Saturday, December 17, 2016

Blind Items Revealed #1

December 7, 2016

This foreign born former A list “singer” from a group is still A list. She has been getting procedures done to her face to try and make her look younger but they just are making her look abnormal. She is always scared her A+ list husband is going to leave her.

Victoria Beckham


longtimereader said...

Never, brand beckham makes to much $$$'s, just like brand jayz-beyonce. It's a business arrangement. Just look how well 'lemonade' did thanks to the drama.

And-so-on.. said...

He's an egotistical jerk.. too bad she puts up with him .. poor kids.

Wow said...

Their "happiness" is impressive . To sit on that milions and be miserable

texasrose said...

What a way to live.

Hot cola said...

She should invest in a good head-therapy. Living life in fear 'your husband will leave you' is no way to live.

you should use your money to heal yourself & to buy better experiences (time) on this planet, not inflated lips.

(Or get the therapy & lips...)

Hortensia said...

She looks just fine.

Emmaf said...

I'm sorry if she feels like that. I quite like them as a couple but what do we know. She does seem insecure but she has done so well with fashion.


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