Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Random Photos Part Four

Vito Schnabel has absolutely no interest in Heidi Klum. Here he is waving to friends and
then spends some texting and
spends a few minutes wondering how he can extract him from this relationship.
So, Heidi Klum went and performed a miracle. She got Mary Kate Olsen to smile.
Taye Diggs tips his cap at the effort.
Jessica Alba and her family were in Malibu yesterday.
Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore spent some time talking to a guy in a really loud swim suit.
Also at the beach this weekend were the Giudices who will be sentenced in three weeks.
I wonder what the concept of this Elle shoot was with Jennifer Lopez.


Seven of Eleven said...

Schnabel looks like a cross between Screech and Heath Ledger.

Highlighting JLo's bum curves is part and parcel of the diva contract.

sandybrook said...

Heidi's bombed and like many people who aren't maybe Schnabel doesn't want to be bothered by a drunk?
You two famewhores may never see the Jersey Shore again enjoy your tine in the joint.
Concept for JLo photoshoot: Baby Got Back.

sandybrook said...

The Olsen troll looks like somebody's grandmother.

Paisley said...

The pictures of Heidi were taken during the Raonic/Nishikori match at about 1:30 am. It tied for the latest US Open finish (2:26 am). She looks punchy/drunk and he looks tired.

Shelly Shell said...

Whoa, Klum must be funny if she got 1 of the Olson Twins to smile. I'm impressed.

Seachica said...

JLo concept: Shoot me as if I'm a paid escort moonlighting as the concierge, heading upstairs to my client who has a fetish for epaulets and bad costume jewelry.

Yoj said...

Shag: Taye Diggs, But, as an act of contrition, I'd buy all of Idina Menzel's albums.

Marry: Jimmy Fallon. It would have to be a long, long-distance relationship.

Kill: I don't suppose there are ever any shark attacks on the Jersey coast? Ooh, I could use Count Jerkula for an alibi!

Sincerely,Your Friend said...

Tbe fire when I commented that the Olsons mustn't have any teeth, I was half way kidding, but now I think I'm on to something.

As for "the loud really loud swim suit", Enty should know that they're ur everyday trunks. In fact, subtle compared to quite a few.
(Sorry Enty)

MeanieRhysie said...

What's with Enty pointing out the guy in "the really loud swim suit"? Is that Enty himself?!

SugarTitz said...

heidi is a drunsky cougar

Unknown said...

((sigh)) @JLow

Unknown said...

1995 should have taken JLow with it.

Count Jerkula said...

P: Klum/Olsen tag team - Mom's teach teens fantazy right there.

M: Jho

B: Alba

Sylvia said...

Schnabel looks bored.

Why even waste time with the Guidices if they are going to jail?

Kelly said...

JLo always brings it. Haters gonna hate or whatever the kids say nowadays.

Tina Mallette said...

Vito looks like his old man.

Gotta admit those Guidices are going along like they are not going to jail, guess that's chutzpah

Ms B'have said...

Heidi's FADED drunky pants!

How Is It J-Lo just keeps getting better looking? She amazes me.

Sherry said...

Joy Staley: Are you our Joy S?

JHo does have a great ass but I'm sure it's photoshopped to hell and back.

Why are Jimmy Fallon and Drew together?

Schnabel likes his cougars unless they're drunk I suppose.

SYF..Wondered the same thing. Where are her teefs?

Taye's girl pal has bitch face but she sho is purdy.

Pip said...

Vito Schnabel is ugly and douchey. Is he really rich? How does he get these beautiful women?

Unknown said...


no i am not joy s. i am fancyscreenname, formerly.

Yoj said...

@Joy Staley
Oh, good! I was just wondering where #bitchstolemythunder had gone!

Erik said...

That picture of Jlo is cracking me up.

Aoife said...

Heidi was at the US Open. So were Taye, who's date looks majorly pissed about something, and Mary Kate Olsen who still looks like a gnome smiling or not.

Heidi was also sitting in Milos Raonic's friends box during his long match last night.

studio gulag -- said...

Hey! I know who painted that nose art on that plane!

Michael said...

If Heidi needs a little attention, bombed or not, I will be more than glad to provide it

Rome said...

A Fat Woman In A Little Coat Farley homage?

cowbulls said...

I think Vito Schnabel has lost interest because he couldn't hit the sides of what's left of Heidi's holes.
I can't stand Alba.
JLo still looks incredible and I would walk over hot coals to tap that ass.


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