Monday, April 18, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Four parts today.

Pretty soon I guess there will be a naked cowbaby.
Natalie Portman drags out the baby daddy. It looks they were both dragged.
The Princess gets some competition from Queen Rania of Jordan.
Rachel Bilson has the biggest dog I have ever seen.
Reese Witherspoon at the premiere of that Water & Circus Animals movie.
Robert Pattinson is in the movie too. I heard they have as much chemistry together as a 1st grade science project.
Gina Gershon was there too.
Ditto Julia Stiles.
Even Nicole Murphy and Michael Strahan were there.
After the movie, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart made out.


RocketQueen said...

LOVE Reese's dress. Love.

Your princess could use a big lunch or three, Enty.


califblondy said...

Nobody can compete with our, (Enty, I mean your) princess.

Anonymous said...

Stiles is too young to have cankles.

amanda_gza said...

OMG, that cannot be a dog.

lapin said...

I think your Princess still comes out on top because Rania looks (unfortunately) a little face busted in that foto. Also, why with the sparkly hose, no.

Though I'm definitely a sleek sighthound kinda gal (as evidenced by my reader foto submission of my whippet), I'm absolutely enchanted by that pooch with Bilson. What a floppsie moppsie; it looks like Chewbacca and I just want to hug it! That face <3

Sherry R. said...

Weirdest dog evah!

RJ said...

Bilson's dog is just a big ole cutie patootie. He looks like a bear that you can safely hug.

Anothergrayhare said...

Looks like a Newfoundland dog, our friends have two of them and when they lay on the floor they look like polar bear rugs. Really good natured dogs.

Cancan said...

Rachel's dog looks part gorilla; I love it! She is always great with accessories.

Anotheramy said...

Julia Stiles dress looks like a beach cover up. Do you think theres a bikini under there?

Bleu said...

I've never thought Reese had chemistry with anyone in her movies.

Marna Palmer said...

Wow, Julia Stiles, get thee to a stylist, STAT. And why does her mouth look teeny tiny and the rest of her face looks HUGE?

Lady J said...

What the hell did Julia Styles do to her face? Did she get cheek implants?

Linnea said...

Lady J that was EXACTLY what I was thinking! Her face looks so different from what it did just weeks ago.

One small part of me just goes ooooooh whenever I see a picture of Bella and Edvard making out in real life. I know, I am sad, comically romantic teenager at heart.

Meg said...

Rachel's dog is a Russian Terrier.
@Lynette - I had a Newfie foster dog/mutt once. They are great dogs!

Enty, Water for Elephants is a really good book. You should definitely read it. I'm excited to see the movie. Hope they don't eff it up! :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Amy - I like Reese Witherspoon ok, but most of the "chemistry" she's supposed to have with co-stars seems forced to me.
She also seems older than her actual age. Whenever I've seen pics from this film, especially, it seems more likely to me that she's Robert Pattinson's mother, not his love interest.

Meg said...

^The character Reese/Rob are portraying are early 20's. Makes sense for Rob, but I can see why some people think Reese might be "too old". Maybe casting someone much younger than Reese would have made the Marlena/August (Christoph Waltz) relationship extra weird?

Mango said...

Queen Rania looks like a positive heifer next to the princess.

The face on Bilson's dog is freaking me out.

I love Reese's dress! Meanwhile Pattinson looks like he just woke up or is majorly stoned.

Stiles has spectacularly awful taste in clothing. But I guess Michael C. Hall wasn't fucking her for her dress sense.

Danielle said...

Julia Stiles' face looks different because she has gained a significant amount of weight since her stint on Dexter. She must gain it in her face very easily.

lanasyogamama said...

I think Enty should send his Princess some bacon.

Reese has a great face for film, but that chin is crazy big for 'real life'

I read an interview with RPat, and I couldn't believe how funny he is!


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