Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Photos Part Two

Apparently even though Kim Kardashian got paid to host a pool party, it does not mean she wants to interact with her fans. Unlike, say
Michael Phelps.
Meanwhile, one of the other sisters was willing to eat out of the hands of Scott Disick.
Kimberly Stewart shows off a Benicio del Toro baby bump.
Lady GaGa and the Queen from Snow White.
Twitter pics that I did not really need to see.
Contrast this sad and lonely looking Michael Douglas with this
picture with his daughter yesterday.
Mark Zuckerberg learns the joys of picking up after your dog.


califblondy said...

Those Vegas pool parties look gross. I can't blame KK for keeping her clothes on (for once).

RocketQueen said...

So many fake boobs look so awful.

Patty said...

No one is in the pool.

libby said...

Haha--the taller chick with Phelps looks uncomfortable with his skeeviness, and Miss Fake Boobs looks like she knows and doesn't give a SHIT.

libby said...

I know this sounds weird, but sometimes illness does wonders for people, in that they appreciate every moment with their loved ones all the more. You can tell Carys loves her dad there, and he her. Very cute!

ForSure said...

Woah, those might be the worst fake boobs I've ever seen. Her surgeon should be ashamed.

RJ said...

That chick with Phelps has the most hideous fake breasts that I have EVER seen. Ick. And if she had normal breasts she'd be really pretty.

Nice tats, Miley. Stay classy!

Good for Zuckerberg for picking up after his dog!! Owners who don't pick up after their dogs make it harder on all of us responsible owners to take our pets places! Pick up the poop, people!

blondegossip said...

All these celebutards should take a hint from Zuckerberg's humility here. He's got more money (and intellect) than anyone & if he can pick up his own dog's shit, they can start doing something meaningful with their "fame." I'm talking to you Paris, Hohan, etc.

RocketQueen said...

Sadly, those fake tits are still WAY better than Tori Spelling's.

Anonymous said...

Sad thought of the day: by dint of this picture, one of the greatest living athletes in the world is a mere tribal armband tattoo from being a featured player on HCwDB.

Rocket Queen, whoever you are, you crack me up at least once a week.


Lady J said...

Love the pic of Michael Douglas and his daughter.

Linnea said...

Hahaha @RQ, you are so right! But did everyone miss her majestic camel toe?

parissucksliterally said...

Ugh, Kim makes me sick. Now they are putting KRIS in the Skechers ads with her!!! WHY???!

I agree, those breasts on the chick with Phelps are disgusting!

Meg said...

I wonder how much hair product Di(s)ick goes through in a month?

I just don't know what I think about Kimberly Stewart becoming a mother... :-/

Zuck's dog is SO cute! Little snowball!

Mango said...

Do men actually find big fake boobs like that attractive?

Kimberly Stewart breeding is such a bad idea. I wouldn't let her pet sit a dog and she's going to be responsible for a child?

Tatyana said...

Umm, did somebody put a gun to Enty's head and made "him" follow Miley's twitter?

lanasyogamama said...

I totally agree, those short girl has the WORST BOOBS EVER. Those sure will look silly in her 70s!!

Oh Miley, you are just soooo sexy..

I think Michael and CZ are going to split, I don't know why.

Zuck has a cute dog.


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