Monday, April 18, 2011

NY Post Blind Items

Which talk-show host kicked off her career as a stripper? She was often entwined with another dancer on and off the pole, and the two remain very close friends .

Which host of a political show has one apartment he keeps with his wife, and another in the same building for "special guests?" .

Which publicist sent us a batch of cupcakes after he demanded "a [bleeping] item!"? The note said, "Sorry I'm an ass." We're not sorry we didn't accept them and messengered them back immediately .

Which royal has a reputation for calling in dresses from fashion houses and not bothering to return them?


empyrios said...

the first has to be Opes and Gale ;)

Cancan said...

1. Oprah as a stripper frightens me.
I'm guessing Leah Remini.

2. Bill O'Reilly lives in a house, not an apartment. I'll go with Olbermann?

4. Does Camilla count as a royal? How about Fergie's kids?

SusanB said...

1 - Oprah
2- Joe Scarborough
3 - I don't even understand this post
4 - Fergie

First time I've guessed a blind - please be kind!

RocketQueen said...

1. Handler?
2. NOT Stewart so nobody say it :P
3. I don't know my publicists, sorry
4. Fergie. All day.

Patty said...

4. Fergie FTW.

No clue on the others.

caralw said...

Glenn Beck, of course, except his show was canceled.

Please not Stephen Colbert.

Unknown said...
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Jason Blue Eyes said...

1. Kelly Ripa

2. Elliot Spitzer.

3. Puke Hilton's Publicist?

4. ???????????

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Stewart and Colbert are "Comedy" shows that talk politics, Like "SNL". Not either of them.

Jason Blue Eyes said...
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Jason Blue Eyes said...

Julie Chen for the stripper guess.

Not likely, I know. Just thought it'd be a funny guess.

I mean Who wouldn't wanna see that?

caralw said...

@Nate You may be correct, but you don't know how the NY Post defines a political show. It didn't say news show, per se.

caralw said...

Wendy Williams? It would explain her problems on DWTS.

timebob said...

Oh please oh please let #1 be Nancy Grace!

2. I would think Keith Olbermann if he was married. But then again I think he would be too cheap to pay for a 2nd apt.

3. Fergie of course.

Anonymous said...

As to #2 - I have a huge crush on George Stephanopoulos but I think he is safe because GMA is not a political show. (Is it?) If it was him I was hoping to see the inside of that second apartment, though. Hubba hubba.

The Nightmare Child said...

1. If it's Chelsea Handler, I'm cutting my junk off and joining a monastery. If it's Kelly Ripa, then I'll be pleased. Please let it be Kelly Ripa.

2. No clue, don't care.

3. no clue, don't care.

4. I'm going with one of the Monaco royals. They seem like they'd be more into couture and not returning it.

joymama said...

1. Baba Wawa? Whoopi? Wendy Williams.

2. O'Reilly?

3. The Minton guy, Paris' ex-pube, I mean, ex-pub.

4. Princess Anne?

I've never guessed blinds before either!

Cecilia00 said...

Kelly Ripa actually isn't a bad guess.

Her husband Mark C. was a male stripper - photos of him dancing back then were in the Enquirer and Kelly has acknowledged he earned a living that way.

timebob said...

Kelly was on a USA Dance Party show when she was about 16 or 17 she started on AMC when she was barely 20. I really doubt it was her. Plus she doesn't exactly have a strippers body.

thisoldbroad said...

1 - Wendy Williams

2 - Spitzer

3 - ????

4 - Is Sara Ferguson still considered a royal?

MnGddess said...

Okay - for the first blind I immediately thought of Oprah and Gayle, and then couldn't stop laughing. Still am.

Doug Kenney said...

Kelly Ripa is a big black cock slut.

Cindy said...

1. A pox on whoever burned the image of Oprah on a stripper's pole into my mind....blech

2. Olbermann doesn't currently have a show, so it's not him. I'm going with David Gregory - Meet the Press

3. I thought all publicists were asses?

4. I'm on the Fergie bandwagon here too, if she can still be called a royal.

Unknown said...

#1 Sally Jessie Raphael.


Bitter Queen said...

Hasselbeck. Ok it's not her, but I wanna believe.

Spitzer. Post won't yap about FUX News personalities.

No idea.

Princess Caroline

The Nightmare Child said...

Oh god, the thought of Hasselbeck working a pole with Cinderella heels on....yum-yum.

nataliesinger said...

Stripper is Rachel Maddow

The Royal Dress thief is Prince Edward

New Life and Attitude said...

My first thought was Wendy Williams for #1 and Fergie for #4. Not sure about the other two.


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