Friday, October 10, 2014

Random Photos Part One

Five parts today.

Matthew Broderick has a new play that premiered last night, so he had a rare appearance with his wife, Sarah Jessica Parker.
Marisa Tomei was there and sober.
Anna Wintour showed up with part of a dead animal on her shoulders.
Long time no see Lori Petty.
Sienna Miller got papped with her her wet from a trip to the salon. Drying it cost extra.
Sofia Vergara continues the new trend of colorful leggings.
Taylor Swift wore pants for the first time in months while in London.
A very rare pap shot of Taylor Schilling.
Rose McGowan has moved from Liza to Judy in her look.


sandybrook said...

Haha Swifty decided to show off her CAMEL TOE!
I wonder if SJP had to introduce herself to Matthew?
Anna looks hungover.
Lori Petty looks old! :(

Lady Heisenberg said...

Tank girl is my homegirl por vida


That is one wilted Rose :(

yikes it looks like Amanda Bynes is still going off on social media. Please get her to a hospital for the love of God!

Unknown said...

Nice outfit on swift.
Rose looks very aged.

ladybaus said...

Really Sienna? Reaaly?

ladybaus said...

see Lady H nice posters get what they want.

ladybaus said...

and Marissa is shopping at the Kardashian section in Sears

Dantheman said...

Is that really Lori Petty? If so wow! She looks completely different.

Pip said...

Schilling looks exactly like a friend of mine. It's tough to hate on her.

Renoblondee said...

I never did like Lori's acting much. She kinda grated on my nerves. Love A League Of Their Own and Point Break though.

putchka said...

Anna Wintour always has a dead animal on her shoulders. It's called her head.

Jordan T said...

Anna wintour also has a head the same width as her waist and that frightens me.

Seachica said...

Never has body language been so obvious as between Matthew and Sarah. They look so uncomfortable. I bet they are staying together for the kids' sake.

Was that meant to be a snarky comment about Sienna's hair? Bor is entern a British woman. Because they really do charge extra for drying hair in London, and I doubt a male lawyer would know that.

PugsterMom said...

Anna's dress is hideous. The woman has the most horrific style.


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