Saturday, April 07, 2012

Teacher Who Moved In With 18 Year Old Student Arrested For Doing It Before

Christopher Hooker has been arrested. Hooker and his teen girlfriend were everywhere a few months ago when the teacher moved in with his 18 year old student after claiming they had a platonic relationship from the time she was 14 and did not have sex until she was 18. Hooker was not arrested for his current relationship but instead for another that happened before with a 17 year old girl about ten years ago. Hooker would have been 31 then and the teen was not a student, but just someone he befriended. I actually think this guy is acting out with these young women because he is afraid to confront his own sexuality. That is just me.


auntliddy said...

How old is this guy? Is he still teaching? Yuck to whole mess.

Sarah said...

He's sick. As a parent I expect there to be laws in place to protect my kids from predatory teachers.
18 or not, this behavior should be illegal. Teachers are in a position of trust!

nolachickee said...

Actually, the 17 year old attended a school that he did work at.

Yes, maybe he is acting out with these girls because he's in the closet and can't deal. Regardless, he's still Creepy Fucking McCreepy. He could have found actual women to experiment with. He needs serious help.

NernersHuman said...

He is not still teaching, thank the gods.

He makes my skin crawl.

Bit dams said...

i think he's 41.

yeah, the balance of power is way off. i read yeaterday that there is talk of a law preventing teachers from being involved with their students. seems so obvious you wouldn't think you needed one.

there's never been any mention of his wife and kids, which is good for their privacy. but i wonder how they are doing. must be awful to have this play out in front of the world.

EmEyeKay said...

This is EXACTLY like what happened to my sis! After her teacher died, she found out he had been popped for dating another student at another school - that's why he was new to her HS.

I don't believe it's random behavior. There's something in those men (and women) that makes them behave this way. It's wrong.

chopchop said...

Classic last name on that guy.

car54 said...

he lost his job, he walked away from his wife and kids.....I saw them on Dr Phil and the girl looked like she was hypnotized---he did most of the talking. her mother was absolutely livid and because they waited to move in together until she was 18 there was nothing she could do about it.

i hope this girl goes home and the mother locks her up and throws away the key.....and that this guy stays in jail---i think he is dangerous--he seemed to be able to really control her and her thinking.

Sarah said...

Any time I see that sort of age difference a warning bell goes off, no adult I know could truly fall for someone with that little in common.
It's always a control factor, perhaps with a sexual kink about the youth.
I get the whole midlife crisis bit, but a 20 something should fill that void if you were going after someone to make you feel vibrant again!

keks said...

When I was on HS, one of my teachers started dating a 16 year old AND NOTHING HAPPENED TO HIM. He wasn't fired, nobody cared. Everybody seemed to be ok with the situation which is ABSURD.

Here in Brazil, the age of consent is 14, but still, SHE WAS HIS STUDENT, you know? How could the school just let this go? And her parents?

They got married, had children and are still together (this was 16 years ago), but it makes me sick when I think about it.

Evil Kumquat said...

How in the hell does a man who likes dating those younger than him make him a closeted gay (if I'm reading the innuendos properly)?

Yeah, 14 is pretty bad and likely illegal, but why is 17 so shocking?

Maybe it has to do with in what part of the country you reside, but in my state, sixteen is the legal age of consent (provided the older party is not in a supervisory position like teacher, minister, foster parent, etc.).

A hundred years ago girls were marrying at 13 (which is also still legal in certain parts of the country under special circumstances).

Age of consent laws can be tricky depending upon where you are and what you may consider shocking is normal elsewhere.

Fourteen IS too young though, and I'm sure they're lying about it being platonic. Arrest him for that, not because he's dating young.

Pogue Mahone said...

Maybe he's just a pervert?

AKM said...

Yeah, I'm with Evil Kumquat. How does ephebophilia = in the closet?

auntliddy said...

For that matter Akm and Evil, I have always wondered how people get Tom Cruise is gay because when married to Nicole they adopted 2 children but when hooked up with Katie, they had baby together, so that proves he's gay. ( this is what i always read about this). Huh? So if u have a baby biologically , you're gay? Pls to explain!
And just FYI, not all gays are perverts, and not all perverts are gay. One has not do with other.

Jasmine said...

"And just FYI, not all gays are perverts, and not all perverts are gay. One has not do with other."

AMEN Liddy!

Just wanted to add that I cannot BELIEVE the amount of times this happens. I dont think the media is blowing it out of proportion either---my high school science teacher used to wear really thin sweat pants and you could totally see his old man junk poking around and he'd get real close to the girls and sort of brush past them. Things pop into your mind in retrospect later on and the same thing is- none of us even THOUGHT to tell a grown up because the idea of telling on your teacher (who had such authority in our lives at school) was unfathomable. So sad and disgusting to think that position can and is wielded on babies (and yes 17 is a fucking baby no matter how developed your body and genitals are)!

Amy in MI said...

Maybe the brother of Cameron hooker who had the sex slave for years in california?

Unknown said...

Teachers are the last people I trust
( not really all of them, but I know a few that are…scary)
I know one that had several affairs with students. And then he would get upset when they wouldn't add him back on Facebook so he couldn't see what hey were saying about him.
He's also a rapist and cokehead

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

I'm not 100% sure, but I do believe I saw something in the news today that the 18-year-old wised up, went to see him at the police station, and dumped his ass--good for her for wising up if it's true!

Anonymous said...

I see that this couple is now broken up, but it's not far fetched to think that they could really love eachother.

Mary Kay Letourneau, now 47 and former pupil Vili Fualaa, now 26, are still married, living in Seattle, and raising their children.

Life is crazy!

Mother Campfire said...

EW @ Jasmine. But I can see why nobody reported that old dude either. It's almost like 'well someone MUST have told by now....maybe this is normal behavior'. SO GRODDY.

Sherry said...

I believe statistics bear out that almost all molesters id as straight

AKM said...

Sherry's right, which is why the whole "gay people are perverts/molesters" argument by the Tea Party-types is so ignorant and ridiculous. (And I'm kind of surprised and disappointed that Enty brought it up, too.)

Some psychologist-types think, though, that some molesters are really not straight OR gay and that their psychosexual development is stuck in a childlike place, hence their draw to children. In any case, it's all sick and sad, of course.


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