Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Random Photos Part Two

Lady GaGa is available for your children's birthday parties as a bubble machine.

Lea Michele in her thoughtful pose of the day in Big Sur.
Long time no see Alyssa Milano's guy or kid in the photos.
Mel B celebrates her daughter's second birthday.
Miley Cyrus takes a smoke break at the recording studio.
Mary Kate Olsen looks at the buffet and wonders what year the air is, and if it's filling.
Molly Ringwald and her kids out this weekend.
Olivia Munn decides to pass on her final chance to wear white shoes for six months.
Someone was actually prepared to get a Riley Keough autograph with Elvis memorabilia? I smell a setup.


Del Riser said...

I wish Lea hadn't posted this, it smacks of usuary. I don't doubt that she is grieving, but it should remain private.

skimpymist said...

It looks like alyssa is barefoot but she has those thread sandals on that look majorly uncomfortable.

Mileys trying so hard to be edgy. She can't even smoke a cigarette without putting on her "ghetto girl" face.

.robert said...

I hate it when smokers congregate in the entryway.

Kelly said...

I've been watching that dumb, trashy show Mistresses that Milano is in. It's kinda fun though.

ethorne said...

Does Miley just get up & think, "Hmm, how can I look my absolute worst today? I'll start with the worst shorts ever & follow up with a shirt most people wouldn't wipe their ass with."

@Reno, I like Mistresses. It's good quality trash!

Unknown said...

Gaga really has no more good ideas, I guess Madonna wins.

Count Jerkula said...





Mary Kate

If I was dating Miley, I would beat her until she threw every pair of over the gunt shorts and pants into a fire. Not even in a fun way with a riding crop. I'm talking rattan cane or electric cattle prod.

Anonymous said...


Right on!

Hanwi said...

So is Lady Caca trying to take attention away from her nose job by wearing distracting, stupid glasses now? Born this way my ass.

Kelly said...

That it is @e rosey! That it is.

chopchop said...

Gaga looks like Elton John here. Complete with bad toupee.

I hate those celeb photos they post on Twitter. I really want to know, do they hire someone to follow them around & get "cool" pictures to post? How many shots do they take before they get one good one?

auntliddy said...

Gaga is just embarassing now. Please stop wearing machines. And meat.

parissucksliterally said...

I never understood why singers smoke. I mean Miley doesn't have a great voice, but that Mariah, Christina, Whitney would even risk it....makes no sense to me.

bleacherbunny said...

O' Alyssa Milano's husband is unfortunate.

Anonymous said...

Oh how i wish you were mileys man count j.

ForSure said...

Jonathan Groff took that photo of Lea, he went on the weekend trip with her, a drive up the coast of California.


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