Monday, April 18, 2011

Conrad Murray Treats Airline Passenger - They Don't Die!!

There you are on a plane. Trapped. Not feeling well. Felling so bad that you ask a flight attendant for medical help. The pilot asks for help from the intercom. Asks for a doctor or a nurse on the plane who can help. You open your eyes, not sure if you are going to live or die in some metal object hurtling through the airstream and wondering if you remembered to turn off your cell phone when who should suddenly appear over you but Conrad Murray. Yes, the doctor who is accused of doing nothing while Michael Jackson died is offering his medical assistance to you in your time of need. When he says this will not hurt at all, do you believe him? Yesterday, Dr. Murray helped a fellow airline passenger and surprisingly, they did not die. In fact, when they saw Dr. Murray, they probably jumped right up and offered to buy the whole plane a shot of booze and $10 bags of chips.


penelope said...

OMG-- what a nightmare scenario! The passenger must have been so ill they didn't care who treated them as long as they got some help!

Jessica said...

Isn't this like the 3rd time this has happened in the last year? Now I am starting to suspect these are all faked events to help his character in court.

.robert said...

As far as I know he has killed fewer patients than many other Doctors. There is a reason they say they 'practice' medicine.

WednesdayFriday said...


You're right! I think I must have rest this several times already, but I hadn't realized until you said something.

Goggles Pisano said...

I heard Dr. Conrad Murray helped Vanessa Hudgens regain consciousness after she ate a bad batch of Fun Dips at Coachella.


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