Saturday, September 06, 2014

Blind Items Revealed

February 10, 2014

This sometime reality star from a very hit network reality show was backstage at a show and told his friend that was with him that it was his favorite time of year. He did say that he avoided the women from his country because he hates them all and prefers women that are needier and willing to work to get famous. By working he meant having sex with him as much as he wants. Five or six models were begging to go out with the guy. He looked so a-holey picking one out.



Lady Heisenberg said...


FWIW Everyone in the blind sounds like an asshole to me!

All Lace no Leather said...

He's an example of a guy that was good looking until you got to know him and his personality.

auntliddy said...

What a turd this guy must be. Ive never read one nice thing about him, and really, whoever even heard of him before this idiot show? Hope he's not confusing" flash in the pan" with "lifelong fame." Because you know.

rolotomassi said...

please go home

All Lace no Leather said...

I think SNL should do a skit where he is judged after sex by all his women. They could hold up cards with his scores.

sandybrook said...

Russian girls are difficult. Think mob daughters or Jewish American Princesses and multiply by 10.

Yoj said...

Since Count Jerkula is absent, I feel obliged to step up to the plate.
One broad? I woulda taken all em bims to my room and had em duke it out over my peen. Then I woulda tag teamed the last two standing.

Zilla3 said...

He hates women from his own country yet he agreed to be the Russian Bachelor for a season. Ka-ching, I guess.

Lady Heisenberg said...

Again, Ukraine is not the same thing as Russia... SMFH

SingBlue said...


Count? Is that you?

Lady Heisenberg said...

brava @yoj

Yoj said...

@Lady Heisenberg
Thank you! I can't tell you what this means to me! I want to thank the CDaN Academy, for giving me this recognition. Also, I want to thank Count Jerkula, for being such an inspiration. And finally, my fellow nominees, whose company I am proud to be in.

Zilla3 said...

Sorry. Ukrainian. Anyway, the point is the same, it says he hates the women from his homeland (UKRAINE)yet he agreed to star as the UKRAINIAN bachelor.)

Sherry said...

LOL Yoj. Bravo.

SugarTitz said...

@lady h .. thank you for the edumacation.. i was wondering where latvia was. planning my vacation.

SugarTitz said...

@yoj,, you're new here.. count would keep them all and run the train on all dem bims and let the last two still breathing suck him off.. you're welcome for the edumacation yoj.

Yoj said...

@sugarbread maker
Curse my naivety! When will my corruption be complete?

sandybrook said...

Give it time and Russia and the Ukraine will once again be one with each other. GO NATO!!

AvaCherryVanilla said...

And his timeline on twitter is exploding with vile from crazies because he has finally been seen publicly with his real girlfriend, bikini model Devin Brugman. She must be very tolerant considering his behavior.
How convenient that they go public the moment season 19 of DWTS is beginning.
Shippers don't get this yet.

Unknown said...

This probably sounds horrible but I don't like Russians. Or people from states once belonging to the former Soviet Union. There's something about the culture ... they're snobby, they're dishonest, and they're unfriendly.

A friend has a garage sale a few times a year and I stopped selling there because the Russians robbed me blind.

I had an apple box that I had stored some stuff in and my friend told me to hurry up, she wanted to open, and somehow this box ended up in her driveway unattended ... about an hour later after the opening rush, I found it with the lid off. I had a list on the side of all the things in the box ... I looked at the list and realized my vintage 35mm camera was GONE.

Then I remembered that these two old Russian men had come up to me to buy a couple of cashmere sweaters. I had priced them at $2 each and - here's the weird thing - they HADN'T HAGGLED.

And, they'd already put them in their shopping bag. I actuallyw as annoyed by that and reached down to take the sweaters out of the bag, but they had the $4 in their hand so I thought, well, they're paying for them, why would I take them out of the bag? I did notice, subliminally, that when I reached down they got very nervous and kind of darted forward to stop me.

So, the fact that they didn't haggle (because Russians HAGGLE) ... tells me that paying "full price" ($4) for two cashmere sweaters was worth it to them because they had to HIDE THE CAMERA.

Another time I had this beautiful pashmina shawl, price was $5. I glance up, and there's this fat 70 year old babuschka booking down the street with it around her shoulders, looking back at the garage sale. I followed her and said "Madam, were you going to buy that?" (considering that she was five doors down and picking up speed, I knew the answer to that one). She took it off and threw it at me.

Then there was the time we opened at 9 am on a Saturday, and these two Russian women came up to me asking how much this item was, I think it was $2 (and worth a lot more). They wanted to pay 50 cents and actually made faces at me when I wouldn't bargain. Because, you know, in the first minute of the first day of a three day Labor Day weekend sale, OF COURSE I'm already desperate.

They were SO insistent that I finally said "PUT. IT. DOWN." They couldn't believe I wasn't ready to bargain. Five minutes later they came up with a look of rage on their faces and THREW $2 at me as if I was robbing them. I threw it back and said "I would not sell it to YOU for $10." I think they sent a friend to buy it 5 minutes later.

One more ... I had this BEYOOTIFUL needlepoint pillow. Really fine work on the front, velvet piping, velvet backing, and a zipper that worked.

Price was $4.

This old Russian lady comes up on Saturday, asks me if I can do any better on the price. I say no. But I say "come back tomorrow at 4 pm, if I haven't sold it I might go down on the price."

She comes back the next day at 4 pm, it's still there, I tell her $3. She says $1.50. Why? Because she only wants the FRONT, not the BACK.

So, I'm supposed to cut it apart and sell the back for $1.50?

I'm not kidding they are ALL like that. It's cultural. There's no shame in stealing, everybody haggles ... it's just a way of life.

And I'm not referring to Americans of Russian descent, just foreign-born immigrants.

OKay said...

How the hell does anyone think they're going to get famous by banging Maks?

Anna Katherine Nonymous said...

Interesting post Prunella. That Maks guy sounds like pond scum. Ugh.

Haywood Jablomee said...

Solid work Yoj! I'm giving you an A- for the effort. Because if I gave you a B grade, you might take it the wrong way if you are still in Count mode.


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