Friday, September 05, 2014

Random Photos Part Two - Film Festivals

The Venice Film Festival continues. Forever.

Alexandra Daddario, Anton Yelchin and Ashley Greene
Ethan Hawke
Willem Dafoe and his wife.
Toronto International Film Festival

Robert Downey Jr., and Susan Downey.
Kristen Bell
Robert Duvall and his wife.
Vera Farmiga
Will Ferrell
Juliette Binoche


ladybaus said...

ethan hawke is still ethan hot

Seven of Eleven said...

Willen Dafoe looks like Denis Leary's big brother.

I guess RDJ and wife are the BI answer. Someone page Himmm!

Kristen Bell's dress reminds me of mustard...

sandybrook said...

I was wondering when you'd give TIFF a shout Enty



Tricia13 said...

Hawke and his nanny /GF/wife/crackhead FTW

Lady Heisenberg said...

Daddario AND

Jessie said...

The secret to dressing like a French lady is to wear a beautiful dress that had pockets and put those hands in your pockets to show how casual you are even in your beautiful dress and also hide your old looking hands at the same time.

Also, Ent's awful long sentenced are contagious.

Count Jerkula said...

P: Daddario/Greene tag team - i'd even do some same room swapping if that's what it took. Just flip a coin and winner gets first choice of broad or first choice of hole.

M: Vera

B: Bell

Ms B'have said...

Kristen Bell, you just do you, darling.

Brenda L said...

Awww Mrs. Himmmm looking so cute impregnated and all....

Unknown said...

WTF Kristen?

Sydney Gingell said...

I bet Kristen is eating tons of meat.

skippy said...

RDJ huge love & lust.
I will NEVER understand the Ethan love!
Kristen, be more careful with those mixed washes!

Kelly said...

Do you suppose Duvall still has the secks?

Sherry said...

Duvall spoke at my acting school and he was such a nice guy. My friend was his stand in on some movies.

Willem Dafoe is ugly hot. I guess because I had a quick afternoon fling with a look alike and it was very very good!

Lila said...

French women always look effortlessly put together. Marion C, Eva Green, etc.
RDJ looks great.

MinPinGirl said...

Ethan Hawke has Lens Dunham's shoes on!

Defoe looks rather jaunty.

I guess I thought Susan Downey was closer to Roberts age (therefore pretty old to be pregnant). I must be thinking of his first wife.

Kristen Bell is not interesting.

Robert Duvall and his grand daughter...uh...I mean wife!

Juliette Binoche, wtf are you wearing?

Frufra said...

@Sherry - agree about Dafoe.

Sherry said...

THANK YOU Fru...Sexy, ugly hot.

Sprink said...

Effortlessly put together, @Lila? Hmm, not always.

Sprink said...

Whilst googling "French Women Bad Fashion" (what? you thought that photo was just in my repertoire?) I came across this gem and simply had to share.

I think words failed me.

StuffandNonsense said...

Lol@ Sprink.

Vera Farmiga looks amazing.

I'd shame f**k Dafoe even though he's a short ass. Ugly-hot nicely summed it up.

Unknown said...

RDJ and Susan are really nice in person. *unpretentious, normal, real.

The Judge was good. Made me laugh, cry, and think. Several parts really hit close to home. Duvall - what can I say about Duvall - excellent - he an RDJ really really played well off each other. Billy Bob Thorton - was solid. There were a few scenes that didn't quite flow or resonate as well as they could have. Overall, well done.

Sarah said...

What in the Golden Girls is Kristen Bell wearing?

Penelope said...

Yes, yes he is. :)

Unknown said...

Vera - there's something about her beauty and style, which is unconventional in H'wood, that I just love.


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