Friday, April 22, 2011

Mel Gibson Speaks

It took me a little while to read through the Mel Gibson interview he gave Deadline and what he is trying to say and what he does say. After reading it, I think he is just trying to cover his ass the best way he can and tries to seem contrite but at the same time it does not really come across that way. More than once he says that he has never treated anyone badly based on their race or religion or sexuality, but this is not true. There have been repeated instances where he has and they have been caught on tape. Think about how many times he has said things which were not recorded or caught on tape?

He says that he does not care if he acts anymore so does not care if audiences support him or go to see his movies. I think he actually does care, but realizes that people just might not be willing to give him a chance. To come right out though and not appear to care what audiences think show me this is a guy who really does not care about anything. At the same time, I fight with my own argument because if he did not care what audiences or people thought then why did he consent to an interview at the same time his movie is being released? He wants people to go see it.

He also says he does not care if people judge him and that he is way beyond that now. The strangest comment? The fact he would give Jodie Foster a pedicure every day if he could. Interesting. You can read the entire interview here.


Himmmm said...

I hope everyone reads the damn interview more than enty did. Read it NOT looking for someone to hang on the cross, but as a man having been publicly flogged. Enty? I'll be glad to record YOUR drunk rants for the next 3 months and sell them too. That would sting huh?

Good Friday = try to forgive man. I forgive Enty, and Gibbo too.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

Himmmm, most of us have been READING Enty's drunken rants for years. And to date, he's never called anyone "Sugartits" or an "oven-dodger."

I think Mel Gibson is a man with many talents, and many troubles. But I KNOW he's the kind of person who would threaten to bury the mother of his child in his backyard, so...uh. Yeah. There's always that.

I DID read that interview, and I didn't detect any contrition. Just defiance, which is exactly what I expected.

__-__=__ said...

I saw denial. Lots of denial.

looserdude said...

I have to admit I'm really intrigued by "The Beaver". (No pun intended)

Himmmm said...

Ida? I am glad that you feel as you do. The world needs people to have differing opinions. I am definitely biased, and I admit it. Mel Gibson sacrificed himself (nearly literally) to help me at a time I need it most. First, personally...then professionally.

Have you ever had those long nights where at 3am, with it raining outside, and you're sitting with someone who tried to kill themselves? After they got a stunning diagnosis and they tried to end their life?

And there's no one else around. No family, no kids, no parents. No cameras, or money, or fame? And it's just the 2 of you in that room, crying, talking, and listening to the clock tick like a drum? ANd that one friend is there with you - saying "It's okay man, you'll make it through. You have too much to live for boy and you are loved by ME and so many others?"

That's what Mel did for me. For three agonizing, painful fucking days. NOT because I owed him anything, or he needed me for money or fame. But because he was a REAL friend. A few years later - he went to bat for me with WB when no one else would. So yeah - I am biased, I admit it. He DOES have problems and issues, no doubt. But who does not? ANd who would deny anyone the right to make themselves better and to find peace. I am in debt to him for saving my life - and my career. I do not apologize. He's trying to work on HIS problems, so I will REFUSE to cast him out. Sometimes it's best to help people when they need it - instead of kicking them when they are down. I am not perfect and neither is he. Luckily I am able to live mostly hidden from the glare.

Thank you Ida for your opinions too. These are only mine. Have a great Easter my friends.

Bit dams said...

To be fair, I think what he means is that he hates on everyone. So saying yOu are fat or bringing up religion is really just a side dish. Charming.

ChasingHeaven said...

I'm one of Himmmm 's biggest fans but even Hitler was likely nice to someone at some point in time. An extreme comparison, intentionally so, to attempt to make my point. I'm grateful to hear there is compassion and humanity in Mel but this doesn't deter me 100% from what has come to light about him.

ChasingHeaven said...

I just think we tread dangerous territory when we ignore ugly details or solely by how the person treated us specifically. I would much rather someone be an asshole to me and kind to a hundred others than the other way around so to speak.

Coloratura said...

@Himmmm: So how much is Mel paying you to comment on blogs that are running this story...? ROFL

Lux Luthor said...

What ChasingHeaven said.

Himmmm, I understand where you're coming from and I respect your right to express yourself and defend him, but I hope you don't expect anyone to change their opinions based on anything you said.

bluebonnetmom said...

@Himmmm - I agree it is Good Friday and we should not go around judging people. What you have said does make me think maybe he does have some humanity in him. We all know Jodie is a in the closet Lesbian and she says he is one of her dearest friends. He is not Homophobic, so I guess I wil give him a gold star for that. Maybe there is a side to Mel we don't see and maybe should. I just don't like his Holocaust denying, Jew hating, drunken rants. They give me great pause. Not that any of us has not acted extremely horrible sometimes when drunk. And I am not an alcoholic and Mel seems to be.

Himmmm said...

PULEEEEZE! For the LOVE of NOT misunderstand me friends. I am not trying to change anyone's feelings, nor get him elected to office.

And no - I am NOT paid to defend anyone! lol. I am only sharing my opinions - same as you. I only share my story because it IS MINE. I respect each of you to say what you wish, and feel as you wish. I am no better than any of you. I just will not stay silent when I can personally testify that someone is not all bad and evil. I know this man, and am thankful for him. Others may not be. So be it.

Scott Rudin may be a great brother to his family, but I'd like his head on a pike pole in my house. See? I can be judgmental and crass too.

That said- I'm again NOT trying to convince anyone of anything. Just sharing. Just as you are. I thank you each for being respectful in your disagreements with my opinions. Now, if anyone wants to attack Charlie Sheen? I'll gladly jump in the gang tackle on that one. :-)

Rose said...

Chasing, you took the words out of my mouth. Everyone has friends that they help. That doesn't mean they aren't racist, alcoholic, or abusive.

The thing is you don't start yelling anti-Semite or racist comments out of nowhere just because your drunk. Those thoughts are in you.

bluebonnetmom said...

Just read the article. I think this is a man that will do anything he can to take care of and protect his children and family. He will sacrifice himself to achieve that goal. I have to respect that. I do think he needs some therapy, he may be a little maniac and he needs to control his temper. The worst we have heard from him is when he has lost his temper. I think Oksana just pushed him to the limit. Not sure to this day whether he punched her or not. I initially believed he did. We won't ever really know will we.

angelina said...

Fuck him. He's racist, sexist, misogynistic, and he's not sorry for that.

Coloratura said...

Mel got The Crazy in The Eyes. He lost his sanity sometime shortly after 'The Year of Living Dangerously.' He was fucking awesome in that. And hotter than hell.

But it went very seriously downhill from there, with a few, last bright sparks here and there.

It's a shame to see talent go to pot, but I have a theory that's it's genetic in his case. Possibly triggered by deeply repressed homosexuality. Just a theory... :P

Himmmm said...
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Coloratura said...

Don't know who you are T/Himmm... don't care. But yo vibe is creepy.

What are you hitting up the suckers on this site for free work?

Come up with your own lame 80s memories, jesus. There is this amazing thing called Google. Check it out.

Don't fall for this, people.

sunnyside1213 said...

Who even remembers the 80s?

Lux Luthor said...

Perhaps T/Himmm is the answer to today's Buzzforo blind item. ;-)

ForSure said...

Arrgh, blogger ate my post again. Let me try over.

bluebonnetmom, Jodie Foster came out about 2 years ago, so no closet there. Doesn't mean Gibson isn't a homophobe, I know a lot of men who are okay with Lesbians and flat out hate gay men.

Himmm, I respect your personal story of Mel and completely understand your loyalty to your friend. For the rest of us without that type of personal experience, we can only base our feelings about him on his work and his public behavior, then perhaps express our feelings with our dollars. I agree with the posts above that he is racist, sexist, anti-semitic, etc, etc, etc, and I cannot support him right now. I believe in redemption in a big way, but he is not/has not reformed and therefore he cannot be considered redeemed as this time. But I don't give up on him completely just yet.

As for your movie, no thanks. I don't consider a photo of a complete stranger with random celebrities that mean nothing to me to be an adequate reward for anything, but congrats on your impressive list of friends.

PotPourri said...

Oh for fuck's sake. Some Jews Hate Christians, some Christians Hate Jews, get over it. It's their personal right. People get drunk and talk shit all the time. They do it to their family members, friends, coworkers.

The guy's catalog of work is not what he does when he's arrested drunk, which is all I care about. There are lots of douches on screen that I like to see, like Tom Cruise, but I don't live in Hollywood so I don't care.

Himmmmm, I get it. I back you 100%. The guy's a standup guy.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

"Some Jews Hate Christians, some Christians Hate Jews, get over it. It's their personal right."


Melanie said...

^^^ completely agree Ida.

I also agree with Rose.

ardleighstreet said...

Himmmmm I am glad he was there for you. All of us who enjoy your posts should be glad that he at least saved your life. Thank you for sharing your insight into him.

Aly said...

Needing to know....


Are you CHUNK?

CDAN Mod said...


This blogger is not that successful. Trust me on this one.

Himmmm said...

Thanks, Ardleigh ;-)

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

Himmmm--Although I have a really hard time with some of the things Mel has done and said over the past few years, I understand why you would want to stick by him, especially since you've seen his better side and know what kind of good he's capable of doing. We don't always agree with what our friends do, but whether or not we give them the old heave-ho depends on a lot of factors, and a big one is the kind of relationship you've had up to that point: is it good enough to stick around and perhaps even help the friend to a better place, or was it bad enough, or what they've done so bad, that you feel compelled to cut them loose? All anyone can do is what they feel is best; your feeling is that Mel deserves your loyalty, and I understand that. Here's hoping that his behavior in the future makes him even more worthy of your continued support...

(RDJ, is that you? Really looking forward to the Sherlock Holmes sequel, as the original was damn near the best part of Christmas Day 2009 for me... ;-)

Himmmm said...
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Himmmm said...

Robin: That's a very astute and warm observation about friendship. Likewise I cannot comment on how others are treated, as friendship is always subjective, no? For the record, when my friends are in trouble I move mountains to help them if they need it/want it.

As for your query as to identity?

Well that's just the most preposterous, buffoonish, ridiculous, inane, outlandish, disturbing, bizarre, foolish, backwards, forwards, sideways, headlong, offensive, illiterate, illegitimate, unredeeming, disastrous, scandalous, over-the-counter, low-fat, drunken, purple, obnoxious, orange, partially-hydrogenated and yogurt-flavoredly cretinous thing to ask someone! Why would ANYONE accuse ANYONE ELSE of such a heinous thing as being...THAT person? A foul reformed junkie? An unrepentent womanizer? A half-assed actor with bad breath? I barely even KNEW John Hughes or even Rodney Dangerfield!! Good heavens ROBIN! Have you no SHAME? No decency? No...oh wait...maybe? Oh, no. My bad. WHEW! For a second there I thought it was his wife in my bed, but this woman is much prettier (and younger with far less body hair!) But thanks anyway :-)

(ROBIN: I hope you know that is all meant in jest with a smile. You're a great person. Really. Some of my best boxing matches are with photographers! Now I shall simply disappear somewhere. Or maybe even...disappear here ;-)

libby said...

RDJ is the BEST. He took responsibility for himself and thank god he's still with us, if only for the fine acting. You must agree with that? Team RDJ, Himmm, so hush up!

I disagree w/ you about MG, but don't go away please.

Elizabeth said...

Himmmm I've liked your posts but disagree about Mel. I liked a couple of his older movies but find him to be personally unlikable. His one saving grace TBH was his support of RDJ. I thought it showed the best side of him.

Maybe I could get past those tapes if I thought they were an aberration. I don't think they are at all. I think that is pure unvarnished Mel and it coincides with combative interviews I've seen him do, his DUI and numerous reported incidents. One can guess not everything he's done has been reported, obviously, so considering what's known, he has issues.

Himmmm said...

Libby dearest? It's a Holmes joke. Try to read it with a sense of ironic outrage/Brit accent. Now read between the lines written ;-) Maybe it'll make more sense when you see the sequel. But GOSH = Team RDJ? I need that on my vanity plates! Night-night;-) Happy Easter! (especially to those who can hide their own easter eggs. They exist you know).

Elizabeth said...

I wouldn't say Team RDJ exactly but the guy is compelling to watch, hugely talented and never hurt anyone but himself (big difference). Even his small movies like Two Girls and a Guy were interesting to watch. RDJ shouldn't be tossed and I was glad that Mel, for all his flaws, continued to support him.

elspeth said...

OK, here i go with my OPINION re Mel Gibson ["MG"]. It's based solely on hearsay, anecdotes and gossip. I've never met MG. The opinion of someone like Himmmm, who's got personal knowledge of MG, should be given far more weight and attention than mine.

I lived in Charleston, SC when Cold Mountain ["CM"] was filmed there. My friend, call him Bull, owns a carriage company that was used during the filming of CM. His company was not used during the filming of The Patriot ["TP"].

Bull collects Civil War and antique artifacts; he has a warehouse full of carriages, wagons and other things that make great props for period films.

I was on the set most of the time CM was filmed in or near Chas. Many of the local people who worked on CM also worked on TP. There was plenty of time to sit around and reminisce about earlier films shot there. I never heard a "bad" thing about MG from people who had worked for him, and there always seems to be an undercurrent of stress and tension on a set.

People who live and work in downtown Chas. also talked to me about their experiences while TP filmed there. People came up to MG while he was eating; he was never rude. He signed autographs and had encounters with "civilians" with courtesy. People were shocked that someone with his stature didn't exhibit an "attitude" when approached and was consistently nice.

A local massage school was asked if its students would like to work on MG. Anyone who wanted to sign up was requested to do so. The list wasn't limited to the "best" or the best looking students. People on the list were used equally on a rotating basis. There was no hint of scandal or unprofessional behaviour. To this day, current students talk about how lucky the earlier students were.

OK, MG can be nice to underlings and civilians who bump into him. So what?

[See Pt. 2]

elspeth said...

MG can be charming, but even monsters can be charming beasts at times. [This is just an anecdote - Not meant to be probative of anything.] TP needed to shoot at Middleton Place ["MP"] on a certain weekend, or the schedule would be thrown off and a ton of money lost. But MP had been reserved months before for a wedding that weekend. A bride who plans her wedding for a venue such as MP is probably having a very large wedding, has made complex plans and has strong ideas about what she wants. MG negotiated with the bride and groom and got them to relinquish their MP reservation. I know that MG/the production company paid for the wedding at another time, but it would have taken more than money as a consideration for a bride to make such a change. MG pulled it off.

As to MG's rants, all i know is that i am an alcoholic and was divorced at a relatively young age. I said things during that period that i had never heard, read or imagined before. I have no idea where some of that language came from. If i had been taped, i'm not sure i could ever come out of the hole i would have crawled into. If i HAD heard my words played back to me and the world, it would have caused a "Come to [Jesus - insert your higher power] moment. Oh, yes, my words caused a lot of damage, but i was spared the worst humiliation - Which was unfair because i was the source of the language. MG didn't get out of that punishment.


elspeth said...

[Part 3]

Do you recall how Clint Eastwood's character talked to his barber in Gran Torino? They slung the most un-PC language at each other -- playfully. It was how they spoke. Eastwood taught the Hmong teenager to use the same language when he applied for a job. It was shocking to see/hear those words casually uttered by such a young person. I'm guessing that MG learned to talk that way, and it still comes out at times. It's wrong now. It's unacceptable. But when older people learned that language, it wasn't objectionable -- at least to them. It was objectionable and painful to the minority/group it was aimed at, but they didn't have the power to stop it. Thank God we've gotten some sensitivity since then.

My opinion is that MG is trying his best to become a better person. Will he succeed? Don't know. Do i wish him all success in any endeavour he attempts? Yes.

Now, as to my most important opinions this weekend: I believe i have been a good girl and that the Easter Bunny will come and see me later tonight. We'll see how those opinions turn out...

elspeth said...

Sorry, one last thing. Charlestonians and Low Country people aren't blinded by celebrity. Many stories went around about CM stars and others who've filmed in Chas. To this day, people in Beaufort, where Barbra Streisand filmed the Prince of Tides in the '80s, can't talk about her without dripping disdain and acid into their words.

shakey said...

Elspeth - coming from a family of alcoholics, I really get what you're saying. But I have to disagree with Mel learning objectionable language from long ago and that's just how he speaks. He's what, 55 now? That's not very old (at least from my near-49-year-old perspective). Not sure when "sugar tits" ever would have been acceptable and unless he was born and lived under a rock, he would certainly know calling someone the "n" word is truly unacceptable. (These are just two examples.) The guy needs to step up and claim responsibility for his words and actions. The main problem with that is, he's said and done so many hateful things I don't know if he could rise above them all.

I find it such a shame that he went from being a good, bankable actor to brilliant director to joke. I feel very sad about it because I've enjoyed pretty much every movie I've seen him in (maybe not Bird on a Wire), and I LOVED Apocalypto - I thought it was even better than Braveheart.

Himmmm said...

Elspeth? I wish you all the best on your recovery, and am proud you have not lost your humility, humour, nor sense of humanity. I pray for your patience, your strength, and that when those times come (and they do) that you feel alone or lost? Just know you are not. Go out and stare at the stars if nothing else and you realize you do NOT walk alone my dear. Besides? I love ya and I am very proud of you ;-)

By the way? My grandma was born in Beaufort, and I have a house in Myrtle (well, Murrell's Inlet if you know that tiny spot!). I also spent many, many great - and bad - times on productions at Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach. In fact, I was there the week Brandon Lee got killed during Crow. I was literally 10 feet from him. One of the most horrific hells I've ever been haunted by. It still hurts to remember it. You are blessed to live in such a beautiful place, SC and NC are heaven.

Okay now onto my screed (lol). This too is in multiple parts. I already regret writing this and haven't done it, but WTF - why not?

I'll deal with the trolls, judgments, and hatred later. As I've said, I do not shave Mel's face in my mirror, nor elect him to office. But there's many components here to consider - many of which I do know, and plenty I do not. I don't work for Icon nor Mel, and have no interest in his career at all.

This is all MY OPINION and NOTHING VERIFIED VOUCHED nor EVIDENTARY - meaning? It will not hold up in court. I have no proof to offer and have seen nor heard NONE of this I am about to express. Further, I will not be subpoenaed - but this is NOT hearsay. It is an OPINIONATED FACT. SO:

Once upon a time, there was a Russian Girl. Maybe like a Russian bride. She was a very high paid call girl in her past. Not a street walker turning tricks with past abuse in her life - not hardly. She was "set up" into her "career" by her insane Mother, who taught her not only how to please, but how to EXTORT and CON. She did this to at least 2 married British men (one an MP) in the past, even producing fake ID when she was a teen THEN reversing to shake down the poor bastard. THIS is her forte, and how she got into high society crowds. She spent 18 mos. living with a Russian Oligarch (and his big yacht) until Cannes one year. She shacked up with an American (married) billionaire (Fortune 100 and political connected) and had her "girlfriend" party with them. That poor bastard got bled for a fortune, esp. after she came back crying about being preggo (she was not).

Let's say I know this because I was at Cannes that year and the next 2 years (and say maybe I even sent Enty some pix of another celeb who makes Ms. Russia look virginal).

If you've never lived or worked in Russia you may have no clue how MANY TONS of BEAUTIFUL and SEXY young women there are - all seeking their "white knight". It's not just a cliche or rumour - it is FACT. They make NYC or LA look like a convent. If you have cash? ANYTHING goes (I mean ANYTHING - shit that would make a Tijuana donkey show lady blush).

Most of these girls are trained by their own damn Moms. Why? Their Moms were the first generation post-USSR breakup, and they starved - many did. Hell, even many DOCTORS and DENTISTS there make less than a Wal-Mart manager from Kansas. Being upper-middle class income in many parts of former USSR would be about enough to put you on welfare in San Jose, California.

So these first-wave free women in old USSR soon found life in the world's oldest profession. And with the E.U. becoming common and close? They also found easy transport across the nation lines. They would have these "pimps" (or PR men) put on BEAUTY CONTESTS so they could corral the best girls. And they let rich men pay to "judge" the talent. Which is why there's 28,000 Russian girls with the title of "Miss Vodka 2009". (contd).

Himmmm said...

(PART 2)
When the big oil money exploded in the Middle East? These women FLOCKED in droves to Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, and everywhere (Muslim law applies only to Muslim women). Same applied to the NYC hedge fund glory days and LA-SF dot com kings. Thus, the many willing rich men.

Go into any VIP Club in Macau, Hong Kong, Vegas, or South Beach Miami. Or Cannes, Paris, NYC - esp. near the hedge fund hangouts. It's like a damn Caligula Russian fantasy. And they ALL want a RICH, OLD man. And every one of them knows how to play and make them pay. From baby threat and jailbait scams to VD-AIDS scares and covert video sent to your WIFE and KIDS! It is all REAL and they play for KEEPS.

Some say the men are to blame, since they willingly partake. I don't disagree. But here's where it gets sideways:

Let's say there's an actor living mainly in America. He's world famous. He's also mega successful and MEGA rich. This man (like many his age) is going through his mid-life crisis (with few worlds left to conquer). He's been a success at EVERYTHING he's touched. He's also kind of bored, and his casual drinking has now taken over into alcoholism.

This actor has been a pretty good husband, never laid an angry finger on his wife or kids, and has been a pretty darn good dad too. Like so many other men with his money, success, and place in life - he's lost his dreams. So he's like a walking bullseye for a pretty young woman. This woman makes him feel alive again. Day and night tells him he's still got it. He's the man, and the best sex she's had in her 20 years of life. She makes him feel like he did when he was young too. All these years he's been hearing about the wild life these other stars live - and now he wants a lil taste of it. Fuck it - he earned it right? So she says to him. Suddenly, he's lost his head, and she's leading him around.

Then she disappears. He panics. She returns, saying she's afraid she's too in love. She plays come here-go away with him until he is obsessed with her. She drags him out night after night indulging fantasies he didn't know ever existed. She also drowns him in alcohol and tries to get him trying drugs too. Nothing is taboo, as long as he's with her.

Then? His wife finds out. Not by accident - because the hot young lady has confronted HER, send HER a covert video, and forced the man to choose. The fountain of Youth? Or the Old Ball and Chain? (and besides - all his kids are grown, empty nest, and the hottie will GIVE HIM A NEW BABY TOO!!!).

So the young hottie shoehorns him into a hasty divorce, and runs rip shit riot all over the actors life, career, and pals. He starts having major regrets...BUT...too late! BINGO! She pulled the goalie. She's now pregnant for REAL!

And this cycle continues, and his regrets and self-hate manifest in MORE drinking and MORE despair. He wishes he could Undo all of it. Like a bad dream. And just when he finally has that sit-down with the young hottie/baby mama? She tries tears. Bad tears. He gets pissed because he knows he's been played. He feels like a sucker. But she keeps ping-ponging him back and forth - and he keeps drowning his regret in booze. (contd).

Himmmm said...

(PART 3)
Then? When he finally has the balls to tell her to leave? She makes her BIG move. She threatens him. Not just to ruin him or rob him. No. TO DESTROY him. And she has help (her mom, old pals from back home, etc.) all smelling a major payday. And every time he gets drunk? She gives him hell (and keeps more audio and video recording devices than Best Buy on hand to capture it all).

And even if he won't actually punch her or beat her? Fuck it - she'll do it herself. So when he gets blackout drunk? Her and her cousin doctor the evidence, and smash her mouth. He was too drunk to remember anyway. And when she goes to threaten him TOMORROW? She brings the proof...and her list of demands and exact dollar amounts.

Our actor has made his whole career being a self-made man. He raised a good family and fought demons along the way. And now? This Fatty Arbuckle bullshit? She's gonna do THIS shit to HIM??? Hell no. So he decides to stand up for himself (too little too late). Which only exacerbates the whole deal.

Back 20 or even 15 or 10 years ago? There was no such thing as TMZ and RADAR and gossip sites as they are today. Paparazzi were mostly professionals. Back then? All you had were rags like the Enquirer and STAR - and they could be sued for libel. Today? With INSTANT DIGITAL HELL? An old actor is out of his league. He's unmatched to fight this type of dirty, gross warfare on TMZ and RADAR and other sites.

And let's not forget...this brave new digital media world we live in? Is so disgustingly P.C. that if you even COUGH at someone - and they get offended? You will have to go to Rehab for mea culpa! So basically, no matter WHAT you say, about ANYONE? Or how drunk you are? SOEMBODY will be offended, and the PC police will rip you to shreds. Especially if you've made billions as a poster boy for Catholics and Christians and conservatives in the most liberal industry in the most liberal city in the WORLD!

So you end up with a perfect storm aligned against you. And your opponent has been trained and bred into this job since she could wear Lucite heels. She is the motherfucking Mike Tyson of Gold Diggers. And you just got OWNED big boy. Worst of all? And saddest of all? You KNOW it is all your own damn fault. Your kids still love you, as does your first wife. You cannot do ANYTHINTG except slit your wrists from shame and regret and being such an old idiot fool. Or...maybe you can be the fucking man you should have been THEN. The same man you were for 40 years. And you do what a man does: You MAN UP. You go back to work. You try and be better, and get help for your problems. You try and rebuild.

This shit is NOT some game. It's not a fucking rap song, nor a LIFETIME movie. THIS IS A MAN'S REAL LIFE. It's Not Jimmy Stewart in "Wonderful Life" nor Nic Cage in "Family Man". This is an actual human being - and his disaster cannot be erased from a fairy angel. ONLY HE (and God) can truly judge him.

But every single one of us break our asses to do it. It doesn't make his statements justifiable. But we HAVE to stop painting others with our own brush. EVERYONE is different, and raised differently with different highs and horrors. Yes, even Russian hookers. You hate them or their job? Vote at the polls or box office.

The only thing different from this man and the TONS of others to whom this has happened? Is that this man lives in the most unforgiving, intense spotlight ever known.

And this is the brave, new, digital world. It's no country - nor era - for old men. I know that I cannot expect forgiveness or mercy if I am not willing to show it to others. But we EACH have the chance every day to show our humanity, love, and mercy. As Joe said: The future is unwritten. Without people we're nothing!

Elizabeth said...
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Elizabeth said...

Himmm now you've lost me. This actor must own half of Malibu due to the money he has made by marketing himself to the public. He started his own church because he said (paraphrasing) that the Catholic Church was not pious enough. He made hundreds of millions of dollars making a religious movie and marketing it to churches. His church is so conservative women are apparently required to cover their heads. And while he's figuratively clutching his chest, he's apparently cheating on his wife with another woman, gets her pregnant, threatens and hits her, threatens a very ill nanny, calls a young child names, tells the woman she deserves it and that no one will believe her because he's such a good actor.

Elizabeth said...

There have been a few public figures who have verbally denigrated minorities and they have suffered similarly. Why? Because the same public that pours endless millions into their coffers, can also take it away. This is not the first time this guy has spoken like this and since we've heard this before, one can't help but think this is pretty common for him.

I don't pay to see the Russian and I'm not interested in blaming her. He says he was already separated from his wife (since the DUI), you say she caused the end of their marriage. Why is the onus on her to keep their relationship secret? Why didn't he just do the right thing, considering his high moral standards and all that?

Extremely wealthy men who behave badly, yet profit hugely from their religious reputation, should not blame the woman they cheated with for their downfall.

Who would you blame for the demise of Tiger Wood's marriage? Tiger? Or the women? Are you going to say Tiger because you don't know him personally and are therefore more objective?

Murphy Brown 2020 said...
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Himmmm said...

Elizabeth? I would not comment one way nor the other on the Tiger situation. I dont know him, but more to the point - I have no CLUE about him, his ex, his mistresses, or their lives or situation. So it does not concern me. That is what I call objective. If I paid my money to sponsor or knew him personally? Then I might have an opinion. As is? I dont.

A diff example? C.Sheen. I had a biz dealing with him years ago that still gives me cold sweats. Happy it went south. From that(way before his 2011 expose) I can say that I choose to never work with him. Nor will I support, watch, buy, or patronize anything he sells/stars. All I can do is follow my convictions, which are to not support him. I don't wish him dead, nor wish him the best. I just don't wish him - period.

I may jab/snark about some celebs, but that doesn't mean I love/hate them. I work with many, am related to many, and have seen the best and worst. Which is why I'd take a bullet for Drew B. even if she blew up a bus full of nuns and blind orphans while she punches a puppy. I'd STILL love her, no matter what. (Obviously it would be from behind bars!lol). Has SHE had moments? Ya. If TMZ were around then? She'd be in Lohan-land now. She's lucky and had many who love her help her at the time and we still do. Just like she helps me. I'm mercurial, mouthy, cocky-depressive and wear my heart on my middle finger. But my pals help me be a better man each day.

Obviously, we can do this exercise ad infinitum to doomsday. How long is a piece of string? When will the Iraq War end? I feel one way, and you feel another. I respect that you feel as you do. Likewise I would not judge you from a blog post or a RADAR scandal. Just because you may act on TV or movie? Doesnt mean I know you or your life. You could be a guy,gal,or hermy. An ogre with gas or a runway model, or selling arms to Iran for all I know.

Which is the point = all I know. Which is that Eliz is a sharp, wit with the power of her convictions whos probably NOT emailing FOX daily for a Lethal Weapon 9. That's all cool Liz. It's exactly the ocean of varied opinions which brings me back here (even on Easter!) time and again for all the commenters. Well, that - and to anonymously share, vent, and say crap I WISH I could say to some celebs faces. AM I a hypocrite? Maybe so. But Im human too. I just work in a velvet goldmine with a 24/7 scandal cycle. If I worked on a farm? I'd be commenting on some hee-haw blog. Sorry if this doesn't clear it up, but I that's about it. Be well ;-)

Elizabeth said...

Fair enough Himmm, I guess I have issues with hypocrisy, whether it's Gringrich shtupping a lobbyist while putting Clinton on trial, Haggard preaching against gays or the most vocally religious celebrity I can think of doing pretty-much everything on the list after implying even the Pope isn't Catholic enough. And I'm not even religious. :-)

elspeth said...

Shakey -- Sorry about your family of origin; at least it gives us a common language and set of references.

Himmmm -- Thank you for your very kind, wise and warm words. I do at times go outside and breath out to the stars and then breath relaxation in. Murrells Inlet is
wonderful! I thought you had some Carolina roots, but i thought they were NC rather than SC based. To be in either Carolina is to be in heaven. Although there are lots of other heavenly places around this world;-)

Also, i'd like to thank you for your Russian fable. When parties are in litigation, they are precluded from presenting their sides in public. In this case, only one side has abided by this rule. I've been surprised that the offending party hasn't been found in contempt of court.

To all of you following this thread, I hope you've had a lovely weekend, and i can't tell you how much i appreciate your not jumping all over me for expressing an opinion that i know most of you don't hold.

Best regards,

caydian said...

Himm, thanks for the view from the other side. When you write, I liken your words to having a small peep-hole into the world of Hollywood and Celebrity...I can't see the whole picture, but what I can see is eye-opening, sometimes jaw-dropping.

Sounds like Mel was a true friend when he stood by you, but even true friends can have feet of clay. Your post made me re-assess my opinions. I don't condone the man's actions and I expected better of someone with his experience, but I'll wait and see what he does next.

I find your posts fascinating & always look forward to the next one. Don't be a stranger.

RocketQueen said...

There is something seriously wrong with Jamie's Girl. That is all.

azlee said...

I know this is an old article but I have to say to hmmmmm. I sure appreciate your outlook on Mel Gibson and I am sure on others as well. I wish more people in Hollywood were open minded.


azlee said...

I did email you back btw. :-)


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