Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Katie Holmes in a bathrobe.
Christie Brinkley in a bathrobe. Both of them are shooting a movie with Adam Sandler.
Karina Smirnoff, Audrina Patridge (wearing an Iggy & The Stooges shirt?!?), and Brandy who says she has not had sex in six years. I'm guessing the same is not true for her brother.
Kendra Wilkinson has been tweeting photos like mad of her husband to make us all believe they are staying together. Uh huh.
And no one pays any attention to Kim Zolciak.
Apparently Lily Collins did not get the memo that Zelda Williams and Lydia Hearst got about wearing the same clothes.
Lots of smiles between LeAnn and Eddie.
I'm just as shocked as you Mark Ballas.
This is a lot of media power. Jann Wenner, Tom Freston & Tina Brown.
Mena Suvari last night. She says that she loves being married. Yeah, well at one point I said the same thing for most of my marriages.
Not married so having no reason to talk about marriage are Marisa Tomei and Shiva Rose.


Anonymous said...

this dyke thinks hank is too good for kendra.

MISCH said...

Wow look at the difference between Katie and Christie...Katie sexless and Christie at 50+ very either have it or you don't.

RocketQueen said...

I cringe to think what Kim Zolciak will be w4earing 10 years from now if she's already dressing this age-inappropriately.

Pookie said...

ita, misch...but then, katie has always been cute, never sexy. cute works for her. she's smart to stick to it.

idk what's up w/ kendra...but the baby is seriously cute.

lol @ kim z. caption! teehee.

MontanaMarriott said...

I always got a lesbian vibe from Marisa Tomei, I wonder.....

jax said...

i fucking howled at the mark ballas pic. thank you.

The Nightmare Child said...

I don't care what anyone thinks...I think Audrina is pretty cool.

PotPourri said...

I think the Basketts make a beautiful family. I love Kendra.

Elle said...

Shiva Rose looks .... different... maybe it's the frizzy hair?

Elle said...

Wait, I looked again and I realized what it is. Shiva is a normal sized woman, whereas Marisa looks like a slight breeze would snap her in half.

Sherry R. said...

I'm sure it's just how she's standing,but Christie's leg looks kind of freaky to me.

Also, super unflattering pictures of bot Kim and LeAnn.

Nicely done,enty!

Mango said...

Katie Holmes has some meaty calves!

I think Christie Brinkley used that same pose in "National Lampoon Vacation" a million years ago.

I am quite sure that Audrina Patridge has no earthly clue who Iggy & The Stooges are and probably thinks Iggy Pop's name is "Moe".

Did LeAnn get dressed in the dark?

Robert said...

@Mango: ...probably thinks Iggy Pop's name is "Moe."
That made my day!

Meg said...

Oh no! Florence got sent home????

I loved Kandi's reaction to Kim's performance this past episode. She's hilarious.

Elizabeth said...

Did Tomei switch teams?


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