Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

The top spot today goes to the little Pretty Woman reunion with Garry Marshall and Julia Roberts. He also directed valentine's Day. Garry is kissing Emma Roberts and also along for the photo is Shirley MacLaine who is in Valentine's Day and of course was in Steel Magnolias with Julia Roberts.
Anne Hathaway has found her armpit.
Apparently it was lost for a little while.
Finally, Anthony Hopkins showed up for some Wolfman press.
Alicia Keys filming a video in Brazil, because umm, she wanted a free trip?
Bradley Cooper wins the uneven spray tan award of the day.
Brooklyn Decker gets the cover spot for the swimsuit issue. Her husband Andy Roddick is probably very happy.
Cate Blanchett and her husband.
Corinne Bailey Rae - London
2econd Stage Theatre had their annual bowling fundraiser and I was trying to decide who I would want to have as my partner. I think I would pick Chloe Sevigny.
Oh, maybe Tony Shaloub though. We could talk about Monk and Wings and if Rip Torn got really drunk on Men In Black.
I think Chloe would be more likely to drink shots though during it so I will have to go with her.
Coming in third is Patricia Richardson. I would like some Home Improvement stories but I don't know if she would spill.
If she loses Dylan Baker I would definitely hang out with Jessica Hecht. She is one of my favorites.


Genesis said...

OMG! I didn't recognize Jill from Home Improvement! WTF has she done to her face!!

Genesis said...

Also...that pic of Anne Hathaway and her major side boob is kinda grossing me out

Pookie said...

*heart* anthony hopkins!

is alicia in an actual favela or is that a stage? hmmm.

eeep @ b-coops white, white neck, orange, orange face and even whiter neck.

RocketQueen said...

Eek - in that first picture you can see how very unfortunate Julia's nose can look sometimes.

Saw a pic of Cooper's face on Lainey that showed just how bad the fake-tan application was - someone should get fired.

Linnea said...

he should have gotten that makup artist that left nicoles face all covered in white powed. that would have evened things out

MnGddess said...

Poor Bradley - the fake tan looks brutal! lol

jbeebs said...

Every time I see Dylan Baker, I think of the movie Happiness.

Anonymous said...

Connie Rae's hubby died of a drug overdose, and I hope that she is not on anything.

bandy said...

Did Bradley Cooper go skiing recently? that could explain the uneven face tan.

figgy said...

Pretty Woman--my most hated movie of all time. Blech.

I want to bowl with Chloe too. I wanna hear stories from Big Love.

Further evidence that Cate Blancett is cool and down-to-earth: her husband looks like such a regular guy. and he's not a celebrity.

Mango said...

Re Anne Hathaway - actresses who try so hard to look wanton and sexy just come off looking a bit pathetic, especially the ones who've gotten their start playing ingenues. Yes, yes, we know you're a big girl now. Now scoot and put on some clothes!

Loooooooove Anthony Hopkins

WTF is Alicia Keyes doing filming in a Brazilian slum? She seems to be a kind person; maybe she'll donate record sales to a local cause.

Joining the chorus of giggles over Bradley Cooper's tan.

Brooklyn Decker is undeniably lovely but I think that pic is on odd choice for the SI cover - her boobs look lopsided!

Cate Blanchett seems so blessedly normal!

Agree that Patricia Richardson did something weird to her face. It's as if her face is pulled back by a too-tight pony tail.

Sorry Enty, I dunno what it is about Jessica Hecht, but I absolutely loathe her ever since the days of her reoccurring roll on Friends. Her voice is like nails on chalkboard to me.

lanasyogamama said...

Anne's blue dress is cheesy, but I think she looks hot on the cover of GQ in my opinion.

Chloe is so full of herself.

shakey said...

Bradley Cooper looks positively psychotic in that picture.

pdxbellarocks said...

either BC was skiing or he forgot that when you spray tan you put the hair cap behind the ears not over them :D

Nosey Parker said...

I love Corinne Bailey Rae's voice!

matt_b said...

Test post


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