Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Lionel Richie kisses Muhammad Ali.
Miley Cyrus celebrates her 18th birthday in advance with Demi Moore?!? Really? Miley later sucked face with some guy at the club.
Matthew Fox just opened a new play in London.
Michael Chiklis rarely goes out to clubs but here he is with Michelle Moran.
Zachary Levi cracks up Mandy Moore.
Prince William watching some soccer over the weekend.
Russell Brand and Katy Perry give some three way lovin' to Justin Bieber.
Russell Crowe and Kevin Durand in Tokyo.
Rogelio Martinez shows off the Michael Lohan Spring/Summer collection.
Rene Zellweger at the CNN Heroes event.
Snooki's birthday was sponsored by a condom company. She shows her appreciation.
Meanwhile she gets very creative about where she keeps her phone. Wonder if she has it on vibrate.
Terence Carter and an out of it looking Matthew Perry.


Anonymous said...

Kevin Durand will always be "Tree" from Mystery, Alaska for me. "Who's a big guy?!!!!"

timebob said...

It's shocking to see Renee out of her usual camel toe running pants and hoodie.

skeeball said...

OMG!! I love Matthew Fox~he is HOT, HOT, HOT!!

The guy on Prince William's right isn't bad, either.

Miley looks like a sleazebag, must be getting tips from the deperado standing next to her.

Muhammad Ali=awesome

Did anyone see Brian say hi to Renee Zellweger on Family Guy last nite?-hilarious

Cheryl said...

I do not get the appeal of Russell Brand. He makes me feel itchy and needing a bath kind of dirty.

Stacy said...

MORE Kevin Durand!!!!!

Kevin will always be Joshua from Dark Angel to me. I love him so much.

nancer said...

miley cyrus has a freakishly big head.

love chiklis and seeing him makes me miss vic mackey so much.

zellweger looks like a mannequin. freaky.

rhinovodka said...

I find Michael Chiklis hot.

RJ said...

Zellweger has scary-looking, old lady hands.

Stay classy, Miley!

Sad if Matthew Perry has fallen off the wagon again.

I'm no Bieber fan, but that pic of him with Brand and Perry is great! I love the look on his face.

Cindy said...

Why is it that we care about this Snookie thing again???

jess said...

oh crap, I thought Muhammad was bad.
-Renee always looks like a lifeless doll.
-Snooki wtf?! she's so classy
-I agree with RJ, Matthew looks wasted.

Rose said...

I have not seen a picture of Renee Z where she wasn't wearing some type of running ensemble in ages.

Matthew Perry doesn't look good. Doesn't he have a new show coming out soon?

RocketQueen said...

Glad there are other people here who feel the love for Kevin Durand! Even in shitty movies (Legion, anyone?) he chews up the scenery.

Either Renee's hair grew really fast or those are the shortest extensions I've ever seen! Cute.

I have nothing left to say about Miley. She's going down the same trashy road as her mother.

Anotheramy said...

Re: Miley: By the time I turned 18, I was close to living on my own, had done a lot more than just suck face with some guy and was on my way to owning my own business. Her lifestyle grows em up faster than mine did. Life is different in the big city. Shes an adult in most ways even if the law says she isnt.

hromaki said...

Oh man, I miss seeing Matthew Fox on LOST every week, both because I loved the show and because he's so freaking hot.

Oh, and Kevin Durand will always be Keamy to me. said...

I LOL'ed big time at "the Michael Lohan Collection"

lanasyogamama said...

That Miley/Demi picture is so wrong, they both look massively inappropriate.

Snoooki looks WASTED.

Whoa, Matt Perry fell way off the wagon.

Tenley said...

There is something seriously, embarassingly wrong with Demi Moore. She's a 50something isn't she? Watch her blow Justin Beiber next.

chopchop said...

Kevin Durand (Keamy) should have been one of People's sexiest men. He's ten thousand times hotter than fucking Drake.

hunter said...

Matthew Perry - definitely off the wagon, notadoubtaboutit. His face is hilarious though, as classic drunk-face goes...

I have always disliked Rene Z, her beady little eyes have always screamed "White Trash" to me.

c17 said...

Wow - Matthew Perry has very bad sanpaku. Something is wrong with him.

Elle said...

Matthew Fox - I would HIT that.

Meg said...

Miley, sweetie, you forgot your shirt!

I think that Tangled movie looks like a cute little cartoon.

LOL @ "Michael Lohan Spring/Summer Collection"

Maybe that's just a bad shot of Matthew Perry?? Eeek!

biteme said...

I just watched Mystery, Alaska yesterday. Love that movie. More Kevin Durand!

Eyeon Model said...

Miley looks like a sleazebag must be getting tips from the deperado standing next to her. Thanks for sharing this post.
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Tempestuous Grape said...

That Russell/Justin/Katy picture is a riot!!!

Me thinks the Snook has lost some weight.. smaller in the face.

Leah said...

(slinks into the shadows)


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