Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Blind Item #5

This B+ list mostly television actress from a very hit network show that is starting to wind down hates one of her C+ list former co-stars. Why? The former boyfriend of the B+ lister once called out the C listers name during sex.


Anonymous said...

Lea Michelle/cory monteith/Diana Agron

sarah.estell said...

Diana not invited to participate in the Cory tribute episode on Glee. I'll say +1.

belesta said...

It doesn't specify the gender of the c lister.

Why is she blaming the other person? Whoever it is, she should have just dumped her lame ass boyfriend instead of taking it out on someone else. The fact that some women have the sheer nerve to be such hardcore petty bitches to people who haven't done them any wrong absolutely astounds me.

The BLS said...

I hope this isn't Lea/Cory/Dianna.

But it was my first thought, too. :/

Unknown said...

I'm confused. I heard Monchele were PR but did they still have sex? Did Cory have sex with Dianna too?


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