Friday, November 22, 2013

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Leighton Meester was in Shanghai with no engagement ring while her

boyfriend Adam Brody showed his Movember love.
Michelle Rodriguez narrowly escapes an explosion while filming the latest Fast And Furious movie with
Paul Walker and The Rock and
Vin Diesel who is looking a bit like Dr. Evil.
Naya Rivera continues the camo loving fashion style as of late.
Anna Paquin tries to get a cab in NYC.
Russell Brand his dog and Jemima Khan pick up some condoms at a convenience store.
Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross get a jump on Black Friday.


Kelly said...

Anna is looking very thin lately.

Ginger said...

Ashlee Simpson needs to take those ratty extensions out.

I do not understand Russell Brand's appeal. Funny, yes. Sexy, no.

My dirty little secret...I love Fast and Furious flicks!

I like Leighton Meester, but her outfit is hideous.

Jessie said...

Ashlee and Evan look like they stole something.

TalksTooMuch said...

Another F & F movie? Who is watching these movies??

Poor frank-less Russell. Move over Movember, Decembeaver is on its way!

I really like Leighton Meester, she seems like an old soul

menadensch said...

TTM - FF movies are amazing. Eye candy, fast cars, and possibly Jason Statham? How can you not love?

Maybe if Idris made an appearance...or Shemar? ;)

TalksTooMuch said...

Menadensch, that's a great idea! Lets start an email campaign

menadensch said...

Not a bad idea! We should use twitter too. Could we put a petition on If the either of them ended up in the FF series, I would demand a movie every 6 mos.

califblondy said...

I had never seen a Fast and Furious movie. My nail salon had one on a few weeks ago and I was hooked. I need to start at the beginning and see all of them.

Meanie Rhysie said...

Leighton Meester reminds me of Uma What'sherface.

Aoife said...

Leighton Meester looks like she wandered out in her pajamas. Horrible outfit.

Of all the women in the world Evan Ross hooks up with Ashlee Simpson.


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