Thursday, November 21, 2013

Random Photos Part Three - Catching Fire - NYC

The pixie cut is in obviously and Liam Hemsworth swears he has seen that somewhere before.

Before the screening Jennifer Lawrence had a play fight under covers with David Letterman.
Chrissy Teigen was at the premiere but not under the covers.
Patricia Clarkson
Bridget Moynahan
Brooke Shields
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Andy Cohen


TalksTooMuch said...

Bridget Moynahan is gorgeous, and she doesn't even have to skank it up. Very classic looking.

Common...commmonnnnnnnnnnnnn. Sorry, got drool on the keyboard

figgy said...

Love PSH, but he is looking a bit...robust...lately.

Kristin Wigs said...

I love ya JLaw... But please stop talking about your bowel movements in interviews.

@figgy ohhhh getting in on the fat smack! That Color Me Badd post turned into Faces of Death with boy bands real quick. ;)

Harry Knuckles said...

Whoever Patricia Clarkson

I know, I'm going toHell .

parissucksliterally said...

LOV LOVE LOVE Patricia Clarkson!

PSH looks horrible. :(

Kelly said...

Bridget annoys the crap out of me. She's just not attractive or a good actress. She's bugs I tell ya!

Mama Abroad said...

About PSH. Love him. Didn't he go to rehab recently for heroin or something? I hope I'm not spreading rumors.

MK for short said...

Patricia Clarkson doesn't age! Common, such a handsome guy.

Pip said...

PSH went to rehab for heroin addiction. Maybe the extra lbs is a good sign that he's taking time to eat rather than spend it in outer space. He's never been incredibly clean cut.

__-__=__ said...

PSH doesn't look good. I hope he makes it. Shades of Gandolfini, John Candy, Belushi. Gives me the sads. He's too young for this.

rajahcat said...

personally I like Bridget......she is beautiful and has common sense....good combo

And I love JLaw's pixie----it fits her personality so well and I think its funny that she one upped skanky Miley for the Catching Fire pressers-haha-pixie cut done much better


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