Monday, January 09, 2017

Golden Globes Photos Part Ten

Giuliana Rancic
Nancy O'Dell
Karrueche Tran
Tracee Ellis Ross
Katthryn Hahn
Gwendoline Christie
Ruth Negga


Rando said...

Ruth Negga's face reminds me of Betty Boop. So cute! Love her dress.

Laura Ramona said...

Why is K Tran there? Or giuliana trans?

Tricia13 said...

KTran got famous by sleeping with a thig(Chris Brown) and now she sleeps with producers and lands Tv/Film gigs (or webseries).That explains that-sorry can't explain choice of dress....Inthink I saw a girl at my sisters 80s prom in it and it was bad then

Guesser said...

Guliana still does the red carpet show.

Tricia13 said...

Rancic tried to wear something to cover up a bit so people would stop making fun of her weight etc (inthonk?) unfortunately she didn't consider they would now likely make fun of her dress because it's pretty awful Scarlet oHara RIP

sandybrook said...

I've seen twigs with more mass than Ghoulianas arms.

... said...

Tran acted like an idiot, she must have slept with the right people to get that job. Guiliana works for E and has for years, whether people like her or not.

AppleTartin said...

I can't believe seeing the inept Karruche "im famous for f'ing a douchebag" made me miss Maria Menounos.

Snarky Angel said...

If one stares @ Giuliani's face fore a moment, one sees it transform from fakey smile to R.B.F., and back again. A strange phenomenon, indeed!

Dutch said...

I remember a blind item a while back about how Tran was sleeping with a producer who was going to get her an invite to the Globes.

GoTrollUrSelf said...

And now we come to Rancid wearing a set of drapes I had on my patio sliders in 1976.
Gwendoline Christie looks very elegant.

Laura Palmer said...

good god I wish ghoulieanna would quit trying to be a blonde, and would please not wear pastels, my god this is just upholstery in a holiday inn powder room ...she would look ok with darker hair and simple modern collums , black , navy, cream, silver.. and maybe some good electric colors, or deep jewels.

she's not a gross.

TiggyTea said...

Kathryn Hahn's suit is killer. Great tailoring and silhouette. Not sure about the bra top but otherwise love it.

Malibuborebee said...

Nancy O'Dell - terrible look as usual but she gets a pass this year.

She was lucky that Fuckface von Clownstick didn't grab her by the pussy when they went furniture shopping.


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