Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Random Photos Part Two

As is the custom,. the winner of DWTS gets the top spot. Derek Hough may have lost Cheryl Cole, but he will not let go of that trophy. Great job Jennifer Grey.
Coming in third and making the most money off future deals is Bristol Palin.
Amy Adams doing some press for her new movie.
Leah is now a ward of the state while the State of Tennessee decides if Gary Shirley provides a safe place to live. Leah is still living with Gary while that investigation proceeds.
Christian Bale says the next Batman movie will be his last. Instead he is going to focus on his new future as a contestant in head and facial hair tournaments.
Cameron Diaz and A-Rod on his boat.
Colin Firth better win Best Actor at the Academy Awards for The King's Speech.
If he does win, Courtney Love will get naked. Wait, she would probably do that anyway.
Michelle Williams and Dominic Cooper.
Ed Westwick and a friend at a Knicks game.
Would love to see Gladys Knight at The Apollo.
Paps in front of and behind Helena Christensen. I don't think I would even recognize her.
Jimmy Fallon gets ready for the Macy's parade.
Jennifer Jason Leigh filed for divorce. Didn't she just have a baby with this guy?
Jay Leno finally gave credit where credit was due after stealing a Taylor Swift montage from a blogger on Monday.
Jessica Simpson looks pretty good here.
Congrats to John Travolta and Kelly Preston on the birth of their son Benjamin.


mooshki said...

I'm so happy Bristol kept it classy. "I wanted to send a big 'fuck you' to the doubters!" (paraphrased)

shakey said...

I guess Christian's throat can only do that voice so often.

RocketQueen said...

That guy could be Westwick's brother - they look VERY alike.

Have another drink, Courtney. She looks like she can barely stand.

Drop the fur, and Jessica would look even better.

SkittleKitty said...

@RocketQueen - That is exactly what I thought.

I hate Michelle Wms hair that color. Hope she doesn't keep it when the filming is done.

So who exactly gave birth to John adn Kelly's baby?

RocketQueen said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RocketQueen said...

@SkittleKitty - just looked it up and he has two older brothers. Can't find pictures of them, but I would bet two weeks salary that's one of them. They even have the same two front teeth with the gap!

rhinovodka said...

Thanks for the Colin Firth pic! Love him!

nunaurbiz said...

Mmmmmm Colin Firth!!!! Thank you Enty! MWAH!

lanasyogamama said...

Phew on the Jennifer Grey win!

Nice job white trash girl on having your kid taken away.

A-Rod and Cameron are pretty hot together.

I heart Michele Williams

I've seen a bunch of Jessica Simpson's recent interviews. I always liked her, but... she's been really annoying me this week.

Congrats to John and Kelly I guess?

PollyPureBred said...

Derek Hough is a douche bag.
Thanks. I feel better.

wineaux said... WHO really had that baby? perhaps katie...hehehhehehhehehheeee!!! gobble gobble cdan'ers ;)

kcqueen said...

Where to begin....I love MIchelle Williams, why is she with this douche? I've tried to get past Cameron Diaz banging sleazy ARod, but it's over Cammie, face it, you a horny 'ho! Good Lord, Jessica Simpson needs a stylist stat! She dresses older than my mother, and she needs to wake up and "get" that her dreamdate just wants her money! And finally- I'm pissed that Jennifer Grey won! She's such a whiney liar- there is no frickin way on earth she had a ruptured disk and was still able to dance last night; Anything for sympathy I guess. Kyle Massey was robbed! He was so loveable and I have no doubt that the judging was tweaked in order for them to produce the results they wanted. I hope Derek gets RuPaul next season.

sunnyside1213 said...

Courtney Love alwasys looks like she just got out of the Crazy Cave.

nancer said...

i hope benjamin travolta's mother is resting well today, whoever and wherever she is.

Debs said...

My best wishes to the surrogate.

mazshad said...

Luv Colin Firth !!!

lapin said...

CB! Ala Barrymore, I fell in deep pre-teen crush with him in Empire of the Sun and it's never waned. I'm not a big fan of the shaggy look but he's proving to be the exception.

PotPourri said...

Somewhere there is a proud mother who just gave birth to the Travolta's baby. This whole cult is a joke of epic proportions.

Green Tara said...

Holy shit, Travolta gets uglier with each passing day. Amazing how the constant strain of living a lie wears on you like that.

Basil said...

I am curious about something. True or not, depending on who you talk to, the gay rumours about John have been around for decades. How come not one interviewer has asked him about the rumours?

But either way, it must be a really shitty life for him, and I feel bad that he has to feel the need to lie to everyone about something that really isn't all that bad.

Not to mention, if he was being blackmailed by that "church" of his, they are doing a pretty lousy job of it. I feel really bad for him and just wish he could relax and be himself instead of what he has been accused of doing.

Meg said...

^Yeah, I don't get it either.

LOL @ debs

Jennifer definitely was the best dancer but MY GOD was she a whiner.

jax said...

this is why i love you guys here:

"ok so who really had that fkn kid?"

*side eye*

Mango said...

It's like I have a crystal ball: I can see Bristol Palin in 10 years being a big, fat trailer park mom with four grubby kids, a missing front tooth and subsisting on welfare.

Speaking of Cameron Diaz, it looks like that movie she did with Tom Cruise is already being released on DVD.

Courtney must be dressed for court.

Either that's an odd pic of Jennifer Jason Leigh or she's had some major work done.

I haven't been around much this week; did everyone discuss that The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta article at Gawker? Some long rumored, juicy stuff there.

The Nightmare Child said...

DEREK HOUGH IS A CREEPY SON OF A BITCH. And I want to lock his ass in a dumpster for being with Cheryl Cole.

Amy Adams....mmm Thank you, Enty. :)

Nice shoes, Jessica...


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