Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Three parts today. Although Lindsay Lohan couldn't make it to the Opera Ball, you know there was no way Katie Price was going to miss the chance to appear in front of a bunch of cameras. If I didn't detest her so much I would say that I actually think she looks pretty good here.
Lindsay's employer Richard Lugner was there with his girlfriend.
And this is an incredible shot of the ball. Amazing.
Apparently Lucy Lawless goes topless and gets naked throughout the season on Spartacus. Note to self. Set DVR.
Maccabee's - Birmingham, UK
Michael Buble ran the Olympic torch in Vancouver last night. I hope all the readers in Vancouver ignore the traffic headaches, the closed streets, the jacked up prices and the mobs of people at The Bay and just focus on the fun and having the world watching you and wanting to be there. Oh, and get yourself some of those red mittens. Yes, even you Jax.
A first time appearance for Omar Shariff Jr.
At first I thought Pierce Brosnan was flexing but then I realized that
he is actually
Ryan Cabrera and Audrina Patridge continue the romance that no one really cares about.
Sara Vega - Tenerife, Spain
Do you think Steve Van Zandt will still dress like this when he is 80?
Tina Fey is the airbrushed photo of the day.
An American Idol contestant from way back. Trenyce.


Unknown said...

Omar Sharif was hot.
Jr. not.

Genesis said...

they airbrushed the scar that runs down her cheek...someone cut her with a knife while she was walking on the sidewalk when she was littler

idk why i know this

Genesis said...

"Oh, and get yourself some of those red mittens. Yes, even you Jax."

*waits for the conspiracy theorist of the day to say hello*

MontanaMarriott said...

You are soooo right about Omar Jr. Michaela.

You mean Steve Van Zandt isn't 80?

skeeball said...

Thanks for Pierce! he is sooo beautiful. I love him.

skeeball said...

Thanks for Pierce! he is sooo beautiful. I love him.

skeeball said...

had to say it twice! LOL

childeroland said...

That picture of Sofia looks a lot like Rachel Weisz.

jax said...

lol Genesis..

Forget the red mitts, I got the JERSEY! woohoo!! the mitts are cheap and run. go canada go!!!

if anyone is interested, i am doing a olympic themed photo blog,with a slant on more of the people in and around the city than the games itself. you can find it on my profile.

good lord they are bringing the torch in on a canoe! lol.

chestnut-red said...

What happened to Tina Fey's body? Am I the only one to know she lacked a back, or side?

Agree about Omar Sharif Sr.

Pierce Brosnan is awesome!

@ jax - Hope you enjoy the games (and that the canoe doesn't sink with the torch on board)...

RocketQueen said...

Those pics of Pierce dancing are HILARIOUS.

Audrina really does have ceiling eyes. Cabrera is GROSS.

Katie Price looks classier than usual...I'll give her that, but that's not saying much.

I'm trying to not let the Olympic madness bother me, really, but it is seriously crazy here already. The torch went by my window this morning and there are line-ups for everything and scalpers everywhere. I plan on hitting up the booze Enty-style after work today and just going with the flow. On the upside, I've got myself a great "True North Strong And Free" t-shirt that I am going to wear EVERYWHERE over the next two weeks.

Momster said...

Can't wait to watch the opening ceremonies tonight.

RE: Lucy Lawless, does anyone remember when she sang the National Anthem before a ball game and her boobs popped out? First celebrity uh, wardrobe malfunction I'd ever seen.

jess said...

-I thought that was Richard Lugner's daughter! O.o
-LMAO @Pierce Brosman
-I really don't think that anyone has a problem with Tina Fey's scar, so why airbrush it

lutefisk said...

Pierce Brosnan dances like Elaine Bennis!

FrenchGirl said...

Vogue cover is the photoshop award of the month!

Susan said...

Am I missing something regarding the allure of Tina Fey?

Yes, Enty. Little Steven will always dress like that, unless he's in his Soprano garb.

Majik said...

I have never seen anyone look sooooo bad as a redhead....Lucy, that's just awful.

Speaking of red.....I've got my red mittens!!!

RIP to the Georgian sad.

ardleighstreet said...

I don't care what he's doing Pierce is handsome and Irish (great accent). I will allow him away with dancing like Elaine on Seinfeild.

chucky-baby said...

Hand wave over here! I have my red mittens but mine are special only 12000 people have them. I got mine when I ran with the torch in Golden, BC in January!!

jen said...

I got my mittens for Christmas. My friends and co-workers tease me because I love my mittens SOOOO much and I tell everyone how much I love them 3,4 times a day...yes I'm a loser...LOL!

Richard Lugner's "girlfriend" looks like a jacked up Paris Hilton. Poor thing.

Mango said...

Katie Price is so common. UGH.

Lucy Lawless nipple shot! Agree that red hair is not a good look for her.

If Pierce dances anything like he sings, we're in trouble, folks!

How typical of Anna Wintour to air brush Tina Fey's photo, but I'm surprised that Tina allowed it. Or didn't she have any say in the matter?

J-Mo said...

I'm sure she had no say at all in the matter.

kris said...

sooooooo. Jax is enty? HEY..someone had to say it and I'm drunk!! loves ya Jax!!!

shakey said...

I'm up waaaayyy too late. Watched the ceremonies on ctv. NBC is on right now and they're rebroadcasting Tom Brokaw's love letter about Canada. Well done, Tom. Will you come to Canada and replace Lloyd Robertson? Please?

Linnea said...


tallulah b said...

What is that weird meaty piece of flesh between Ryan Cabrera's eyebrows? It makes him look like RhinoMan, or something. I'm glad to see he actually waxes or tweezes his eyebrows, though.

Babs said...

Pierce Brosnan can dance all he wants, but PLEASE GOD don't let him ever sing in a movie again!

Ditto on all the Omar Jr. comments.

Opening ceremonies were so sad when the Georgian team came in. RIP Nodar Kumaritashvili. At least you went doing something you love.

Leah said...

I don't want mittens.


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