Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Cassie still keeping that one side shaved look.
Christina Applegate looks like she is ready to have her baby.
Charlotte Church was on QVC selling her new record.
Christina Hendricks says she wants to lose 30 pounds and get rid of her curves. Why??????
A rare appearance for Chris Ivery & Ellen Pompeo.
Christina Ricci points out the Godiva she wants. I would have picked them all.
Diane Kruger and Quentin Tarantino reunite.
Denise Richards has become a brunette.
Elle Fanning, the younger sister of Dakota.
Elizabeth Hurley at a breast cancer awareness event.
Elton John and Anderson Cooper at an Elton John AIDS event.


Karmen said...

Why on earth would Christina Hendricks get rid of what's made her famous? She looks fabulous.

Pookie said...

is this cassie person the p. doody jumpoff? does she do anything worthy of mention?

christina a. looks cute...but eeep...horizontal stripes? just say no.

i want charlotte's album.

elle fanning is adorable...so is her dress. lovely young lady.

omg...love e-hurley's dress. fuschia looks mondo-fab on her.

elton john looks like a cartoon or a bobble-head...pls tell me it's just the angle.

RocketQueen said...

That's disappointing to hear about Christina. Also, I thought she was proud of them? Or so she was saying only recently.

Charlotte Church has teh crazy eyes.

Cassie is really quite beautiful.

califblondy said...

Mah Boo looks hot, but Elton... WTF?

Danielle said...

Wow Elton John looks very strange.

MommaBear said...

What's up with Elton? His proportions are totally off in this picture. He looks like a little person.

BigMama said...

Elton looks like a muppet

Lady J said...

Elizabeth's dress is gorgeous. I love the color and she looks great.
Elle looks adorable in her dress.
Cassie should not be posted unless she does something relevant. Being a one hit wonder and the sperm deposit of Poof Daddy should not get u in the photos.

mooshki said...

I bet Christina wants to lose the weight because those things are killing her back!

Patty said...

Maybe Christina wants us to notice her acting and stop talking about her body??

Elle said...

For someone who doesn't want all the attention on her body, she sure does pose a lot in photos that actually accentuate her body. I grow tired of female celebs and their constant whining about how people 'see' them. You are seen how you present yourself, so if you want to be taken seriously Christina, don't pose half naked in lad magazines. I get the game - when you are female and attractive, people are going to want to see you looking sexy because sex sells and your people are going to want you to get in on that action to create buzz. Either go with it and enjoy the fact that you have a career that so many others would love or shut up and stop whining. That goes for you too Heigl.

M. said...

Maybe Christina's comments were taken out of context? Besides, she's a big-boned girl, she can drop 30 pounds and still have hips and boobs but be more slender. She has a classic hourglass figure and that doesn't really go away when you drop a lot of weight.

Denise Richards looks better as a blonde.

Don't care for the hem on Elle Fannings dress. Too adult for a girl her age, I think.

CDAN Mod said...

I am so happy to see Charlotte Church having to plug her album on QVC. Karma!

Meg said...

I think Christina H. looks great the way she is.


Denise looks good as a brunette.

Dear Lord...AC looks alright but that picture of Elton def. looks off. Did someone Photoshop his head on another body??

Paisley said...

I'll wait and see on Christina H. "Sources" told this to the Daily Mail.

shakey said...

As if Christina Ricci will eat chocolate.

Looks like Anderson has fan face on.

Fish said...

Christina Hendricks is great the way she is. She probably wants some attention or the comments were out of context as someone mentioned.

I do think though that she needs to dress better for her body type. She could definately pull off some classic looks

Ice Angel said...

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed Elton John's GREAT BIG HEAD!!!

Elle Fanning...ADORABLE!

RJ said...

I hope the Christina Hendrick's rumor is false. If it is true, it's probably because some producer or agent told her she didn't get a role because she was too fat. Most of them are just bullies who never got laid in high school are getting their revenge on pretty women, by driving them to eating disorders.

The Nightmare Child said...

No, no, no Christina...don't you lose a damn pound.

If anything, get your feet fixed. Please. They're scary. How can someone that beautiful have feet that are that messed up? And it looks like she's constantly in pain. No, Christina Rene Hendricks...do not lose a pound...go see a podiatrist. And then do SNL.

And I love Charlotte Church. She talks so much shit. Today is a good day. ^__^

nancer said...

i actually think christina would look better without the 30 lb. and it may well be for health reasons. she likes her boobs but they can wreak havoc on your back.

Tenley said...

Elizabeth Hurley has worn nothing but a version of that one dress for at least 15 straight years now. Just saying.

lanasyogamama said...

Denise looks bad brunette. It emphasizes her desperation.

parissucksliterally said...

Christina is NOT losing weight. I read today that the quote is bullshit. It was in the Daily Mail....who believes that crap?

r said...

Christina H. (if true) may have something to do with the report that she can't get dresses for events because they (fashionista fascists) won't make a sample to fit her. I read for the Emmys she had a real problem getting a dress. You'd think someone with marketing sense would step right up to outfit the majority of women who look more like her than a size 0. (On the scale of things, so to speak.) Seems like a good opportunity for some starving designer to me.

Mango said...

Glad the pic of Christina Applegate doesn't show her with a cig in hand. Maybe she quit?

Chris Ivery (whoever he is) looks tres dorky in that photo.

Christina Ricci chooses a chocolate... and grabs one of those napkins so she can spit it out. It's okay to taste but no swallowing!

Diane Kruger needs a couple of those chocolates. Jeez, Quentin, buy the girl some lunch!

I would assume that Denise Richards is a natural brunette.

Elton looking a bit tipsy and wearing a suit two sizes to big.


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