for their sleaziness as opposed to doing something right in the world or for having a gift/talent. Great influences on the young kids.

And my Mother thought Lana Turner was scandalous??

mooshki said...

I loved Michael K's reaction: "Wait, Jon has a penis?!"

I really think Jessica Biel could come out and it would only help her career.

Yeah, Madonna helped him prep for his oral exam. How much do you want to bet his name is half of his appeal to her?

chihuahuense said...

Hailey? WTF is she doing getting ANY press?

Madonna actually looks good there.

MadLyb said...

Enty completely ruined Lady Gaga's outfit for me. (I will not Google 'genital warts'. I WILL NOT Google 'genital warts'...). Rhianna looks perfect, as always. I love the pic of Emma Roberts, too. It so epitomizes the young starlet at the beginning of her career. I don't think Madonna, being the narcissist, will ever break up with Jesus. Hopefully she'll put him through college, though.

Sorka8 said...

Oh that is the fugliest outfit I've ever seen on Lady Gaggy. Made my skin crawl to look at that pic.

Alba's choice of shoe is bizarre, what was she thinking?

That Hailey girl looks like a real bottom feeder.

MadLyb said...

Oh, and I had better taste as a Jr. High Schooler raiding my mom's closet, jewelery box and make up and playing 'Let's pretend I'm a slut'. Yikes!

Ms Cool said...

Did Lady Gaga get another nose job? Her face has looked different to me.

Why, Kara? I really like her but this stunt is depressing.

Shhh. I do like Jessica's whole outfit and shoes. However, I wear jeans and sweatshirts. I have absolutely NO style.

lmnop123 said...

Rihanna's outfit looks gorgeous. I'd love to see the rest of it.

M. said...

I love Rihanna's skirt, too. I'm going to date myself, but it looks exactly like something Tea Leoni's character in an early 90's television show called "Flying Blind" would have worn. Man, I LOVED her wardrobe in that short-lived series!

amazonblue said...

I think Madonna passed gas, that's why she's smiling. Look at the guy behind her.

When I first saw Lady Gaga I thought of the Elephant man tumor disease. Neurofibromatosis?

Michael Kors looks heavy and short next to Heidi. Luv him, but bad picture.

Momster said...

I think anyone next to Heidi would look heavy and short, lol. Project Runway is better this season than last year's in California.

Hailey looks like the drugged out ho's that used to be on the covers of my dad's old 70's Hustler magazines.

mooshki said...

Momster, I'm pretending that last season never happened. This one is SO much better! Sigh, I love you Tim Gunn.

Leah said...

I think Kara is in Maxim to show off her new face. (not that that would be what we're looking at.)

Whoo, the Olympics. What a traffic inconvenience. Snore.

Alba looks like a figure skater with the tights and terrible combat boots.

Looks like I'm feeling snarky today.

notachance said...

Kara might have a new face, but that picture is a fabricated, air brushed face.

notachance said...

Kara might have a new face, but that picture is a fabricated, air brushed face.

shakey said...

MadLyb - I googled. Not worth it.


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