Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Connie Britton must be a big fan of her initials. That is a huge C necklace. Here she is with Edward Burns.
Cheryl Cole checks out the breasts on her wax figure.
Much of the cast of Celebrity Apprentice.
The strange thing about this is that I'm guessing David Arquette has several similar ones in his closet from which to choose.
Dylan Lauren is impossibly skinny for someone who owns a candy store. Here she is with Autumn Reeser.
Ed Kowalzyk - Bala Cynwyd, Pennsylvania
Emily Mortimer works something out of her teeth while Eva Mendes smiles.
There she goes. She got it.
Plastic Man - Jermaine Jackson.
Jenny McCarthy in Toronto promoting her book.
Ja Rule is apparently still around.


Mandy said...

Used to love Ed until I met him after a concert - huge asshole! Live is no more because he got greey and screwed his bandmates - he wanted $10,000 appearance fee for a charity gig and all publishing rights of songs :( sorry about the rant.. i'm bitter

chihuahuense said...

That guy in the black shirt on Celeb Apprentice kinda looks like Robert DeNiro. That would never happen, right? Right?

Dylan Lauren needs a new stylist. STAT.

I'm feelin that dress on Emily Mortimer, though. It kinda looks like one of those pictures that when you cross your eyes something appears. Although I can't do them, my head just hurts thinking about them.

I wish Jenny McCarthey would just go.away.

I love my grandpa sweater, too, Ja Rule!

Pookie said...

noooo...tell me that's not john rich in the CA pic. now THAT'S funny.

arquette has jumped the shark for me...that attn-seeking/blabbing-to-the press thing reeks of demi moore. idl it.

eeep, what happened to eva? =O

jenny m. pulls off the office manager look really well.

Robert said...

Jenny McCarthy looks like death warmed over in that picture.

chopchop said...

Mandy! Fellow Live fan here. I've seen them close to a dozen times ... best live band ever no pun intended. I was (and still am) so disappointed about the breakup but I still love me some Ed Kowalczyk. I can't help it. I'm sure more than half the people who read this site don't know who he is so thanks for the Ed photo, Enty! :-)

Mandy said...

@chopchop - soooooo disappointed in him! 3 years ago I drove 5+ hours to Atlanitic City to see them because I was moving out of the country and didn't know when I would get the chance again. Show was amazing but bumped into Ed @ the casino. He was decked out in Ed Hardy wear from head to toe and had 2 big body guards with him (not necessary). I am originally from York PA too and have followed them since their start and have met him several times. He was a COMPLETE and utter ass. (but he's still hot!)

Robert said...

Supposedly, Live was the only band to perform on SNL that got a standing ovation from the cast/crew when they arrived at the after party.

RocketQueen said... I have "Lightning Crashes" in my head :)

Jenny McCarthy looks like she aged about ten years from just last week. Weird.

The Nightmare Child said...

The fact that Cheryl looks IDENTICAL to her wax figure is scary.

Jermaine Jackson is cashing in on his brother's death and it's sickening.

And I used to love Jenny McCarthy until she started claiming that she cured Autism. Also when she lost her South Side roots & started thinking she was a legit actress.

nunaurbiz said...

I love Emily Mortimer, but I need to take her shopping for a proper bra.

B626 said...

He may be an a--hole in real life but at this point i feel nothing
but pity for D. Arquette.
I like the minimal makeup look on Jenny.

Bubbles said...

Much of the cast of "The Apprentice"? Minus the entire female half of course.

Basil said...

Other than Gary Busey, I didn't recognize anyone from that picture.

Um, David Arquette? I think doing promos just a week after you announced your divorce is a little tacky. At least try and look a little sad.

Basil said...

ETA, I watched Jermaine Jackson on Celebrity Big Brother (the British one) and he actually came across as a pretty nice guy which I think is fairly hard to do in that enviroment unless you are actually a nice guy.

Elle said...
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Elle said...

I thought you guys were talking about Ed Burns and I was all 'Ed Burns was in a band?'... doy!

Can't believe that Meatloaf is doing CA. For some reason that makes me sad for him. Celebs will do anything for ratings these days and I HATE that reality TV has literally become the way to do it (only marginally less than the sex tape or f*ck a married celeb routes which I am happy seems to have abated).

Meg said...

@john - I did the same thing. I was just thinking about how HOT Edward Burns was & was like "WTF band was he ever in??"

Autumn Reeser has gotten SO skinny!

hotchacha said...

If Jermaine charged a few bucks for a Pay Per View event revealing exactly what his hair really looks like and how he transforms into Lego Man, I bet he could make some decent cash.

laesmralda said...

That makes me sad to hear about Ed K. being such an ass. I love love love him and Live. I have seen them in concert many times and agree....they put on a fabulous show. :( I heard two of their songs yesterday (thanks to my iTouch) and became very nostalgic for yesteryears. :(

Danielle said...

I'm so mad at Jenny McCarthy for those God- awful cheek implants. Now she looks like one of those demented clown dolls. She was so beautiful before even with the Botox.


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