Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

Interpol - Amsterdam
Jessica Alba plays in a park with Honor Marie and
then gets swarmed by paps on the way home.
Jennifer Aniston in New York.
Jennifer Coolidge celebrates her new play.
Jang Dong Gun and Kate Bosworth in Seoul.
It wasn't that cold yesterday Jennifer Garner.
Jennifer Lopez at some event I could care less about.
Jessica Simpson looks ridiculously happy.
Kim Kardashian points all the guys at the basketball game she has dated to Gabriel Aubry.
I wonder if these two can put together a decent liver between them.
Kat von D lost her house and her cat to a fire. Very sad.
Kate Winslet won't be locking lips with Luis anymore. They have split.


MISCH said...

I want to know...were Gabe and Kim really together or just seated next to one another...there is a vast difference ...

jax said...

jess looks all kinda bristol palin pregnancy face.

nancer said...

i hope kate winslet enjoyed that guy. jesus, he's hot.

jessica looks like a fat slob and she needs to get her roots did.

what the hell kind of get up does jlo have on? is she at an MC hammer concert??

RJ said...

I hope Jessica Simpson is happy. I think the best thing for her would be to completely forget the whole Hollywood/fame thing and have fun spending her shoe money! That man of hers must be pretty sharp to have gotten into Warton. He can probably invest that money wisely, and they can live happily ever after AWAY from photographers and her father and constant criticism about her weight.

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

KROQ's Psycho Mike tweeted yesterday:

I have earth shattering news. I'm at the Laker game and Kim Kardashian just showed up with a WHITE guy!!!!! It's true.

BTW, I concur that JSimpson looks enceinte.

The Nightmare Child said...

I have no love for Kat Von D...but that's still fucked up what happened to her...

jess said...

Jessica looks so happy! it makes me wish her a happy marriage.
-Keifer looks so clean and neat in that pic, unbelievable.
-so is Kat von D with nothing? that's harsh.

looserdude said...

re: "Kim Kardashian points all the guys at the basketball game she has dated to Gabriel Aubry."
I'm guessing "dated" is a euphemism for "made private sex tapes with".

RocketQueen said...

Who cares about Jessica Simpson's weight?? Honestly. Leave the girl alone.

Agree that's sad about Kat Von D - I'm no fan either, but would be heartbroken if I lost my kitties that way.

Don't do it, Gabriel. DON'T DO IT. Unless "it" is finding a girl that you KNOW is cool with being pissed on.

Lainey did a good dissection of why Kate Bosworth looks so OLD now. Lack of nutrition.

Okay, so for the last month or so, Aniston has been looking really different in the face. This one, too. She had something done.

califblondy said...

For some reason I've always wanted to have a few cocktails with Jennifer Coolidge. She kills me.

Ruse said...

Jennifer Coolidge definitely would be fun to drink with! (though that dress does nothing for her)

I feel bad for the cat, but not the Kat.

Kate Winslet bein a manslinger...yeah girl! Maybe give Halle Barry a few tips on how it's done.

Ruse said...

Oh, and Kate Bosworth needs to skip a few more meals and snort s'more coke...I can't see bone yet. Jeezus.

lanasyogamama said...

J. Aniston's looks is starting to seem kind of 90's dated to me.

I think Bosworth looks good, I wish I didn't, but I do.

Leave Garner alone, I tend to overdress at this time of the year too.

I'm happy for Jessica, but I worry about that guy.

Halle must be displeased.

Who dropped a ciggy at Kat Von D's house?

Ms. said...

A few yesrs back, Jennifer Coolidge was in Toronto for TIFF. I knew some of the publicists & handlers working on the film. Anyway they all had good things to say about Jennifer.

Funny aside, she had several of the women helping her get ready for the red carpet. She was nude in front of approximately four or five women and didn't give a hoot. She's comfortable with herself and her body. One woman, a relative newbie to the scene, was a little caught off guard by the nudity and helping to dress her LOL

The Nightmare Child said...

"I feel bad for the cat, but not the Kat."


hunter said...

Gabriel Aubry should GET AWAY from the Kardashian. YICK

MISCH said...

From what I picked up on the net....Kim went to game to see her brother-in-law play and was seated next to Gabe...random actually, however what happens next won't be...Run Gabe..Run

MadLyb said...

I think Jessica Simpson looks fantastic - she doesn't appear to have any make up on in that pic. Not many celebs can look that good without makeup.

Wow, that is a hot lip lock between Kate and Luis.

Maybe Kim K. is available to rent? I just can't imagine any other reason she'd be with Halle's ex.

Meg said...

I LOVE Jennifer Coolidge too!

I'd say that Halle Berry > Kim Kardashian. Hmm...

Poor Kat's kitty! That is awful.

KP said...

Maybe Jessica IS pregnant. that could be why her roots are so bad.

Tempestuous Grape said...

I can't stand Kat, but I feel bad about her cat. Poor baby. :(


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