Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Random Photos Part Three

Susan Boyle - New York
Al Pacino gets ready to dance for the crowd.
Can I just tell you how much I love Anabella Sciorra. Amazing.
Billy Bob Thornton's plastic surgeon is not bad. Throw in some hair coloring and makeup and he looks ten years younger. Probably trying to disguise himself so he can get back inside Canada. Either that or he thinks the star whackers are after him too. I also think he has some
soul patch envy when it comes to Nikki Sixx.
Bo Derek and two bottles of booze. Not a bad night.
Randomness. Beyonce and Blake Lively.
Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor.
Christina's new guy's eyes are freaking me out.
Carla Gugino and The Rock are becoming this generations Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks. Movie number two together completed.
Clive Owen. Definitely in the top ten of best looking actors.
David Duchovny and the newly dark haired Tea Leoni at David's new play.
So, of course Gillian showed up!!!
Ed Harris was there too.
Guy Laliberte aka Mr. Cirque de Soleil got a star yesterday.


Cancan said...

What is going on in Chrstinia's crotchular area?

The Nightmare Child said...

I heart Gillian Anderson. Always and forever.

Susan said...

Gillian looks fab.

Billy Bob looks ridic/desperate. Maybe he and Demi Moore should get together.

chopchop said...

Tea Leoni looks like Evi Quaid there!

Julie said...

Gillian looks gorgeous!!
as does Tea.

and uh Clive Owen is in my top 3. but I can't even think of who the other 2 would be in that list. So, I guess that makes him just top...

Patty said...

His eyes?? How about her's??

RocketQueen said...

Gillian's a cow. I had first hand experience dealing with her when I worked at Immigration during the X-files days and will never be a fan.

Clive Owen = YUMMY.

I have a ridiculous crush on The Rock and I don't know why.

Billy Bob is starting to look like Shane West? Not a good thing.

califblondy said...

David and Tea look like hell.

Laura said...

I thought Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller were getting a divorce?

JoElla said...

I thought David and Tea divorced?

Laura I thought Ben and Christine were as well.

Oh Xtina.. honey..raccoon eyes are a no no.

nancer said...

jesus, is duchovny dying or something? he looks almost emaciated.

love ed harris!!!!!

121007 said...

is there a blind reveal there between gilian and david ? wasnt there a blind about ex oostars affair a few weeks back?

kimmypie1 said...

Is Xtina wearing a shirt with Britney on it?

kathrynnova said...

is christina's fly undone?

so benny hill....

The Nightmare Child said...

@RocketQueen - Then you got her on a bad day. I actually ran into her once in Chicago and had a ten minute conversation with her. She was exceedingly polite and very gracious. Especially considering we were talking about old punk vinyls.

RocketQueen said...

Maybe, maybe not. Maybe she just doesn't care for Canadian immigration officers. Regardless, she was so rude and arrogant to us that the shift supervisor (who had been watching her on a screen in another room) had to come out and put her in her place. Twas satisfying.

MadLyb said...

Anabella Sciorra - isn't she my age? I hate her!

Ah, Clive Owen. *sigh!!!* "Sin City". That is all.

Susan Boyle looks wonderful. What a transformation. Imagine never going outside of your village for 47 years, and your only companion is a cat. Then you hit it big - nay, you dominate the world because you sang incredible on some crazy tv show and are now able to travel the world. What an incredible story. Love her new video.

I think Billy Bob Thornton is sexy. I hate myself for even typing that, but godd@mmit, he is.

MadLyb said...

Oh, and I will add that while I am indeed a heterosexual woman, I adore red headed females with freckles. I don't know why. Maybe I was a guy in a past life, but I find redheads (WITH freckles) to be the most beautiful beings on the planet.

parissucksliterally said...

she sure is Kimmypie! It's Britney giving the finger, I think.

She looks awful. Christina, this look is not working for you. Yuck, the hair and makeup.

I looooooooooovw Clive Owen.

Billy Bob is too skinny. If he filled out a little, he'd be hot again. I think he is good looking.

Lissette said...

Christina's wearing a Heidi Klum shirt...I knew someone that had it.
What's going on with her crotch????

lisap515 said...

Was the rumor ever confirmed that David sired Gillian's first child? This was back when X-Files was on the air so it could have been to promote the hype for the unrequitted Mulder/Scully romance. Which we were so cheated out of seeing but yet they have a kid! (the characters). Yes, I'm still bitter. LOL.

Melody the First said...

Is Gillian American again or is back in English mode?

lanasyogamama said...

@Susan, I thought you were gone! Did you have your baby?

Henriette said...

David Duchovny looks like crap! What happened to him? I guess having Gillian Anderson and fake Tea together is giving him hell. I thought it was Gillian Anderson's last kid sired by David Duchovny-Felix? Yes, Gillian Anderson has two sons named Oscar and Felix. There are many who have nothing nice to say about Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny and many say they have been having an affair for YEARS.

Mango said...

Susan Boyle looks nice and polished and reminds me of some politician's wife...can't think of her name but it's on the tip of my tongue.

Billy Bob Thornton is skeery looking!

Bo Derek looking remarkably well preserved.

Who's the woman posing between Beyonce and Blake Lively? She could easily rest her chin on Lively's boobs.

Gillian Anderson looks gorgeous.

I love Ed Harris!

chihuahuense said...

there's Susan!! I'm late catching up today, so I'm reading backwards.

Billy Bob looks like Shiiiiiiiit!

The Rocks head looks like a rock in that picture.

Tea looks like one crazy biotch.

lisap515 said...

@Henriette THANKS on the David/Gillian info. I need to see pics of Felix now. LOL.

Meg said...

LOL @ "crotchular"

Billy Bob Thorton is scary looking. Jolie got a major upgrade w/ Pitt.

Ben/Christine have been together a long time.


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